TGBMS Class Actions | Barclays Declare Moratorium on Mortgage Possession Claims

TGBMS Class Actions | Barclays Declare Moratorium on Mortgage Possession Claims

TGBMS Class Actions | Barclays Declare Moratorium on Mortgage Possession Claims

Here is the latest news about the TGBMS Class Actions to end UK mortgage fraud, followed by an extraordinary account of the two month moratorium on possession claims declared by Barclays last week.

Claim Forms & Particulars Being Prepared

We are currently drafting Claim Forms and Particulars of Claim, which will be served upon the defendants as soon as we receive the final response to our Letters Before Claim.

Al being well, we anticipate that this will transpire within the next week or so, following which the claims will be filed at the High Court.

In the event you haven’t already done so, you can sign up to your local class action here.

Remarkable High Court Turnaround

At the link below, you can read all about a truly remarkable High Court turnaround, which transpired at the Royal Courts of Justice last week.

Suffice to say, after six years of battling the rigged courts system, a courageous void mortgagor had five Bank of Scotland applications dismissed on the TGBMS Grounds, so it’s more than worth a read.

No Response From Lloyds

Thus far, we have received no kind of response from the Lloyds Group to the cease and desist notice we served.

We also have it on very good authority that Lloyds has failed to respond to the desist letter served by Kevin Hollinrake MP, the Chair of the All-Party Committee on Fair Business Banking [APPGFBB].

Nevertheless, with the class actions about to take their second great leap forward, we will not have to wait too much longer for Lloyds’ definitive response, whether express or implied.

Barclays Declare Moratorium on Mortgage Possession Claims

One of the claimants in the class actions has been alleging that her Barclays mortgage is void for failing to comply with section 2 of the LPMPA 1989 and because the date on her mortgage deed was forged, in breach of section 1 of the 1989 Act.

However, Barclays still went ahead and applied for a possession order, so the TGBMS claimant contacted the Forged Signatures Campaign and wrote the following letter to Senior Policy Adviser to the APPGFBB, James Ventress:

Dear Mr Ventress

I write to you on the basis I have material evidence that the Woolwich/Barclays have committed signature forgery against me in regard to my purported mortgage with them.

In the examples provided, the documents pertain to a remortgage with the Woolwich in 2006. As can be seen, the same signature has been used by multiple named individuals and multiple unnamed signatories, dates ranging from November 2005 to present.

Further to this, I have now been asking Barclays for documentary evidence that my mortgage is valid, in accord with the law of mortgages for many months. Barclays have refused to respond to the issues raised and handed the matter to their solicitors who have issued a County Court possession claim.

Their response each time was to issue a copy of “Your Mortgage Offer”, each one with a covering letter signed by a different individual with the same signature.

Each mortgage offer had an otherwise blank page at the back with only an unnamed signatory using the same signature. None of these was requested by me in my specific request for other documents proving a legally valid contract, as required at law by S2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989.

In addition, I have material evidence that my mortgage deed has been forged on the basis it was materially altered following execution.

A notice of conditional acceptance requesting proof of claim was ignored by Barclays and along with a further Notice of No Response, they were deemed to have no legal standing by their solicitors.

A Notice to Cease and Desist was issued pending the outcome of a Representative Action lawsuit, by the group, BanksterBusters, to which I am a claimant.

This was ignored and the solicitors representing the bank have filed a court claim for possession, with a hearing date of 16 December 2019 issued.

I attach some of the signatures from documents and letters and look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency. Thank you for your assistance.

Moratorium Declared

Mr Ventress wrote back to ask for her consent to use the forged signatures that are contained in her mortgage documents and her case has now been added to the on-going investigation.

Remarkably, the solicitors acting for Barclays responded by adjourning the mortgage possession hearing, which was listed to take place next month, stating that:

Our client has decided that a moratorium on possession hearings will be in place over the Christmas and New Year period in relation to its mortgage accounts.

This is both an extraordinary result for a mortgagor who simply refuses to take lies for truth, as well as an extremely encouraging indication of the shape of things to come.

You can read Michael O’Deira’s excellent, detailed account of the unfolding of this case here.

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