Join The Unlawful Eviction Prevention Force

Join The Unlawful Eviction Prevention Force

This is a critically important Call-To-Action for everybody who lives on these shores.

We are urgently recruiting people for a nationwide Unlawful Eviction Prevention Force, with the aim of preventing the illegal enforcement of fraudulent mortgage possession orders.

Whilst Representative Actions planned for this summer are moving forward at a rapid pace, with the appointment of admins, organizers and advocates for each region set to take place next month, men, women and children are nevertheless still being violently and unlawfully evicted every day. This must be stopped.

What we need is enough people in every part of the country who are ready to peacefully resist this rampant criminality, wherever and whenever somebody near them is threatened with unlawful eviction.

The aim of this group is to bring together a nationwide task-force of peace-keepers to achieve that single objective. You can ask to join via the new Facebook Group at the link below:

Unlawful Eviction Prevention Force

Eviction Event Pages

When any members receive notice that an unlawful eviction, under a fraudulent mortgage possession order, is due to take place, an event page with all the relevant details will be created.

This will be shared widely by members on social media and by word of mouth in the area where the unlawful eviction is set to take place, in order to round up as much peaceful, organized resistance as possible.

7 Rules of Engagement

Here’s how it’s going to work:
    1. If a member has notice that an unlawful eviction is listed to take place on a certain date, they will post all the details to the group as early as possible.
    2. An admin or a moderator will then create an event page for the unlawful eviction.
    3. All those who can definitely attend will say so on the event page.
    4. Everybody attending each event will aim to arrive at least an hour early and to share transport, wherever possible.
    5. Everybody else will aim to share the event pages far and wide, with a view to raising enough numbers to send the bailiffs packing.
    6. The local police will be put on advance notice that an attempt to enforce a fraudulent mortgage possession order is going to be peacefully resisted at the address concerned.
    7. The police will also be warned that any of them who assist in the violent enforcement of mortgage fraud, will be held jointly and severally liable.

This Shit Has To End

This week has seen a peaceful man in his sixties have a tooth knocked out by the punch of a Romanian ‘security guard’, who was trespassing on his property, under the purported authority of a void possession order.

We have also witnessed a woman fighting mortgage fraud being dragged naked from her bed, thrown into the street and left for dead, by so called ‘officers of the crown’.

None of this shit will end until enough of us are standing shoulder to shoulder, refusing to cease our resistance until nobody on these shores has to go to bed worrying about losing their home to mortgage fraud.

Please join us and tell everybody you know that it is in their best interests to do the same, since we are all potentially 90 days away from an unlawful eviction from void mortgaged property.

In the event you are involved in fraudulent mortgage possession proceedings and have been served an eviction date, please join the Facebook Group and post the details asap.

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