Here Lies Yet More [Yes, More!] Incredible TGBMS News

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More Incredible TGBMS News

Here lies yet more [yes, more!] incredible TGBMS news.

Case One

Last Monday, a friend of mine appeared in the Birmingham County Court, defending his void mortgage company’s possession claim.

Only a few days before, he filed an N244 application to set aside the bank’s claim on the TGBMS grounds, on the basis that they have failed to provide valid mortgage documents, on more than several occasions.

The judge carefully considered the points, then ordered the bank to provide a mortgage deed which complies with section 1 of the LPMPA 1989, along with a section 2 compliant mortgage contract.

In the event the bank fails to provide these documents [which don’t actually exist], the claim for possession will be set aside and my friend’s application to cancel the illegal mortgage will be granted by the Land Registry. A truly fantastic result.

Case Two

There was another remarkable turnaround using the TGBMS Grounds, on these here shores last week.

A friend of mine who lost a fraudulent mortgage possession claim, which led to his eviction from his property, recently broke back in and retook his home.

This led to the mortgage bandit applying to the High Court for a Writ of Restitution, which they were seeking to enforce in the usual violent and unlawful manner.

However, last Friday, there was a hearing of the bank’s application, along with my friend’s counter-claim that the mortgage is illegal and void on the TGBMS Grounds.

True to recent form, the judge summarily dismissed the bank’s application for the writ and ordered that jurisdiction be transferred back to the County Court.

The possession order will be struck out after another hearing in the lower court, in the event the bank cannot provide valid mortgage documents, which don’t actually exist.

TGBMS Day Is Coming For The Banksters

Since what we have here looks like victory, smells like victory and tastes like victory, you can safely assume that victory is yours; a demonstrable fact which will exponentially inspire so many more to adopt the same approach to achieve similar results.

May that continue until everybody can go to bed without facing the possibility of getting brutally ripped from their home, in an entirely fraudulent mortgage possession claim.

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