Lloyds CEO Told To Desist In Fraudulent Mortgage Recovery Action

Lloyds CEO Told To Desist In Fraudulent Mortgage Recovery Action

Lloyds CEO Told To Desist In Fraudulent Mortgage Recovery Action

In the clearest indication yet that Parliament has been successfully lobbied by Thames Valley Police Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, to take action to stop endemic signature fraud in mortgage transactions, Kevin Hollinrake MP has written the following letter to the CEO of the Lloyds Group.

Dear Mr Horta-Osorio,

Thank you for your letter dated 20th August 2019 sent on your behalf, which failed for a fourth time to address a number of key issues raised.

The Treasury Select Committee’s letter dated 8th July 2019 to Lynne Owens, Director General of the National Crime Agency, asked Ms Owens to engage directly with the Forged Signature Campaign and investigate alleged bank signature forgery.

On 19th September 2019 the Campaign delivered to Lynne Owens 88 crime reports of alleged serious organised crimes of bank signature forgery supported by six lever arch files of evidence. This included 31 crime reports regarding 31 names in which multiple people were allegedly forging signatures. Around half of the 31 people relate to Lloyds Banking Group.

Lynne Owens has now confirmed that the NCA has passed this batch of evidence to the Serious Fraud Office. As a result of the evidence sent in by the public, the Campaign has stated that it expects to provide the NCA at least another three batches of evidence, each consisting of multiple files.

It would clearly be inappropriate to continue recover action against customers who have already notified Lloyds of signature forgery on court and legal documents, whilst the NCA/SFO are conducting a criminal assessment of the same issue.

Therefore, I formally request that you desist forthwith any recovery action against all businesses and consumer customers who have already notified you of alleged signature forgery. This includes any customers who have made allegations of forged signatures in the name of Lloyds staff or representatives, as well as allegations of forged customer signatures.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Hollinrake MP

Chair of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking

Dramatic Implications For The TGBMS Class Actions

This Parliamentary motion to stop Lloyds, a Treasury owned and controlled bank, to desist in all recovery action against any mortgagor who has reported signature fraud to the banking group, has dramatic implications for the TGBMS Class Actions to end institutionalised mortgage fraud on these shores, on the basis that we are yet to see a mortgage transaction which does not contain at least one of the following types of forged signatures:

1. Those fraudulently purporting to have been made by bank staff or representatives, on standard mortgage offer letters, which they rely upon in court as alleged mortgage contracts.

2.  Signatures made by bank staff or representatives on mortgage deeds, fraudulently purporting to attest to the execution of mortgage and transfer deeds.

Judging by the files of evidence we have collected over the past ten years, there is no single mortgage transaction to which one or more of these serious allegations cannot be made.

In other words, it now appears all but certain that Lloyds has been engaging in the same type of industrial-scale signature forgery, which resulted in five of the biggest US banks having to shell out $50 billion in gross relief to defrauded mortgagors.

All UK Mortgages Are Fraudulent 

Moreover, given the already substantial weight of evidence which has now been amassed that all UK mortgages registered at the Land Registry are illegal on the TGBMS Grounds, in the absence of compliance with the rules regarding the signing and witnessing of mortgage documents, as per the provisions of sections 1 and 2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, the Treasury Select Committee’s action against Lloyds clearly shows that the banksters can no longer rely upon the protection of Whitehall.

It also bodes extremely well for our prospects of obtaining a just outcome in the class actions, in the event the criminal investigation into institutionalised signature fraud is not hijacked by those whose strings are still being pulled by their bankster overlords.

If you wish to join the class actions to end UK mortgage fraud, please click here and follow the simple instructions.

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