The Dawning of a New Day in the Fight Against Mortgage Fraud

The Dawning of a New Day

I am thrilled to declare that we have witnessed the dawning of a new day in the fight against mortgage fraud.

A man who only came across the film after his unlawful eviction, sent the management company and estate agent marketing his property an email, laying out the TGBMS grounds and attaching a a new N244 application to set aside the bank’s Possession Order, which has already been enforced.

My friend informed me last night that his stolen property has now been taken off the market as a result his email, before his application has even been listed for a hearing, apparently on the instructions of Santander’s lawyers, Eversheds,

For those who don’t realize the significance of this, in such circumstances, this firm of lawyers has previously ALWAYS refused to suspend the sale of the property concerned, usually at a fire-sale price.

In the seemingly likely event my friend does get the order set aside, it will represent another historic court victory using the TGBMS grounds, which will give great heart and realistic hope to all mortgagors facing fraudulent possession proceedings, including those who have already had their property stolen..

Make no mistake – the People are coming for the Banksters, who clearly no longer have the rigged system to protect them from the consequences of their crimes. So it’s no surprise that the rats are deserting the sinking ship of fools.

The Ultimate Test

Given that I have only had to breathe in the direction of a court, for a judge to start writing out a Civil Restraint Order, barring me from making any kind of application or appearance, since I assisted Tom Crawford in his infamous appeal in 2015; it has occurred to me that perhaps the ultimate test of whether the system is truly un-rigging itself is for me to file a new court action.

I am coincidentally preparing to make a new High Court claim for the reversal of all the judgments which went against mt family, on the ground that we have now proven beyond doubt that are arguments should have been sustained from the beginning.

Since the bank has already given up its claim, we will have no opposition, so I will merely need to persuade a single judge, most likely in an ex-parte hearing, to reverse each miscarriage of justice.

In the event we succeed, each of our three cases against the bank and its receivers of stolen property will become binding precedents, upon which every illegal mortgagor will be able to rely.

And if that transpires, don’t be surprised if you see me doing a Geordie jig, down the north bank of the River Tyne, which runs past Newcastle High Court, where our legal war of attrition began, on October the 22nd 2010.

My heart tells me that it would be poetic justice if victory is secured for every mortgagor in the city of my birth, where the TGBMS grounds were put before a High Court judge for the first time.

When Rome Fell

On the day Rome and every other empire of the past fell, they didn’t fall because of the sheer might of an army of barbarians at the gates.

They fell when the systems of control the self-appointed elite relied on for protection crumbled, which meant that the masses they oppressed were coming for them, intent on doing justice, one way or another.

The empire of ill-gotten gains which was erected by Nathaniel Rothschild in the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 is now losing the control of the MP’s, judges, civil servants, solicitors, barristers and order followers, without whom their empire will crumble to dust.

Based solely on what we have witnessed on these shores since the release of The Great British Mortgage Swindle last November, we have every reason to conclude that the empire is already crumbling.

This is happening because the establishment knows that TGBMS Day is coming for the banksters and everybody complicit in decades of institutionalized mortgage fraud.

Some will try to save face by pretending they didn’t know it was going on, others will fall on their own swords before a jury, but most will try to run for the hills, like the duplicitous cowards and thieves they are.

This is why the cancelation of Britain’s illegal mortgages and the compensating of the losses incurred will be followed by private criminal proceedings against the directors of every illegal mortgage provider and the people who aided and abetted them in their crimes.

The Shape of Things to Come

Earlier this very day, a friend of mine appeared in the Birmingham County Court, defending his void mortgage company’s possession claim.

Only a few days ago, he filed an N244 application to set aside the bank’s claim on the TGBMS grounds, on the basis that they have failed to provide valid mortgage documents, despite multiple requests.

The judge carefully considered the points, then ordered the bank to provide a mortgage deed which complies with section 1 of the LPMPA 1989, along with a section 2 compliant mortgage contract.

In the event the bank fails to provide these documents [which don’t actually exist], the claim for possession will be set aside and my friend’s application to cancel the illegal mortgage will be granted by the Land Registry. A truly fantastic result.

Shortly before this transpired, a senior professor of law subscribed to the TGBMS Mailing List. It appears that he is a senior adviser to legal advocates in London.

Given the truly breath-taking run of results we have been seeing, it seems like only a matter of time before solicitors and barristers start defending mortgage possession claims with the TGBMS grounds.

We won’t know our victory is secure though, until the first judge dismisses a fraudulent mortgage possession claim as “totally without merit.” But all evidence suggests that this it is now only a matter of time.


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