The People v The Banks: Representative Actions To End Mortgage Fraud

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The People v The Banks: Representative Actions To End Mortgage Fraud

So you want to know about the planned Representative Actions to cancel 11.2 million illegal mortgages and claim compensation from the Land Registry? Well, you’ve come to the right page.
Representative [AKA Class] Actions
Under Part 19 of the Civil Procedure Rules, Representative or Class Actions can be filed in the UK courts, provided every litigant named in the respective action has the same or a very similar claim against multiple parties. Such claims can be made by an appointed representative, for and on behalf of everybody who has the same or a similar claim.
We are therefore organizing Britain’s illegal mortgagors into three groups:
a. Mortgagors in possession of their property but not in default of their mortgage.
b. Mortgagors in possession who are also in default.
c. Mortgagors who have been dispossessed of their property.

What is the Procedure?

Here is a basic summary of how the actions will proceed, once sufficient numbers have signed up in every region in the country:
1. All the hard work will be done by the experienced and knowledgeable lay litigants and legal professionals who join our cause, to lead and organize each action.
2. Everybody else needs to see The Great British Mortgage Swindle and sign up to the TGBMS Mailing List, in order to receive the TGBMS: Next Steps download, which will contain all the tools and documents required to join the class actions.
3. Once prepared, claims will be filed by the leaders of each group in every High Court District Registry, seeking declarations that all the mortgages concerned are illegal and void, on the TGBMS grounds.
4. Every individual involved will then simply execute the paperwork they are provided with in the download and file it at their local Land Registry, seeking to cancel the illegal mortgages and remove them from the register, on the same grounds.
Here is the Land Registry’s fee schedule for such applications, which is dependent on the value of the void mortgaged property:

Claiming Compensation [Indemnity] from the Land Registry

The template for a Statement of Claim for Indemnity will be included in the TGBMS: Next Steps download, which will be emailed to everybody on the TGBMS Mailing List, on or around the 3rd of May 2019.
This template will be used by each illegal mortgagor to claim compensation from the Chief Land Registrar, on the ground that they incurred losses as a direct result of the fraudulent registration of their mortgage by the conveyancing solicitor, on one or more of the TGBMS grounds.
For this purpose, each illegal mortgagor who has incurred losses will have to document the accounting of them on a legible spreadsheet.
When completed, the applications will be executed and filed at the local Land Registries where the void mortgages were illegally registered.

How Long Will It Take?

We have no way of knowing how long it will take to process the High Court claims but the Land Registry will generally respond substantively within 28 days.
In the event any of the applications are refused without just cause, the appointed representatives will challenge the decisions and will not back down until justice is done.
However, given the recent spate of blinding results, both in court and at the Land Registry, logic suggests that the outcome might already be pre-ordained to go in our favour, now that it’s too late to stop the TGBMS juggernaut smashing down the walls of Babylon.
In other words, my friends, there are no guarantees obtainable that we will be successful in our mutual endeavours, but we have already overcome much greater odds, to carve out this opportunity to end banking tyranny, here and everywhere else.
Let’s go to work.
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