Bank Abandons Mortgage Possession Claim After Mortgagor Alleges Fraud

Bank Abandons Mortgage Possession Claim After Mortgagor Alleges Fraud On TGBMS Grounds

I am delighted to be the bearer of yet more fantastic TGBMS news but this time from a void mortgagor in the County Court, where fraudulent possession orders have been routinely rubber-stamped for decades.

Craig Whitewood, the mortgagor in question, during the interim period between the claim against him being issued and the date of the listed mortgage possession hearing, counter-claimed that the mortgage is illegal and void on the grounds laid out in TGBMS.

Just imagine my friend’s surprise when he turned up to the court to find that the bank, its solicitor and its barrister failed to show up for the hearing, without notice or explanation.

He immediately applied for summary judgment on the ground of non-appearance and the unusually sympathetic judge duly ordered that the bank’s possession claim for his property be struck out, thereby implicitly sustaining Craig’s allegations of mortgage fraud by default.

Having experienced enough legal battles, both in and out of court, I already know that lawyers generally only fail to attend a listed hearing of their client’s claim, in the event they cannot muster a sustainable argument against the defendant’s counter-claim. It is the cheapest way for them to throw in the towel.

In this particular case, there is no other rational explanation for a mortgage bandit giving up its claim for possession of Craig’s property. Especially when the same arguments he used have been dismissed countless times in the same court.

Dramatic Implications

Enormous credit and respect must be paid to Craig, who held his nerve in the most difficult of circumstances and won a watershed victory in the battle to stop the county courts from issuing fraudulent possession orders.

This massive victory, when taken with the recent capitulation of BOS in its High Court claim against my family and the Supreme Court’s decision to start punishing the banks for fraud, comprises a stark warning for every UK bank and its legal representatives:

They can no longer rely on the protection of the rigged courts system, which we expose so emphatically in The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

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