8 Steps To Cancelling Your Illegal Mortgage and Claiming Indemnity

TGBMS Day is Coming for the Banksters

Tell everybody you know – TGBMS Day is Coming for the Banksters!

8 Steps To Cancelling Your Illegal Mortgage and Claiming Indemnity

In the event you are a UK mortgagor and you are able to provide all the evidence required to prove that your mortgage is illegal and void on one of more of the TGBMS grounds [as set forth in The Great British Mortgage Swindle], here is the eight step process for canceling your illegal mortgage and claiming compensation from the Land Registry.


See The Great British Mortgage Swindle, which you can buy on DVD, watch on Amazon Prime or in a UK Cinema.

Those who choose the latter option will also see the TGBMS: Next Steps free bonus feature after the film, after which every mortgagor present will be invited to join their local Representative Action.


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This document will aim to provide everything you need to know about the actions, as well as the legal processes and applications involved.


Having had this guide delivered to your inbox, you will in due course receive an email asking you to fill out a form to formally join the Representative Action in your area.

Once completed, you will receive another email, asking you to submit the relevant documents for your claim to your local group leaders, as and when they have been appointed.


Each group leader will be provided with a dedicated email address and the appropriate templates for the claims in their district, which will be distributed accordingly.

The claims will then be prepared for filing, along with the evidence supplied by each party to every claim, on a certain date this summer, which is set to be announced very soon [TGBMS Day].


Everybody who joins the Representative Actions will not be charged a penny for the services provided, but will be asked to aim to bring at least ten other mortgagors into their respective actions and to continue spreading the word about TGBMS far and wide.


Once we have raised the estimated costs of bringing these actions, for and on behalf of all Britain’s void mortgagors, they will be filed on the High Court simultaneously on TGBMS Day, when the Land Registry will also receive the mass claims for indemnity.


We will then apply for an order consolidating the mass claims into three test cases, one for each of the following classifications of mortgagors:

  1. Mortgagors in possession of their property but not in default.
  2. Mortgagors in possession of their property and in default.
  3. Former mortgagors who are no longer in possession of their property.


Once consolidated, we will then seek a declaration that any mortgagor who sustains a claim of mortgage fraud, on one or more of the TGBMS grounds:

  1. Must be handed the judgment in all mortgage-related proceedings.
  2. The illegal charges concerned must be cancelled by the Land Registry.
  3. Compensation is due from the Chief Land Registrar to every void mortgagor who suffered losses as a result of fraudulent entries in the register.

TGBMS Day Is Coming For The Banksters

If the law is simply applied correctly, the steps described above should prove to be all that is required for Britain’s void mortgagors to cancel every illegal mortgage in the Charges Register.

It should also secure the reimbursement of all the losses caused by many decades of unbridled mortgage fraud and the violently selective application of the law, which resulted in three million people being unlawfully evicted over the past three decades alone.

Nothing Worth Fighting For Is Easy To Come By

Nobody is saying that achieving those objectives is going to be easy and it will necessarily take an enormous amount of effort on all our parts to achieve them. Please make no mistake about that.

However, for the first time since the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, the British people have a golden opportunity to end the tyranny of the banksters on these ancient shores.

Such a momentous victory would cause a domino effect across the world, as all peoples unite against our common adversaries – the Banksters.

On the basis that good fortune smiles on those who are adequately prepared for such an opportunity, we have every reason to be confident that if we act swiftly and decisively, one day soon, nobody will go to sleep worrying about whether their children will be dragged from their beds, thrown into the street and left for dead, over a fraudulent mortgage possession claim.

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