Bilderberg Deep Throat | Vinny Eastwood Interviews Michael O’Bernicia

Bilderberg Deep Throat | Vinny Eastwood Interviews Michael O’Bernicia

Described by the host as “a powerful and rare interview”, Vinny Eastwood talks to Michael O’Bernicia about various subjects, in an interview recorded on the 7th of January 2013 and broadcast ‘live’ on the popular New Zealander’s YouTube channel.

During the wide-ranging interview, Michael tells how he was compelled to research the events of “9/11”, after being told by the ex-wife of a Bilderberger that the terrorist attack was staged by private mercenaries in the employ of the House of Rothschild.

In addition, he also tells Vinny how he revoked his consent to be governed by tyrants; canceled his registration as a “tax-payer”; refused to register the birth of his daughter; and how he co-founded a voluntary association of indigenous sovereign anarcho-nations known as Universal Community Trust [UCT].

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