Mortgage Fraud 101| No Trust Ever Arises From Fraud

Mortgage Fraud 101| No Trust Ever Arises From Fraud

Mortgage Fraud 101| No Trust Ever Arises From Fraud

For those of you who don’t already know, here is the reason why an individual called Steve Knight is selling snake oil to void mortgagors, defaming the characters of Michael O’Deira and I, as well as claiming the TGBMS Grounds are hopelessly misconceived.

His argument is entirely built upon the premise that no mortgage exists and the entire transaction is in reality done under an undisclosed trust.

Well, no trust ever arises out of any type of fraud, including non-disclosure, since fraud automatically voids everything it touches, including equitable dispositions.

Invitation Declined

The fact that he has failed to accept my invitation to a live debate on my YouTube channel should tell you all you need to know about this man, who has rinsed thousands of pounds from desperate people selling fake remedies.

Compare and contrast that with my parents and sister being mortgage free because of the veracity of my arguments, which are now known as the TGBMS Grounds and have been given away for free to every void mortgagor.

The real reason he is telling everybody that we are hopelessly deluded is because he does not have the courage to take me on in front of a live audience, since his unscrupulous business would die, along with any flimsy claim he has to credibility, among the most vulnerable people in need of genuine help.

Dishonest Statements

However, the non-disclosure agreements that Knight has forced all his victims to sign may be held as evidence that he has knowingly or recklessly made dishonest statements which he sought to conceal, for the purposes of procuring material gain, which he should be very worried about indeed.

Especially when all of his victims qualify as a class of persons who have an identical claim, which means that they are capable of filing a class action against him for fraud.

Nevertheless, he has responded to my challenge by making the truly pathetic excuse that it would be a waste of his time to take me on in an adversarial contest over his erroneous mortgage trust claims.

Bottled It

However, if he was right, he would have jumped at the chance to humiliate me on my own YouTube channel.

The fact that he has bottled it emphatically suggests he knows that he does not have a yacht in hell’s chance of doing so.

It is also comedy gold to know that he is claiming I am not in his “heavyweight” division of legal acumen.

He says this despite my section 1 argument being sustained as a point of law in the high court five years ago, which resulted in BOS capitulating in its £2.5M claim against my family, after two mortgages were cancelled by the Land Registry on the same ground.

Undeniable Fact

In truth, he would not last a minute in an adversarial contest using with his undisclosed mortgage trust argument, so I already knew he would never accept the challenge.

The clue is in the word “trust”, which cannot arise out of any type of fraud, for the simple reason that trust is incapable of being established upon dishonest statements. That’s his entire argument decimated in one sentence. Again.

This is why I am yet to come across any critical thinker on mortgage fraud who trusts him.

Warnings From Dissatisfied Customers

However, if you still need convincing, here are some of the reviews of his work, which have been posted on my Facebook page.

“He’s a bloody conman… he won’t debate you as all he can do when you disagree with him is shut you up by banning you from his Facebook group…plenty of people have reported him for fraud. However the police are so lazy he thinks he’s gotten away with it… from what I hear he should sleep very lightly with one eye open…”

Regor Steeps

“I think he knows that if he shows his face people will know what he looks like and his conning ways will catch up with him… I only got had for £250 but I lost my set aside because of the utter shite of a defense I was conned into thinking would work and ended up with an attachment of earnings and court costs on top! I genuinely hate that prick!”

Chris Bowden

“I challenged his actions myself on the corruption of the courts and he just ignored everything I put in evidence to him on his debt-less Facebook page. He’s trying to use SARs and DSARs requests as we know are pointless. When I’ve challenged his processes he simply turn into a child.”

Lee McTavish

“I was in his group and tbh thought he was a proper t*t. He threw me out in the end. He tried to say you talked shit but I know who I’ve got faith in.”

Helen Woodier

It naturally follows that the sooner all the people he has fleeced wake up to the demonstrable fact that he and his ilk are selling snake oil, the better.

Class Action Requirements

On a related matter, some people have recently been asking why we need the mortgage details of as many mortgagors as possible for the class actions, so here is the simple reason for it.

To establish that every UK mortgage is illegal and void on the TGBMS Grounds, we need to show that the frauds are endemic.

In other words, we may need up to 500 sets of illegal mortgage documents to prove that, in accordance with the latest case law on representative actions.

Once the required threshold is met, the high court will have the jurisdiction to rule that all registered UK mortgages are fraudulent and that the Land Registry must cancel them, indemnifying 11.2 million void mortgagors for their losses.

Most of the people claiming otherwise are engaged in rinsing money from desperate mortgagors, which will not be possible once we have won the class actions.

And we are going to win, without asking for a penny from anybody who stands to benefit, despite the time, energy and resources we have committed to ending mortgage fraud on these shores.

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