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A courageous woman called Diana has been fighting bankster for eight years. Her case was that the bank had illegally capitalised her mortgage and she had all the evidence to prove it.

Nevertheless, her arguments were thrown out in court and a possession order was issued, which the bankster was seeking an order to enforce this week.

Crucial Development

Crucially, the possession order was given against her before she applied the TGBMS Grounds to her case. After seeing the film and being inspired into formidable action, she started arguing that the bank had committed fraud upon the court on those grounds.

Diana re-framed all her arguments accordingly and served the new TGBMS-charged papers on the bank’s solicitors, prior to a hearing of the bank’s application to enforce the possession order.

However, the solicitors, following a meeting of the bank’s directors, withdrew the application on the instructions of the bank, which has stated that there will be no further action taken against Diana.

Writing on the Wall

In other words, my friends, a bankster has terminated a fraudulent mortgage possession claim because they see the writing on the wall for the entire fraudulent mortgage industry:

That writing proceeds as follows:

“Give up your criminal practices now, cease and desist in assisting banksters in illegal mortgage possession proceedings, signature forging and fraudulent registrations at the Land Registry, before it’s too late.”

Furthermore, they certainly can’t claim they haven’t been warned of what the consequences will be, in the event they oppose the swift and decisive termination of institutionalised mortgage fraud we are seeking in the class actions.

Bankster Busting Credits

Massive bankster busting credit is due to Diana, for forcing the bankster into submission. She held her nerve in the most difficult of circumstances and has more than proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with.

The man who skillfully mentored her through the process of applying the grounds, Ian, is also worthy of high praise, along with Jamie, Tobe and Paul for the support they provided Diana at just the right moment.

Diana is now going after the bankster for multiple acts of fraud upon the court, on the TGBMS Grounds.Their chances of successfully defending her claim are looking reassuringly bleak.

Carsberg don’t do bleakness, but if they did…:)

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