Lies, Lies and Yet More Defamatory Lies

Lies, Lies and More Defamatory Lies

‘So we’re going to pretend that the TGBMS Grounds are totally without merit and if our agents do their jobs, nobody will know that eleven million people actually have a valid claim on those very grounds.”

Lies, Lies and Yet More Defamatory Lies

Oh dear, oh dear. Lies, lies and yet more defamatory lies to deal with, lest they fester in the minds of the gullible.

Following my decimation of his last attempt to derail the TGBMS juggernaut, the mistrusted man who falsely claimed recently that a barrister had identified serious flaws in the grounds which I have composed for the purposes of the on-going class actions to end mortgage fraud, has launched another vindictive attack by email.

The Spurious Allegations

In summary of the nature if this inevitably futile onslaught, he is alleging that:

a. My family’s actions didn’t save Ashquorn House from being fire-sold because of the summary judgment win the High Court.

b. The Land Registry didn’t volunteer that we have the right to apply for indemnity from the Chief Land Registrar.

c. There is no available remedy for Britain’s illegal mortgagors.

The supposed evidence upon which he relies is a screenshot of the entries in the register, which record the fire-sale of Ashquorn House after the registration of a second void charge in December 2015.

Another Stinging Rebuttal

It goes without saying that those allegations are the very opposite of the truth, which is:

a. It was I who made it public that Ashquorn House [and 8 other properties] were fire-sold by the bank; and that we were fighting the registration of a new void charge over the same property, which ultimately failed. This resulted in the fire-sale going ahead, as is well documented on this blog.

Furthermore, this fact alone emphatically proves that the summary judgment win on the section 1(3) point did result in a void mortgage being cancelled, in complete contradiction of the allegation being made to the contrary.

In support of this, the register shows the cancellation on the first charge on the section 1(3) ground, almost a year before the Land Registry illegally registered the second void charge, to comply with Behrens’ order that it be done.

First Void Charge Removed

The property was sold after we won the section 1 point and had the first void charge removed on the section 1(3) ground, in January 2015, as anybody who has seen TGBMS and read my blog should already know.

In addition, this fact and the resulting prevention of the fire-sale of Ashquorn House for most of 2015, proves that we did use the section 1(3) point to stop a fire sale, as well as have the first void charge removed from the register.

Behrens’ Bogus Declaration

b. Were it not for Behrens’ bogus declaration that the bank was entitled to a new charge over Ashquorn House, in the same judgment that granted us the section 1(3) point, all the remaining mortgages would have been cancelled by the Land Registry, as recorded in various letters from them, received by my father.

However, if they were still bound by Behrens order, the Land Registry would never have cancelled the last remaining charge over my sister’s house last February, on the basis that to do so was in breach of Behrens’ order that the bank was entitled to charges over all Nelson Trust’s properties, until a further £1.8 M was repaid.

Second Void Charge Removed

When the bank capitulated this year and cancelled the last remaining void charge over my sister’s house, that proved that the Land Registry is no longer treating Behrens’ order as binding.

My sister is now the owner of her home, free and clear, whilst they never got anywhere near taking my parents’ home, as the bank thankfully forgot to place a charge over it before the dispute began in June 2010.

Furthermore, the Land Registry wrote to the Trustees of Nelson Trust, stating that we appear to have proven we have a claim for indemnity, after we failed to stop the second void charge over Ashquorn House, in January 2018.

Accounting Fraud Proven

They did so because we showed the bank had committed fraud in the accounting evidence we submitted in our most recent application to cancel all the illegal charges, including the charge over my sister’s house.

However, the Land Registry confessed in several letters that they were bound to refuse all our applications, simply because Behrens rued that all the charges were valid, save for the first charge over Ashquorn House.

This train of events clearly corroborates my averment that everything I have stated on this subject, whether on this blog or elsewhere, is nothing but the truth.

A Genuine Remedy For Mortgage Fraud

c. The indemnity remedy I have outlined in the TGBMS Grounds is therefore entirely founded on the explanations of the decisions given in various applications we have made to Durham Land Registry, before they removed the last void charge over my sister’s property.

It naturally follows that this information was volunteered by the LR, as being the correct way to apply for compensation, for the mortgage fraud my family [and every void mortgagor] has suffered, after we argued that they must treat Behrens’ order as void and cancel the mortgages.

More importantly, the allegations that I have dishonestly misled people into actions which are impossible to win is therefore founded on legal quicksand, falsehoods and malicious deceit.

The fact that such indemnity has not yet been received by any void mortgagor on the TGBMS Grounds is immaterial, since, to the very best of my knowledge, nobody has ever sought such a remedy.

Truth Fears No Investigation

The truth fears no investigation and neither do I because I only either speak what I know to be the truth, or in error, from which I learn and strive never repeat.

As a direct result of applying this strict principle, I have no fear of being wrong about anything, as I’d much rather learn something new, than delude myself that I’m right.

Therefore, my simple message to all my detractors is:

If you were right, I would agree with you.

Since they are most certainly the ones who are misleading people, I sincerely suggest that all critical thinkers ignore their empty rhetoric and focus on the facts of the matter, which speak for themselves and are documented in the following posts:

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Desperate Measures For The Banksters

In conclusion of this emphatically succinct rebuttal of another failed attempt to defame the TGBMS Grounds we stand on, it is becoming increasingly obvious that our adversaries are more desperate by the hour.

Having witnessed the court victories of two courageous women fighting mortgage fraud on the TGBMS Grounds, in just the last two weeks, I think is likely that we destined to see more of the same.

Until such time that we have secured the judgments we are seeking in the class actions to end mortgage fraud, which void UK mortgagors can join at the link below.

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