A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party

A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party

The Politically Incorrect Podcast returns with Fraudsters, Fuckwits & War Criminals – A Partly Apolitical Broadcast By The Sweary Abolitionist Party, following three years of allegedly criminal censorship of The Bernician’s content.

In the event this video is censored, those responsible [including OFCOM] will be held liable for the Common Law offence of suppressing evidence that is subject to an ongoing criminal investigation by UCT’s international government-free organization, the People’s Foundation for Justice [PFJ], which will soon convene a Supreme Grand Jury to hear allegations of the most serious kind against the members of the emphatically illegitimate UK Parliament [blog post on the subject to follow soon].

All Rights Reserved under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.

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