Lien On Banksters | A Potential Remedy For 11 Million Void Mortgagors

Lien On Banksters | A Potential Remedy For 11 Million Void Mortgagors

Lien On Banksters | A Potential Remedy For 11 Million Void Mortgagors

In the absence of any realistic possibility of obtaining justice against the banksters in an increasingly tyrannous system, which we have already seen time and time again is rigged to protect them from the consequences of their myriad of crimes, we have been forced to identify, develop and implement a Common Law remedy for the TGBMS Claimants, which this article will endeavour to summarise and explain.

It is a remedy which not only requires no legal enforcement, it is also outside the jurisdiction of the courts and has the potential to indemnify every void mortgagor in the country for the losses they have incurred [or might incur] because of a fraudulently registered mortgage.

A Defence To Civil Wrongdoings

Under the Common Law, a lien right to seek a non-judicial remedy arises when a party commits a civil wrongdoing against another party, who suffers loss, injury or damage as a result.

Probably the most common type of lien in practice is a solicitor’s lien, which allows a lawyer to retain the property of a client who hasn’t paid their legal bill.

Although, a mechanic’s lien is also common, when a mechanic retains possession of a car because a client hasn’t paid for the work completed.

Liens In Defence To Mortgage Fraud

In exactly the same way, a Common Law lien arises when a bankster commits fraudulent mortgage registration, when the void mortgagor has the right to damages for all the losses incurred.

However, since the void mortgagor’s lien on a bankster is not as well established as the solicitor’s and mechanic’s liens, a 90 day process of administering documenting and perfecting the lien must be completed.

Lien On Ex-CEO of HBOS

In August 2010, I placed a lien over former HBOS CEO, James Crosby, to recover the damages his fraudulent company policies had caused me, in its bogus claim for £2.5 M against my family’s property trust.

The Affidavit of Obligation [the lien] was filed into and sealed by the High Court, following which HHJ Kaye QC confirmed in an ex-parte hearing that the document was capable of enforcement and required no judicial intervention to be held as valid under the Common Law, provided the allegations were substantiated with compelling evidence.

Almost nine years later, following three High Court cases against Bank of Scotland, during which they illegally disposed of nine of my family’s properties, the bank capitulated just a few weeks after The Great British Mortgage Swindle was released in the UK, cancelling the last remaining void mortgage over my sister’s home.

Now that the allegations contained in the lien were proven beyond any reasonable doubt, a final Notice of Default & Exemplary Damages was served, multiplying my claim 100 fold. I also explained that if the perfected lien wasn’t satisfied immediately, I would accept an offer I had already received to exchange it for a discounted value in a currency of my choosing.

Despite several attempts by a Lloyds Group executive, who was appointed by Crosby to settle the matter, I agreed to exchange the lien for cryptocurrency in mid-February 2020. Nevertheless, Crosby, is still liable for criminal fraud against my family.

Summary of The Lien Process

Here is a basic summary of the lien process which any void mortgagor could engage to receive a comparable damages payout in iLien:

  1. The void mortgagor [Lien Creditor] works out how much they have lost by way of the fraudulent mortgage transaction and sends a Notice of Lien Interest to the CEO of the mortgage company [Lien Debtor], stating that they are claiming that value in damages.
  2. The void mortgagor serves an Affidavit of Obligation [the lien] upon the Lien Debtor, containing all of the allegations of fraud, with references to the substantiating evidence of that, along with Default Conditions. They are given 28 days to respond.
  3. In the event the Lien Debtor does not respond appropriately with an affidavit rebutting each allegation with substantiating evidence, the Lien Creditor sends a Notice of Fault & Opportunity To Cure, giving them another 14 days to respond.
  4. If no appropriate response is received, the Lien Creditor serves Notice of Default on the Lien Debtor, informing them that the default conditions will multiply the value claimed in damages, in the event the lien is not satisfied in full, 90 days after the Affidavit was served. Lien Debtors can be charged up to 100 times original value in Exemplary Damages.

  5. At the end of 90 days, the lien is perfected and an Affidavit of Non-Response must be served on the Lien Debtor, with the Lien Creditor affirming under oath that all the lien documents have been properly administered.

  6. Perfected liens can then be exchanged for tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which can easily be exchanged for other crypto, which can, in turn, easily be exchanged for fiat currency, should that prove necessary.

You can read the templates of the full process here, including a three notice evidential discovery procedure, if required.

Indemnify Against Mortgage Fraud Under Common Law

Whilst one good thing to come out of the draconian lock-up is the moratorium on evictions, with that due to be lifted on November 01 2020, we have engineered a contingency plan which could potentially provide void mortgagors with up to 100 times the value of their fraudulent mortgages in damages, without going anywhere near the courts.

The dual purposes of doing so are thus:

a. The lien [equivalent to an equitable charge, capable of registration as a legal mortgage] cancels out the fraudulently registered mortgage and creates a credit of damages to the void mortgagor.

b. Once exchanged for cryptocurrency, those tax-free damages could allow void mortgagors to settle their mortgagee’s fraudulent mortgage possession claim under protest and duress, in the event the rigged system doubles-down on evictions, after the courts open up again.

This remedy is also available to all void mortgagors who have already lost their property to mortgage fraud, so it can also provide the wrongly dispossessed the financial means to rebuild their lives and acquire new homes with the damages they receive.

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