Alec Zeck Interviews MOB On The Way Forward

Alec Zeck Interviews MOB On The Way Forward

Tune in for a captivating episode of The Way Forward, as Alec Zeck delves into a conversation with Michael O’Bernicia, the founding sovereign of Universal Community Trust (UCT).

Key Discussion Points:

  • Personal Journey: Michael shares his journey leading up to his current role, including the impact of significant events like 9/11 on shaping his career and life.
  • Control Mechanisms: Explore how the city of London and the banks serve as the true control mechanism in society.
  • Societal Norms vs Contracts: Discuss the differences between societal norms, adhesion contracts, and non-existent contracts with government jurisdiction.
  • Creating Jurisdiction: Learn about the steps involved in creating a jurisdiction and the implications of doing so.
  • Tax Exemption: Discover strategies for achieving tax exemption as an individual and taxpayer, based on Michael’s personal experience.
  • UCT Treasury: Understand what the UCT Treasury is and their plans to establish their own private bank using their assets.

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