Bankster-Busters Conference, Anthony Stansfeld and TGBMS Day


“Excuse me. Have you heard about TGBMS Day?”

Bankster-Busters Conference, Anthony Stansfeld and TGBMS Day

Bankster-Busters Conference

Thank you to everybody who attended the conference on Sunday. It was both an extraordinary and an auspicious occasion, which has galvanized our grass-roots movement into decisive action.

We have already appointed administrators of dedicated email accounts for each of the regional class actions, which will kick off on TGBMS Day [the 6th of August], when Letters Before Claim will be served on every UK mortgage company, giving them 28 days to provide valid mortgage documents for 11.2 million registered mortgagors.

Anthony Stansfeld Interview

Following the conference, I traveled to London to shoot an interview with Anthony Stansfeld on Tuesday morning. The answers he gave to my questions were so incendiary that there is at least a fair chance that we will be able to place the short version with one of the mainstream broadcasters. The full length version will be released via the usual channels.

Suffice to say, Anthony has confirmed that he has been petitioning the Treasury Select Committee, the SFO and the FCA to investigate every illegal aspect of UK mortgages, not just the plethora of forged signatures on deeds and contracts.

Anthony has also had a memo prepared which instructs every chief of police in the country to cease the common practice of assisting bailiffs in the enforcement of illegal court orders and warrants and to engage in a programme of re-education on matters of law they are obviously ignorant of.

After the far-ranging interview, he happily agreed to provide us with the full weight of his considerable and growing influence in Whitehall, for the purposes of making sure that the forthcoming class actions to end mortgage fraud and unlawful evictions are successful.

TGBMS Day Confirmed

Everybody on the TGBMS Mailing List will soon be sent a list of dedicated email addresses, for each regional class action.

Those who wish to become a party to any of them will be able to join by replying to the email address for the group in their region.

They will also be able to volunteer to help organize, administer and advocate their local action, simply by stating that in the reply to the TGBMS newsletter this weekend.

Nevertheless, it must be stressed that the High Court claims will be started on August the 6th, for and on behalf of all Britain’s void mortgagors, including those who are not organizers, admins, advocates or claimants.

In other words, all Britain’s illegal mortgagors are covered by the actions, irrespective of whether they become parties to them.

So spread the word far and wide.- TGBMS Day is coming for the banksters on August the 6th.

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