TGBMS Day – UK Mortgage Industry Served Notice of Class Actions


“On the balance of probabilities, we admit that we’re well and truly fecked.”

TGBMS Day – UK Mortgage Industry Served Notice of Class Actions

Heartfelt thanks to everybody who contributed to making the 6th of August 2019 the historic occasion it turned out to be, when we served notice to the fraudulent UK mortgage industry that TGBMS Day was upon them.

The banksters have 28 days to provide legally valid mortgage documents for 11.2 million mortgagors. When they fail to do so, High Court class actions will be filed in every region of the country.

Over the course of the last eleven days alone, we have had thousands of emails from people who want to become parties to the claims. Each will be added over the next month, along with all others who sign up in the interim.

This will be followed by mass applications to every regional Land Registry, seeking the cancelation of every illegal mortgage and compensation for all the losses incurred.

Since the arguments we have put forward have all been sustained by binding case law, in addition to having the considerable support of Anthony Stansfeld, you can already hear the sound of feverishly clenching butt cheeks in the Square Mile this morning.

In years to come, people will talk about the 6th of August 2019 as the day the people of these lands rose up and said: “the tyranny of the banks ends here.”

Together, united by our mutual cause, we will see Truth and Justice will prevail, simply because enough good people stood up to fraud and injustice at the critical moment.

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