TGBMS Day Is Coming For The Banksters


“So how much can we pay you for drilling the locks out and breaking into the house?”

TGBMS Day Is Coming For The Banksters

In the face of continued criminality, three remarkable events transpired last week, which should provide inspiration and encouragement for everybody fighting mortgage fraud on the front line.

Dorset Police and Crime Panel

After being confronted with allegations of doing nothing to investigate allegations of institutionalized mortgage fraud, by twenty indomitable bankster-busters at their annual meeting, the Dorset Police and Crime Panel abandoned ship, only five minutes after convening.

However, the council’s head of democratic and legal services told the local press afterwards, that he was sure that the claims presented to the panel by the bankster-busters were correct.

Enormous credit goes to everybody involved, including the indomitable Liz Watson, Trevor Mealham, David Laity, Tom and Sue Crawford, Tobe Leigh, Trey Young, Robert White and Paul Samways.

Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Police

The following day, the same group of determined and passionate people attempted to peacefully restore an unlawfully evicted Dorset woman to her property, under common law.

When the police inevitably turned up in force just in time to prevent this, they initially refused to listen to what everybody had to say. However, an hour later, six of them, including the sergeant, asked where they could see The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

The sergeant then expressed her deep regret that she could not assist in taking back the property, after being convinced by the sheer weight of evidence she was presented with at the scene, that what has happened to the unlawfully evicted woman and so many others, “just isn’t right”.

She also confirmed that the police have absolutely no discretion to do anything other than what they are ordered to do by their chief inspector, who always does what his legal advisers tell him.

The Aftermath

However, in the aftermath of these events, those very legal advisers and the new chair of the Dorset Police and Crime Panel agreed to hold a meeting to hear the evidence that the police have been conned into assisting the enforcement of mortgage fraud for decades.

The evidence is being presented in the very near future by a formidable former CID detective, who was present at the Crime Panel meeting that wasn’t.

Anthony Stansfeld sees TGBMS in Bournemouth

That evening, The Great British Mortgage Swindle screened to a near full house at the Odeon in Bournemouth. The Thames Valley Police Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, who features in the film, was in attendance.

Afterwards, he was so utterly appalled by the way in which the police are aggressively assisting bailiffs in the enforcement of fraudulent mortgage possession orders, that he promised to send a memo to every chief inspector in the country, to the following effect:

a. The police are forbidden from assisting bailiffs in the enforcement of mortgage possession orders. They must simply attend to keep the peace, as and when necessary.

b. If they attend, from henceforth they must ask the bailiffs to provide evidence that they are enforcing a legally valid claim.

Three Great Leaps Forward

Whilst we would gladly swap these three great leaps forward for the restoration of everybody who has been unlawfully evicted to their homes, it would also be short-sighted not to acknowledge that we have moved a lot closer to achieving that.

This progress has occurred by and through the concerted efforts of a growing band of bankster-busters from every corner of Britain, each of whom is committed to ending mortgage fraud on these shores before the turn of the year.

Reasons to Keep Fighting

Having been made homeless by bailiffs myself, I know how tough it is to control your anger, to continue fighting when all seems lost and to cope with the unfathomably painful sense of hopelessness, after being thrown out into the street and left for dead by all the Queen’s men.

However, I also know that if I was in such a position today, I would take great heart from the tremendous progress we have made over the course of just the last week, as well as from the now exponential growth in our numbers, following the capitulation of Bank of Scotland in my family’s case, earlier this year.

Bankster-Busters Conference

As you may already know, the Bankster-Busters Conference is being held this Sunday, the 21st of July 2019, from 12:00 till 18:00, at a venue on the outskirts of Nottingham, the address of which will be announced to the confirmed attendees only at the end of the week, for security reasons.

By the end of the day, we will have appointed and trained organizers, administrators and advocates, to run class actions to end mortgage fraud in every region of the country.

Each group leader will be provided with all the tools and templates required, for the purposes of filing High Court proceedings and claiming compensation from the Land Registry.

Shortly after the conference, everybody on the TGBMS Mailing List will be sent a list of dedicated email addresses, for each regional action. Those who wish to become a party to any of them will be able to do so by replying to the email address for the group in their region.

Please remember that the conference in ONLY for those are are volunteering to organize, administer and advocate for their regional action, rather than for  individual mortgagors.

However, everybody else will have the opportunity to become a party to the action in their part of the country, shortly after the appointing, training and equipping of all the respective group leaders.

A dedicated web hub will also be launched in the near future, where you will be able to download every document we will be filing in each of the class actions, as well as at the Land Registry.

If you have not already confirmed that you wish to volunteer as a group leader, please reply to this email, writing ‘I wish to volunteer’ in the subject heading and you will be added to the list of attendees, in the event we still have places left.

Nevertheless, it must also be stressed that the High Court actions will be filed, for and on behalf of all Britain’s void mortgagors, including those who are not parties to the claims.

Documentary Evidence Required

Every party to the class actions will need to provide the following documents in PDF format to their group leaders by email [if available]:

1. Void Mortgage Deed.
2. Void Mortgage Contract [Signed Offer Letter].
3. Letters from their conveyancing solicitor, instructing them to sign the deed without dating it, before they owned the property concerned.

If you don’t have the void deed, you will need to ask the Land Registry for an Office Copy Entry relating your property. This will almost always include a certified copy of the void mortgage deed.

It may also be necessary to lodge a DSAR with your purported lender or their solicitors, asking for all the mortgage related documents in your name, specifically asking for the contract and deed relied upon.

A DSAR served upon the conveyancing solicitors who illegally registered your mortgage could also yield the letters in which they instructed you to sign an undated deed over a property you didn’t yet own.


As soon as all of the applications have all been prepared, they will be filed into each High Court District Registry on TGBMS Day, which we have penciled-in for the 6th of August.

TGBMS Day will also see the delivery of mass applications for indemnity from the Chief Land Registrar, for all the losses incurred as a direct result of 11.2 million fraudulent entries in the Charges Register.

We are delighted to announce that we have in principle raised the funds required to run the class actions, including enough to provide the High Court with security for costs, should that prove necessary.

Rest assured that together and very soon we are going to put an end to the tyranny of institutionalized mortgage fraud, once and for all, because TGBMS Day is coming for the banksters this summer and there isn’t anything left that they can do to prevent justice being done.

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