Beating The Banksters: An Urgent Call-to-Action For Every UK Mortgage Holder

Beating The Banksters:
An Urgent Call-to-Action For Every UK Mortgage Holder

In the wake of perhaps the most significant victory against a UK bank in a British legal history, I know what some of you are thinking. I would be thinking it too, in your position:

“Can it be true that, after almost a decade of the infamous and bitter dispute, Bank of Scotland gave up its claim for £2.5M from Michael O’Bernicia’s family’s property trust?

More to the point, if it is true, what does that mean for Britain’s 11 million illegal mortgagors?”

Well, the facts speak for themselves, since the last remaining void mortgage over the trust’s portfolio was removed from the register several weeks ago, along with the entries made by the bank’s unlawfully appointed, LPA Receivers.

The proof of their capitulation to the sheer force of the exponentially growing mainstream awareness of The Great British Mortgage Swindle, was emphatically shown by the fact that the bank applied to cancel the mortgage, not the trustees of Nelson Trust.

Especially when you consider that we have had multiple applications to cancel it refused over the past six years.

Dramatic Implications

The dramatic implications for both the banks and Britain’s illegal mortgagors are that:

1. Every judgment that went against us must now be reversed, which will provide three binding case laws upon which all UK mortgagors can rely:

Trustees of Nelson Trust v Bank of Scotland & DTZ [2010] – a mortgage will be void if it is not preceded by a contract signed by both the mortgagor and the mortgagee.

Trustees of Nelson Trust v Bank of Scotland & Others [2013] – a judgment ordering that monies are owed to a mortgagee is vitiated by the creditor’s reliance upon dishonest statements.

Bank of Scotland v Waugh & Others [2014] – a mortgage deed will be void if it is not signed by the mortgagor in the presence of an independent witness.

2. The Section 1 and 2 points, relating to the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, are now proven beyond all doubt, which renders just about every mortgage in England and Wales void and illegal.

3. Every mortgagor, including those in Scotland and Northern Ireland, can also now rely [as we did] on the Southern Pacific Mortgages case, in the event you signed the mortgage deed before you owned the property concerned.

4. Every mortgagor, past and present, who has been defrauded by a UK mortgage provider, is entitled to compensation from the Land Registry, for all the losses you incurred under the terms of an illegally registered mortgage.

5. Every mortgagor who has been illegally dispossessed can now make the same claim for indemnity from the Chief Land Registrar, on the grounds set forth in TGBMS.

It is absolutely essential that we seize this opportunity to radically alter the shape of the future, for ourselves and our children. The time for decisive action is now upon us all.

I therefore urge, in the strongest possible terms, every mortgage holder in Britain, past and present, to consider taking the following course of action.

TGBMS: Next Steps

TGBMS: Next Steps will play after screenings of The Great British Mortgage Swindle in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester, from Friday the 3rd of May 2019.

The video will be a step by step video tutorial on the actions Britain’s void mortgagors must take without any further delay. Namely:

1. Form specific interest groups in every district nationwide, for the purposes of filing Representative Actions in the High Court. The actions will be seeking declarations that the secret Parliamentary rule prohibiting the judiciary from finding fraud against any of the banks, is void ab initio and criminal in nature.

These groups should be formed after every screening of the film and TGBMS: Next Steps, in selected Vue and Odeon cinemas. The more UK mortgagors who attend and join up, the more powerful the Representative Actions will be. If you would like to help organize a group in your area, please get in touch.

2. Apply to the Land Registry to cancel every illegal mortgage.

This can be done, en masse, on a specific date this summer, when we have enough numbers to maximize the public exposure.

3. Make claims for compensation from the Chief Land Registrar.

This can be done immediately by every individual who has suffered losses as a direct result of an illegally registered mortgage, provided they are armed with the information in the film and the exclusive bonus feature, which will be released for free online, following the cinema screenings.

It would therefore be greatly appreciated if you could assist us in rounding up enough people with mortgages, to pack out the screenings listed at the Our Screen Box Office below, as well as those we have planned in another twelve towns and cities.

Our Screen Box Office

Every mortgagor who can’t attend a screening should sign up to TGBMS Mailing List below, to receive a PDF version of TGBMS: Next Steps in their inbox, in the very near future.

Sign-Up To The Great British Mortgage Swindle Mailing List

I sincerely hope that answers some burning questions and that you like and share this and every other TGBMS-related post far and wide, until we have sufficient numbers to guarantee our swift and decisive success in bringing an end to institutionalized mortgage fraud.

Much love to you all.

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