Open Letter To Boris Johnson | Strike Out Tyrannous Bill Or The People Will

Open Letter To Boris Johnson | Strike Out Tyrannous Bill Or The People Will

Open Letter To Boris Johnson | Strike Out Tyrannous Bill Or The People Will

Greetings Boris. I trust your inevitable briefing on this heart-felt open letter, about the tyrannous bill given Royal Assent on 25/03/2020, finds you well, in spite of these most troubling of times.

You will, of course, already know that nothing which arises from the provisions of the Final Brexit Bill can in any way derogate from the sovereignty it restored, which necessarily means that any act of the UK government that subsequently suspends the unalienable sovereign rights of the British people – such as the right to remove governments by democratic vote, for instance – is constitutionally unlawful and the passing of legislation to that effect automatically renders Parliament illegitimate and the mandate given by the people in the last election a legal nullity, which could easily be overturned by any properly convened Common Law or international court.

Now you can choose to listen to the advice of Dominic Cummings, who, after all, did mastermind the winning campaigns in both Brexit and last December’s election. However, if rumours are true that he initially argued that the savings to the pension funds meant elderly deaths due to a pandemic would be a boon for the economy, then he is obviously Malthusian at heart and the people cannot trust him.

You might also choose to listen to the lawyers, QC’s and mandarins who will no doubt tell you that there is no merit to the points of law which I am setting forth in this letter, but in getting Brexit done you have already proven you are capable of standing up to those whom the late Denis Healey called “those who hold the purse-strings,” which is exactly what you need to do as a matter of great urgency. The future of all our children depends upon it.

Nevertheless, you must first accept that a wise man will always observe the nature of a problem before prescribing the remedy for it, whilst a fool always rushes in without investigation and looks for a quick fix that doesn’t actually exist.

This is, of course, analogous to the current crisis faced by everybody on the Earth, as almost every government worldwide has effectively declared medical martial law, without any diligent inquiry into exactly what the Coronavirus is, whilst a rush to make its vaccine mandatory, at the point of a gun, if necessary, is dominating the newsfeeds.

If it looks like tyranny, walks like tyranny and talks like tyranny, it’s not a Common Law Constitutional Democracy.

It is simply unsustainable to argue that Parliament has the authority or the legal powers to create a government which operates outside of Britain’s long-established constitutional framework.

Otherwise, the Remainers in the last Parliament would simply have voted to remain in the EU, in spite of the majority of the people desperately wanting to leave and that would have been that, without the guarantees the constitution provides.

This means that any action which purports to suspend any aspect of that constitutional framework – such as the indefinite suspensions of the rights of free assembly and association, to come and go as we please, to be presumed innocent until proven guilty before a jury of our peers – is always a criminal act of treason against the sovereign, free people of Britain.

Wherefore, this bill is not just emblematic of monumental foolishness, it is also the kind of treacherous act that the newly restored Common Law protects the British people from.

Since the Common Law guarantees that there are no circumstances in which the people’s unalienable natural rights can be suspended, without obtaining their express consent in a democratic plebiscite, which would never transpire.

This is a fact that you know very well, given that it is the only reason your predecessor at Number 10 legislated for the Brexit referendum to decide the matter of EU membership, instead of Parliament.

You also don’t need me to tell you that to hold a referendum on whether Britain should allow the government to suspend the sovereignty, protections and freedom guaranteed by the Common Law, would result in a resounding cry from the people that Britain must remain sovereign, protected and free.

However, the actions of your government and Parliament this week give rise to an increasingly common suspicion among the British people that you are using this crisis to impose conditions which nobody in this nation would every consent to in a democratic election or referendum.

Why else would you have passed a bill which is the grossest and most tyrannous breach of Constitutional Law, which strictly prohibits the suspension of the very laws which guarantee the British people can never be subjected to the kind of unaccountable government the bill enables?

Why else would you have ignored the recommendations of your medical experts on 19/03/2020 that Coronavirus should be reclassified as no longer being a serious public health risk and instead lay such an unconstitutional bill before Parliament?

Why else would you have cancelled every family celebration, as well as every academic achievement due to be celebrated by hard-working young people and their families this summer?

Why else would you have condemned grandparents to spend what could be the last few months of their lives without being able to see the grandchildren who make their lives worth living?

Indubitably, the answer to all of those questions is the same: the only other realistic alternative explanation is that the UK government is bereft of compassion because it is engaged or complicit in facilitating acts of genocide, as per the European Convention.

Nobody needs to remind you whose name history will record as having enabled such tyranny, in the event you don’t act without delay to stop this criminal bill being enforced.

The actual scientific evidence abounding demands that an independent public inquiry into Coronavirus [and the effects of wireless radiation] must immediately be set in motion, to establish the reasons why the current infrastructure of central government allowed such an aberration of British Constitutional Law [and the facts] to be passed into law, when its own advisers had already announced publicly that Coronavirus was no longer a serious public health risk.

Failure to strike out the bill as unconstitutional will result in a representative action, for and on behalf of the British people, seeking the same outcome, under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, within which no government can claim jurisdiction, as the Treaty Office can corroborate.

Whatever you elect to do and whatever outcome we all have to face, whether I like it or not, no matter what else I have achieved or will achieve, history will remember me as the working class lad from Newcastle who took on the might of the banksters and won, even after being banned from litigating in every court in a so called justice system, long since rigged to protect my adversaries from the consequences of their myriad of crimes against the people.

However, the question you should now be asking yourself is not anything to do with whether I am right or wrong on these issues.

It is what history will record of the first year of Boris Johnson’s government.

If you proceed with the enforcement of this act, the working class which deserted Labour to give you your landslide will know that the sovereignty Brexit restored has been stolen from them by the Parliament they enabled.

Your government can only proceed from here as an unaccountable totalitarian dictatorship, built upon a genocidal false flag health emergency and ultra vires claims of both jurisdiction and legitimacy.

A class action to end such tyranny at its outset will therefore quickly gain the support of the people, even if voices such as mine are suppressed, as they always are in totalitarian dictatorships of all natures and descriptions.

However, if you agree to settle this without resorting to tyranny and without the people having to resort to legal proceedings, by guaranteeing in signed writing that you will move to annul the bill indefinitely, history will almost certainly give you more credit than it ever might for getting Brexit done.

Moreover, in guaranteeing that the people of this country remain free, calm and sensible, in the midst of worldwide fear, uncertainty and panic, you would no doubt be remembered as the Prime Minister who foiled an international plot to turn Britain into a totalitarian, 5G-enabled, total surveillance prison without bars, from which there would be no escape without risking arrest, detainment or death.

Since my family was one of the first twenty clans to settle here during the Trojan migration, you will no doubt fully comprehend that my DNA prevents me and my kindred from not doing all we are able to prevent tyranny from ever rearing its demon head upon these ancient isles.

In that regard, the people also rely upon the seminal Common Law case of Chamberlain v Lindon [1998], which held that a person who genuinely believes their actions to be right has the lawful excuse to act according to their conscience, even it is proven in a court of law that they were mistaken.

I therefore look forward to receiving your most appropriate response by public declaration at your earliest opportunity, in the genuine hope that the British people can reach an amicable out of court settlement with the UK government, over the obvious and profound exaggerations of the threat Coronavirus poses to our health and the tyranny you seek to enforce.

In sincerity and honour, without ill will, frivolity or vexation.

Michael of Bernicia

Sovereign Ambassador of Universal Community Trust | Draftsman of Magna Carta 2020

All Rights Reserved under the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.

The existing Memorandum of Understanding between UCT and the UK government applies nunc-pro-tunc and the author of this missive enjoys the benefits of sovereign immunity, under international law.

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