Doctor Cowan Alleges 5G is the Real Cause of ‘Corona Virus Pandemic’

Doctor Cowan Alleges 5G is the Real Cause of ‘Corona Virus Pandemic’

In this devastatingly simple, empirically supported explanation of the singular cause of every flu-like pandemic since 1918, Dr Thomas Cowan MD lays out a shocking fact which is being ignored by every government worldwide and you will never discover on the hysterical mainstream media.

Namely, that every such pandemic has demonstrably arisen from the roll-outs of wireless technologies which cause non-ionising radiation, none of which have emitted more than the recently installed 5G networks.

Furthermore, viruses are nothing but the body’s defence mechanism to the poisoning of its cells, during which toxins are excreted in various forms of mucus which we know as ‘flu-like symptoms’.

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Many thanks to Calen Tanner Lightfoot, whose mind-blowing channel you can check out below, where you can also see more evidence that the Corona Virus pandemic is both a a hoax and a mask for totalitarian 5G genocide.

Calen Tanner Lightfoot

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