Class Action To Strike Out The Treacherous Coronavirus Bill

Class Action To Strike Out The Treacherous Coronavirus Bill

Class Action To Strike Out The Treacherous Coronavirus Bill

A class action is being prepared to strike out the treacherous Coronavirus Bill, which is purportedly being brought under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, which has long since been condemned as a statutory enabler of potential tyranny.

However, section 21 of the 2004 Act states that a minister of the crown only has the right to enact the type of emergency regulations contained in the draft of the bill, if the following three conditions are met:

1. An emergency has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur.

2. It is necessary to make provision for the purpose of preventing, controlling or mitigating an aspect or effect of the emergency.

3. The need for provision for the purpose of preventing, controlling or mitigating an aspect or effect of the emergency is urgent.

Three Conditions Not Met

Well, believe it or not, all of the actual scientific evidence shows that coronavirus is no more a threat than the flu at worst, has caused fewer deaths than the flu does and that most of its supposed victims died of pre-existing illnesses, which the doctors who issued the death certificates are not reporting.

In simple terms, this is a false flag emergency – fraud-in-the-factum by another name – orchestrated to usher in totalitarian rule for the purposes of population reduction, in accordance with UN Agendas 21 and 30.

So it is not a genuine emergency which satisfies the first condition of the 2004 Act.

It naturally follows that the second and third conditions can’t be met either because there is no such emergency which urgently necessitates making legislative provisions to prevent, control or mitigate the alleged effects of coronavirus.

Viruses Are Not What You Have Been Told

Why am I so certain that this is the case?

Because it has been proven over and over again under lab conditions on thousands of subjects that what we know as viruses cannot be passed by air, contact, mucus or blood.

In other words, scientists have injected blood, snot and phlegm of wheezing sufferers of flu-like symptoms into healthy subjects of a multitude of species and not once did the subject fall ill or ‘catch’ anything.

Moreover, as Dr Cowan expresses so succinctly in a video recently released on my YouTube channel, what we call a virus is nothing but the body’s defence to being poisoned with virtually any kind of toxicity, during which our dead cells are purged from the body in the form mucus, urine, puss and sweat.

But these expelled toxins can be isolated from our bodies in a lab and then, along with mercury and aluminium, injected into our blood in the form of the type of vaccinations the WHO is lobbying every government worldwide to legislate as mandatory, with no exceptions and on an annual basis.

All of this can be substantiated with the expert testimony of doctors from across Europe, many hundreds of whom appealed to the EU for a moratorium on the 5G roll-out in 2017, predicting that the consequence of not doing so would be a pan-epidemic of non-ionising radiation poisoning, which has exactly the same symptoms as coronavirus.

Vaccinations Now Mandatory In Denmark

In Denmark, where a great friend of mine and his family live, the government has already passed a law which made vaccination mandatory.

What almost nobody mentions is that Danish 5G trials began in June 2019 and have since been continuous and more widespread, in perfect correlation with the supposed outbreak of the flu-like symptoms.

10,000 5G Masts in Wuhan

Where did the first major outbreak of such symptoms originate?

Wuhan, where 10,000 5G masts went ‘live’ on 31/10/2019 – more than any other 5G-enabled place on the Earth.

Follow the trajectory of the roll-out and you will quickly see an easily identifiable pattern: wherever 5G was switched on, there was an outbreak of severe flu-like symptoms within a few months.

The more 5G enabled technology a town or city has, the more people report the aggressive flu-like symptoms of non-ionising radiation sickness.

Identical Symptoms

So why are these symptoms being suffered by people who live in places where 5G is not yet enabled?

Because the symptoms of radiation sickness from the wireless technology we are all surrounded by are exactly the same. 5G is, however, much more severe a frequency for the human body to absorb.

The Birth of Wireless & The Spanish Flu Pandemic

Take great note that the so-called Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 occurred within six years of the roll-out of the 1st wave of wireless technology, when the Age of Radio began in 1912.

During the intervening Great Slaughter of 1914-18, millions of men suffered flu-like symptoms because radio was being used to communicate messages from the comfort of the generals’ remote 5 star bunkers, to the sheer bloody hell of the front line, for the entire duration of the entirely manufactured war.

When the technological developments in wireless devices used only by the armed forces during four years of almost incessant conflict, were unleashed on the public in 1918, it was claimed that the sudden outbreak of flu-like symptoms was the result of the Spanish Flu pandemic, when it was known to be the effects of the masses being exposed to wireless radiation right across the world.

Personal Case Study

Having experienced the switching on and off of 5G in my own Newcastle post code, I can confirm that virtually everybody complained of the symptoms of non-ionising radiation poisoning within a couple of months of it being switched on last December.

Conversely, shortly after I recently discovered that all the 5G network providers had turned 5G off because of apparent technical problems, all of the sick people I talked to said they were feeling much better and that their recovery seemed as immediate as the onset of the symptoms had been.

Coronavirus Bill Is Unconstitutional

Upon the available evidence, the Coronavirus Bill is incapable of taking legal effect because it is unconstitutional, whilst every aspect of it is founded upon dishonest statements that we are at serious risk of worldwide viral pandemic.

However, this situation is made considerably worse by the fact that the genuine health emergency caused by all wireless technologies is being ignored and we are being force-fed the false flag pandemic narrative on virtually every media platform 24/7, which gives everything the look, sound and feel of a staged event, somewhat reminiscent of 9/11/2001.

Coronavirus Bill Will Enable Genocide

The truth is we actually are in serious risk of being genocided by the Malthusian social engineers who commissioned UN Agendas 21 and 30, which seek to reduce the population by up to 85%, by any means necessary.

Bill Gates has already admitted that vaccines will assist in achieving that end, during his infamous Ted Talk on the subject, as all of this peer reviewed research grimly affirms.

Yet the current UK government is seriously considering making vaccinations mandatory, which reveals that it has either no knowledge and understanding that doing so would make it complicit in genocide; or it is knowingly allowing the cull of as many pensioners as possible, to pay the interest on the gargantuan loans from the Bank of England, with what is saved in pension payments.

Passing The Coronavirus Bill Would Render Government Mandate A Nullity

The Coronavirus Bill is therefore an obvious breach of constitutional law, the supremacy of which was restored by the sovereignty clauses in the Final Brexit Bill, which prohibits any act which derogates from the sovereignty of the people, which is only ever enjoyed by Parliament with the consent of the majority having been publicly established in an election or referendum.

In other words, the bill is void for the very reason Cameron’s government had no constitutional choice but to legislate for a referendum on whether Britain should remain or leave the EU and Parliament does not have the authority to pass this Draconian bill without doing the same.

Questions For Every Parliamentarian

Would anybody living on these ancient lands have voted for Johnson’s government, if they knew his victory would lead to the arbitrary suspension of the rights and protections of Common Law that Law Brexit was supposed to restore?

Would they have given BoJo their vote if they knew a Parliament dominated by him would soon declare that their parents must be locked up, if they refuse to place themselves under house arrest for at least three months, during which time they can’t even see their grandchildren?

Would the British working class have given this Parliament the mandate to exercise their sovereignty, if they knew that their right to come and go as they please would be suspended, along with their rights of free assembly, being presumed innocent until proven guilty before a jury and of exercising their own conscience?

That the police would be given unrestricted powers to arrest, detain and imprison them without a judgment of a court, on the mere suspicion that they might have flu-like symptoms, which almost everybody suffers and recovers from every year.

That everything their children have worked so hard to achieve, every wedding celebration, every birthday party and everything they love to do would be cancelled until further notice.

That all of that would be predicated on the erroneous claim of protecting people from a ‘killer disease’, when in reality people are dying from the poisonous effects of non-ionising radiation emitted by every wireless device.

That the same government which trumpeted from the rooftops that Britain needed to take back control from the unaccountable EU commissars would soon afterwards seek to suspend all elections, thereby creating their own unaccountable powers.

No, the British people would most certainly not have voted in this government, in the event these policies had been anywhere near honestly described in the Tory Party Manifesto.

Class Action To Prevent Totalitarian Rule

Whether the government’s advisers accept it or not, the passing of this potentially treasonous bill would render Parliament illegitimate in its unaccountability to the people, without a free and fair vote on such serious constitutional issues.

Whilst its election mandate would automatically become a legal nullity if the bill is enacted, under long established principles regarding the forfeit of Parliamentary legitimacy, for a potentially genocidal breach of the people’s trust.

Nevertheless, a class action to annul the bill before it is passed is almost certainly a necessity now. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to Nuremberg style prosecutions, under Common and International Law.

Especially when the remedy for tyrannical government always arises from the correct application of the principles of Natural Law, upon which the Common Law was and remains equitably founded.

Magna Carta 2020 | Restoration of Common Law

In the words of Locke, as quoted by William Blackstone in his seminal commentaries on the Laws of England:

…there remains still inherent in the people a supreme power to remove or alter the legislative, when they find the legislative act contrary to the trust reposed in them; for, when such trust is abused, it is thereby forfeited, and devolves to those who gave it.”

One way or another, the people need to peacefully take back control over their own lives at the earliest opportunity, for the purposes of which the time has come to adopt Magna Carta 2020 as the law of the land, both here and everywhere else mankind is under the threat of such self-appointed totalitarian dictatorships.

This could be achieved by holding public meetings in every community, during which a democratic majority votes to repudiate all statutory jurisdiction and declares that they will from henceforth live under the simple tenets of Magna Carta 2020.

All of this could be done under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, the only government-free Natural Law jurisdiction in existence.

Huxwellian Dystopia

Put aside any skepticism about the potential solution and accept that we are already living in the early days of the nightmarish dystopian alternative, long-since planned for us by Julian Huxley’s UNESCO and outlined in his brother Aldous’ Brave New World.

A world where everybody lives the same short life of pharmacological oblivion, administered by a totalitarian state of Orwellian proportions, which openly culls those considered to be an unnecessary drain on resources and strictly controls birth by creating all new life in a laboratory.

If you are happy for our children to grow up in such a Huxwellian dystopia, simply do nothing and proceed to indefinite totalitarian lock-down and mandatory vaccination at the end of a gun, to make sure you have enough mercury, aluminium, barium and strontium in your blood stream, to maximise the potentially fatal absorption of non-ionising radiation, in a total surveillance 5G smart prison with no visible bars and no possible escape.

Britain Must Always Remain Free

However, I know in my heart that our children did not incarnate on this Earth to experience the kind of tyranny never experienced by our ancestors, who spilled their own blood without fear because they knew that the people of these ancient isles stand for nothing if they don’t stand for freedom, even if the rest of the world succumbs to genocide, slavery and serfdom.

That is the very essence of what it means to be Britons, which has absolutely fuck all to do with race, creed, colour or even religion because being a Briton is a state of mind, a knowing in the heart and sensing in the loins that tyranny has never, will never and could never steal from us what it means to be exactly who we are:

A free and sovereign people, who have overcome bigger tyrants than those who seek our destruction today, many centuries before Alfred the Great had even dreamed of uniting the warring Saxon kingdoms into the crusading nation of England.

These common ancient memories connect us all because they are burned into our DNA, lest we forget that Britain has been from its very founding, a free and sovereign nation of fearsome warriors, who would without hesitation risk certain death to preserve all we hold dear.

Thankfully, it shouldn’t come to that because there are tens of millions of people here right now, who didn’t suffer the Brexit Pantomime to see this country’s newly restored sovereignty abused to such tyrannical ends, at the expense of our children’s future and everything our forebears fought to hard to preserve.

Absolute Government Corrupts Absolutely

Nevertheless, the restoration of Common Law under Magna Carta 2020, a Great Charter for the 21st Century, is the only known antidote to the disease of unforgivably corrupt government today, since it seeks both to end tyranny and to prevent it arising again, via the devolution of power back to the people, under the guiding principles it sets forth as unalienable rights, beyond the reach of any government.

How much resistance this will inevitably be met with will be inversely proportionate to the number of us who speak out now about how the planned suspension of the rights and protections guaranteed to us all by the Common Law is not and never will be an act the UK government has the authority to carry out.

However, in witnessing its attempt to do so, we can’t fail to see how absolute government power corrupts absolutely.


The bill must therefore be struck out as an attempted aberration of Constitutional Law, as well as an illegal attempt to suspend laws of the land which pre-date Parliament and will forever remain enshrined in the Common Law, incapable of legislative interference, with the right to remove tyrannical government being front and centre.

Please tell everybody you know that in the event the bill is passed, there will no longer be any limits on the power the government can claim to have over us and all they will have to do to be able to wield it is declare a National Emergency, on just about any pretext imaginable.

Act now and spread the word, before its too late.

Magna Carta 2020

Magna Carta 2020 | The Restoration of Common Law

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