Midazolam Murders | PUB Lay Charges In Magistrates Court

Midazolam Murders | PUB Lay Charges In Magistrates Court

Midazolam Murders | PUB Lay Charges In Magistrates Court

I have tremendous news. Today, the Winter Solstice, marks the beginning of the darkness giving way to the light as nature begins to regenerate life for the coming of the spring. It is therefore beautifully appropriate that PUB laid the first set of charges in our Private Criminal Prosecution against the perpetrators of the Midazolam Murders, who are collectively responsible for the deaths of a conservatively estimated 160,000 people, since April 2020 alone.

Firstly, the Statement of Case and the 432 page evidence bundle, including harrowing eye witness testimony from the relatives of loved ones who were murdered with Midazolam, as per government policy which kicked into full swing in 2016, were filed electronically at a Magistrates Court, the location of which shall remain nameless until such time that the case is listed to be heard by a jury, for the purposes of negating the possibility of foul play from our powerful adversaries.

Secondly, the hard copies of PUB’s submission and the evidence in support of the most serious crimes imaginable have been sent to the court by special delivery and should be delivered by no later than 3pm tomorrow.

Given the seriousness of the charges, we have applied for warrants to search the locations where the murders took place and for the arrest of the first eight of the myriad of defendants the prosecution intends to name in these proceedings.

Most Significant Case In Legal History

Having assembled an international team of fearless and vastly experienced investigators to assess the vast amount of evidence amassed by Dave Laity, Mark Oakford and myself over the course of the past twenty months, the senior barrister who has agreed to take the case described it as “the most significant case in legal history” and for good reason.

On the basis that we can prove that the policies the UK Government covertly imposed upon the British People were intended to end the lives of as many of us as they could, under the sick and twisted pretense of keeping the very demographics they targeted for elimination safe from harm.

However, we also have evidence that these crimes are being carried out as part of an international plan to reduce population by up to 95%, as per the UN’s Sustainable Development agenda, which, once common knowledge, will be enough to bring down almost every government worldwide.

Nevertheless, for legal reasons, we will not yet be releasing the identities of the first eight defendants PUB is seeking to charge, indict and convict of Midazolam Murders by government policy.

Initial Proceedings

We will however initially seek to prove three all too similar cases of murder with Midazolam, each in a different location and at a different time, between October 2016 and April 2021.

In each case, the following things transpired:

1 The victim was prescribed Midazolam for conditions they were not known to be suffering from, after being placed on the end-of-life pathway.

2 The victim was then denied essential care and services and treated as if they were already dead by NHS staff.

3 The Midazolam doses were given to the victim until they stopped breathing and died.

4 The wishes and well being of the victim and their family were callously ignored.

5 No consent was given by either the victim or their next of kin for them to be prescribed Midazolam.

Moreover, with the comprehensive documentary evidence we have adduced today, the prosecution alleges that these three cases are representative of untold thousands, perhaps even millions, of other cases just like them in this country alone and it is abundantly clear that has has not happened by mere accident or because of reckless incompetence.

Infrastructure For Midazolam Murders

Over the course of the last thirteen years, successive UK Governments have put in place what can only accurately be described as an infrastructure for committing mass murder with Midazolam, the lethal drug of choice in certain states in the US which still have the death penalty.

Via an octopus-like network of Strategic Transformation Partnerships and supposedly independent government controlled health-related institutions, foundations and trusts, Midazolam has been supplied in every region nationwide, in sufficient quantities to kill the number of people they allege to have died from or with COVID-19.

Just a coincidence? The prima facie evidence says it most certainly was not.

Especially when the government approved NICE guidelines on Palliative Care and COVID-19 are nothing less than a how-to-guide for committing murder with Midazolam [and ‘vaccines’] and marking it down as either a COVID death or the result of chronic illness; whilst the Coronavirus Act 2020 suspended autopsies on all deaths recorded as having been caused by COVID-19 or with COVID-19, presumably to prevent coroners detecting the actual causes of death.

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