Join Us At 7pm Tonight To Remember The Dead

Remember Remember, The 21st of December | A Lyrical Prophesy

Tonight is the 21st of December, so, at 7pm, The Great Unvaxxed will be out on the streets with The Surviving Vaxxed in every corner of Britain, united in a resounding cry of resistance:


Before joining hands with family, friends and complete strangers in every corner of Britain, to hold a minute’s silence for every victim of the Midazolam Murders and the Vaxxtermination Programme.

After lighting candles in memory of the dead, we will then celebrate the laying of charges in the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers [a PCP Update will soon follow this post], wishing each other a very merry Christmas and a much better new year than the last two have been, before partying like it’s the end of COVID-1984.

Because, in the genocidal game of Cluedo [known as ‘A Good Death’], we can prove it was Hancock et al who killed Granny, in the hospitals, care homes and in their own beds, with syringe drivers full of chemicals known to be deadly, administered by men and women in white coats.

You still have time to join this rapidly growing genuine grass roots display of resistance to all out tyranny and organise a gathering for those specific purposes at the designated hour tonight, if one hasn’t already been planned near where you live.

Find out more about the events already planned all over the country by joining the Telegram group below, where new ones are also added as soon as we hear about them:

Between now and 7pm tonight, please share the heavily censored video below that inspired this nationwide defiance of criminal government diktats, which we are morally bound to disobey or we risk future allegations of collaboration, when all those who collaborated with tyranny are also brought to justice.

To emphasize just how important it is that everybody stands shoulder to shoulder in this war of attrition we must win for the sake of cour children’s future, a senior barrister, having completed his initial review of the evidence we have amassed, described the Midazolam Murders PCP as:

“The most significant case in legal history.”

By their criminal actions, the rogue UK Government and its lapdog Parliament have forfeited all claims to legitimacy and repudiated any and all rights they might have otherwise enforced under statute.

Totalitarian non-compliance is therefore the only peaceful way to deal with such an unaccountable de facto government, which is now openly threatening to breach the Nuremberg Code by making experimental and potentially fatal medication mandatory.

So let’s make sure today is the day that the Britons refuse to comply with such malevolence in sufficient numbers to put an end to COVID-1984, then we can banish the fear in our children’s hearts and let justice be done.

Please share far and wide.


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