How To Successfully Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes

How To Successfully Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes

How To Successfully Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes

How many people do you know who have threatened YouTube with legal action, had a community strike lifted and a video un-banned as a result of a successful appeal?

Well, following many years of aggressive censorship by all of the major social media platforms, YouTube banned The Testimonies Project video released on my channel this week, in a clear attempt to suppress the ‘vaccine’ serious and fatal adverse events stories coming out of Israel.

Initially, they tried to prohibit me from uploading content for 90 days [for my first strike], which they reduced to 7 just a few minutes before I sent them this devastatingly succinct response:

“Your claim that eye witness and victim testimony to serious and fatal ‘vaccine’ adverse events is ‘medical misinformation’ is utterly spurious.

In fact, you are committing a criminal offence by deliberately suppressing evidence that the Israeli people are being forced to take a ‘vaccine’ that is known to have serious and fatal effects.

Given your owner’s alleged investment in the very ‘vaccine’ concerned, this comprises a clear conflict of interests which renders both yourselves and your owner liable for civil damages, as well as the suppression of criminal evidence for financial gain.

In the event you fail to remove the strike and un-ban the video within the next 72 hours, consider this Notice of Intended Legal Proceedings by the People’s Union of Britain [PUB].”

Appeal Upheld By YouTube

Less than 12 hours after my appeal was received by YouTube, the following response was delivered to my channel’s analytics page:

“Thank you for your appeal. We’ve determined that your content The Testimonies Project | A Harrowing Story of Israeli Vaxxine Adverse Events doesn’t violate Community Guidelines. Your content is now ‘live’ and any related strikes have been removed.”

Do you think YouTube’s owner, Google, has been talking to James Crosby [former CEO of Bank of Scotland], who was subjected to my Common Law Lien process and still lies in bed awake at night wondering if a merchant bank will one day enforce it by foreclosing on his expensive country pile?

Either way, other content makers in similar positions could use it to the same effect, in the event they have been subjected to censorship of information pertaining to the exposure of Crimes Against Humanity.

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