FCA Complaint: Santander PLC Trading Under Fake Company Name

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FCA Complaint: Santander PLC Trading Under Fake Company Name

Please read this urgent complaint to the FCA by Paud Kerry, regarding the evidence that Santander has been issuing mortgage possession proceedings using a fake company name that doesn’t actually exist, which may apply to upwards of 3,500 illegal mortgagors in Northern Ireland.

This entity is operating in full public view in Northern Ireland as can be seen from the enclosed Court List: and is a Fraud & Misrepresentation on more than one level: if by the following:

1. Santander (UK) Plc: Are Holding themselves out to be a bank: when they are not on ANY Register on the Bank of England: and without a Licence to do so:

2. Santander (UK) Plc: Do not exist as an Entity on ANY Register in Companies House: and Thus: Cannot Sue: for not existing on ANY Register Anywhere:

3. Santander (UK) Plc: Are misrepresenting in court: as they are not a Registered entity: but holding themselves out to be a Plc: when they are not:

4. Santander (UK) Plc: Are misrepresenting by Holding themselves out to be the Holders of Title in Due Course to Abbey National Plc: Mortgages when they have no claim:

5. Santander (UK) Plc: Cannot exhibit any Transfer & Assignment: of anything that relate to Abbey National mortgages:

6. Santander (UK) Plc: Have been suing on foot of Abbey National Plc mortgages for at least 7 years: and most likely longer: without a Right of Claim: or Grant of Deed:

7. Santander (UK) Plc: Have not exhibited a Companies House Registration Number: or proof of existence:

8. Santander (UK) Plc: Have not shown or Claimed: Same As Status with any other Entity: or with Abbey national Plc with Company Number 02294747:

9. Santander (UK) Plc: Have opperated prior to the implementation of The Red Tape Challenge: and the updates to various Law resulting; on the 1/1/2015:

10. Santander (UK) Plc: Have been providing barely legible: Questionable alleged Accounting of Mortgages: but will not provide Annual statements:

11. Santander (UK) Plc: Are/have been Represented in the Royal courts of Justice in Belfast by A&L Goodbody Solicitors: and Robert G Sinclair Solicitors:

12. When Santander (UK) Plc: Counsel have been Challenged by me: for his Letter of Appointment: from Santander (UK) Plc: he becomes evasive and runs away:

13. One Respondent in a Santander (UK) Plc: Claim in Court for 7 years: has Sued Santander (UK) Plc: and Santander UK Plc 02294747 the alleged successor:

14. A&L Goodbody: Have put in an Appearance for Both Entities: prefixed with Santander UK Plc: Sued as; Santander UK Plc: and Santander (UK) Plc:

15. When Counsel was Challenges in Court prior to a hearing of the 2019 case as above: as to which entity he was representing: he replied; The one that Exists:

16. Possession Orders have been won for hundreds if not thousands of Family Homes in Northern Ireland: by Santander (UK) Plc: an Unlicensed Company that does not exist:

17. As the Possession Orders bear the Name Santander (UK) Plc: this Entity can Claim the Mortgages Insurance: which if Claimed: is clear fraud and Misrepresentation:

18. Further Possessed Family Homes and other properties are being sold; on foot of the afore mentioned Possession Orders won: by Santander (UK) Plc:

19. Who or what entities are the Beneficiaries of the Claimed insurance policies: in Possession orders won by Santander (UK) Plc: is there Fraud & Misrepresentation?

20. Who or what entities are the Beneficiaries of the Proceeds of the sale of Family Homes/Properties on foot of Possession Orders won by Santander (UK) Plc: is there Fraud & Misrepresentation?

21. I further Notice that Northern Ireland is a Unique and singular Jurisdiction to England & Wales: and other UK Territories:

22. but correspondence from Santander UK Plc: states that they are licensed in England & Wales: does the Licence extend to Northern Ireland?

23. As a Concerned friend of a man who is fighting for his family home against Santander (UK) Plc: why does it take a lay person to point out the Fraud & Misrepresentation to the Authorities?

I further note; I am not a customer of Santander and thus: this is not a Financial Regulator Matter: but as a Whistle-blower: and I herein make a formal Complaint:

There is much more evidence I can bring to light, once the investigation is commenced:

As such I have corresponded with your front desk and I am sure that the matters warrant your URGENT attention.

Watch this space for further details about how the complaint progresses.


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