Credit-Based Currency, Issued By The People, For The People, Of The People

Credit-Based Currency, By The People, For The People, Of The People

Credit-Based Currency, Issued By The People, For The People, Of The People

It is now getting on for fifteen years since I raised my head above the parapet during the autumn of 2008, when I publicly declared and privately served my revocation of consent to be governed by criminals upon the former constitutional monarch, QEII, who declined to oppose my sworn intention to put right all the wrongdoings by her governments, as the Founding Sovereign of Universal Community Trust. Front and centre of the twelve aims and objectives set forth in the UCT Treaty, which was served upon QEII, the Treaty Office and the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth in the summer of 2012, was the aim to rid the Earth of the fraudulent, fake-debt-based, Babylonian banking system with credit-based currency.

The method of doing so I proposed to the UCT Founders from the outset was by creating a new credit-based system, which places money creation back into the hands of The People, where it belongs, thereby stripping the banksters of their power over our lives and national governments.

Since none of the catalyzing government crimes which gave rise to the other eleven aims and objectives in the Treaty would exist if the City of London Cartel had not made all western governments their puppets long ago, ending their power over our lives has always been passionately viewed by all within UCT as our #1 objective.

Whilst the research and development period for our grand design has at times been painfully disappointing, when certain associations and partnerships fell apart after it appeared to them that there was no end to the rocky untraveled road we were walking down, no part of the tumultuous journey of self-realisation was not absolutely integral to achieving the tripartite outcome we all seek – financial security, economic freedom and monetary independence.

As of the time of writing, the UCT Alliance stands on the brink of achieving that primary UCT objective, for the purposes of which I present selected extracts from the reports delivered to the sovereigns of UCT Alliance nations regarding the truly historic progress we have made in recent weeks.

In short, it’s high time the world finds out that there is an all in one solution to the tyranny of illegitimate government, illegal wars and manufactured financial, economic and monetary catastrophes and that solution is called Credit-Based Currency, Issued  By The People, For The People and Of The People.

Diary of Historic Events | A Bloodless, Lawful, Monetary Coup

21 April 2023

Since the foundation of Universal Community Trust, it has been my declared intention to create a new credit-based financial system to replace the rigged and fraudulent fake-debt-based system of control.

Now, ten years after we established the Memorandum of Understanding with HM Government, stating clearly that we would create such a system under our own jurisdiction, as well as our own credit-based currencies, UCT Treasury has recently agreed a deal with an international financial institution that will facilitate the foundation of UCT’s new usury-free, credit-based banking system.

Whilst some of the details of the deal cannot yet be revealed, for what will soon become very obvious reasons, suffice to say that the long-gestating birth of UCT’s new financial system is finally due to take place by the end of next week, soon after which we expect to be able to draw down on a line of credit created by 59 perfected Common Law Liens, collectively valued in excess of £17 billion.

UCT Treasury Bank

These perfected liens represent the damages owed to UCT Treasury’s 1st tranche of Lien Creditors, by way of non-judicial damages claims, in defence of a veritable multitude of wrongdoings by the directors of every fraudulent mortgage provider in the UK.

However, the liens themselves will be held as permanent fixed asset commercial paper reserves by UCT Treasury, in return for which the Lien Creditors, who remain sole owners of the perfected instruments, have accepted UCT Utility Tokens, which will become exchangeable for any other usable currency, once UCT Treasury Bank is fully operational, which we expect to transpire this summer.

Once that happens, each UCT Nation, via their duly appointed Treasurer, will be able to accept applications for lines of credit from community members and from the nation itself, for the purposes of acquiring land and resources.

UCT Treasury will then begin accepting Promissory Notes from UCT Nations and community members, which will become exchangeable for UCT Utility Tokens, which will be exchangeable for fungible [spendable] currencies at UCT Treasury Bank.

Snatching Victory From The Jaws of Defeat

In other words, UCT is now on the brink of attaining true independence from the tyrannical debt-based Babylonian system, which will mark the beginning of the end for usurious banking, as per one of the primary aims and objectives set forth in the UCT Treaty.

But we are achieving that formerly unobtainable outcome by turning the huge debt the banksters owe to Britain’s illegal mortgagors into interest-free credit, which comprises of their tax-exempt damages payouts, exclusively under UCT jurisdiction and free from government and regulatory interference.

Moreover, every UCT currency accepted by UCT Treasury Bank will be usable in paper form, as well as electronic, thereby averting the trap being set by central banks within the current international CBDC roll-outs and the recent WEF threats of imminent ‘cyberwarfare’. Not to mention the ongoing and deliberately expensive defeat of NATO in its proxy war against Russia.

As always, until the credit has been created in UCT Treasury’s account, we must not rest on our laurels.

However, the fact that all of the paperwork has been accepted and the first transaction is in the process of being administered wraps the deal up in a comforting blanket of cautious optimism, which whispers that we are destined to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, for the benefit of everybody and everything upon this Earth.

05 May 2023

Last month, our international banking partner stated that it would take until the second week of May to establish what we didn’t have time to do in April.

The day before yesterday, he contacted us to let us know that everything is progressing exactly as we discussed in our last virtual meeting and he is rapidly proving to be a man who is true to his word.

He and his team are currently working out the best time and place for us to meet face to face for the purposes of closing the deal, with a view to drawing down on the first line of credit at the earliest opportunity.

Once the drawdown happens, we will have all the funds we need to set up the UCT Bank and to start organising the UCT Festival and Alliance Conference this summer.

As soon as the bank is set up and operational, we will begin to exchange tokens for other usable currencies, as previously discussed.

10 May 2023

In perfect accordance with the agreement we made last time we talked, the following resolution was delivered to us by our international banker last night:

After trying and failing to arrange a suitable time and place for the meeting, he and his team are trying again this week to organise a meeting in the UK.

The purpose of the meeting will be to execute the required paperwork and to cement the beginning of a beautiful, credit-based partnership.

Apart from executing the paperwork necessary to open an account to draw down on the 1st line of credit and setting forth the general business terms of our partnership, we will be exchanging the usual due diligence documents.

However, in the event we cannot arrange a suitable time to have the meeting face to face, we will hold it securely online, to speed up the process of closing the deal, since so many people are literally desperate for UCT Treasury’s financial assistance.

In other words, it appears that we are now right on the verge of closing the deal that will facilitate the foundation of our new advanced civilization, the end of the debt-based Babylonian system of control and the end of the tyranny of the Rothschild cartel, in whichever form it comes.

However, it also must be stressed that until that outcome transpires, the continuation of my work is dependent upon generating enough ticket bookings for my series of webinars on various subjects.

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All being well, UCT Treasury will be depositing the 2nd tranche of perfected liens within the next 90 days, which is exactly how long it takes to complete the process.

So in the event you have a civil wrongdoing to defend and you want to use this tried and tested Common Law remedy, the Liens Glorious Liens webinar is the best time and place to start.

Proving just as popular is my regular UCT webinar, when the very latest updates – including details which have not yet been made public – are presented to those attending, along with the entire history of our community of independent sovereign nations  and detailed guidance on All Things UCT. Tickets for the next one can be booked here:

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If hidden history is what tickles your fancy, I’m running a new webinar on that very subject, which will feature a highly controversial timeline of events from the foundation of Britain in 1103 BC to Magna Carta 2020. Tickets can be booked at this link:

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Whilst the foregoing passages express what increasingly appears to be a certainty which will completely negate the need to take donations to pay for anything ever again in the very near future, until the money is in the UCT Treasury Bank, it has already become a daily struggle to cover the ever increasing cost of continuing to operate as I have for the past decade.

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Neverthless, I hear tell it’s all going to be downhill after that, so buckle up and prepare for the unexpected.

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