The Unlawful Eviction of Rosie Copeland

The Unlawful Eviction of Rosie Copeland

The Unlawful Eviction of Rosie Copeland is a harrowing video telling the shocking story of how a law-abiding, retired, single woman in her sixties was violently evicted by bailiffs, aided and abetted by a phalanx of police officers, who arrested Rosie and her fearless friends for trying to prevent the theft of her home, over a purported mortgage loan from Bank of Scotland that she never received and fraudulently registered mortgage documents she never signed.

Rosie is not only a very dear friend, she is also a UCT beneficiary and a courageous bankster-buster, whose long-running case is so watertight they had to shut her out of the courts to steal her home.

We are fighting at the Royal Courts of Justice County Court to have an Order of Restitution issued and treated as a matter a great urgency, in order to prevent the possibility that Rosie’s house isn’t fire-sold to a pre-arranged buyer for peanuts, so we need to make this video and its follow up go viral, to apply maximum pressure on whichever judge draws the short straw of dealing with her case.

In reality, no matter what we may like to believe to the contrary, we are all 90 days away from this happening to us, one way or another, when a country sinks so low as to consider such callous lawlessness as just doing their jobs.

Find out more below about The Great British Mortgage Swindle at the official website for our hard-hitting hit film about institutionalised mortgage fraud and the brutality of eviction by void and illegal courts order:

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