A Forged Writ, A Good Copper & The Restitution of Rosie Copeland

A Forged Writ, A Good Copper & The Restitution of Rosie Copeland

On 21 April 2023, a dear friend of mine, Rosie Copeland, was violently evicted from the home she should own outright, on the purported authority of what TLT Solicitors claimed to be a High Court Writ of Possession.

If you haven’t seen it already, watch the video account above of what occurred that day, when four bailiffs and a locksmith broke through her front door with a sledge hammer, over an alleged mortgage she never granted to a bank she has never had an account with.

What exacerbated an already harrowingly awful experience for Rosie, a retired, single grandmother, who has already lost one property to the same parties who instructed the bailiffs to descend upon her, without due notice and with every intention of using unreasonable force to break into and steal her Bury St Edmunds home, is the fact that they were aided and abetted by the local Suffolk police, who were simply not equipped with sufficient knowledge to even know which laws were applicable when they arrived at the scene.

As soon as they did it was obvious that they had been told that the bailiffs were allowed to break in to enforce the writ and they had been called “to prevent a breach of the peace” by UCT’s Restitution Task-force, otherwise known as the People’s Foundation for Justice [PFJ], which was formerly known as the People’s Union of Britain and has morphed into an international organization, operating entirely within the jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust and under the protection of the UCT Treaty.

Somewhat inevitably, the police falsely arrested Rosie and her friends for refusing to leave her property to be set upon by aggressive men, who smashed her door in with a sledge hammer – an offence which the police at the scene erroneously claimed to be the “reasonable force” allowed simply because they were bearing a high court writ.

In other words, the entire action’s lawfulness is entirely dependent on the writ being legitimately issued by an officer of the high court.

Elements of Forgery

Myself and my hardball-playing legal team then placed the document purporting to be a writ, along with two supporting documents pertaining to it, all of which appeared at first glance to have been sealed by the high court and photocopied, under the microscope, which gave rise to the identification of several fatal flaws in the documents.

Firstly, the text has been printed over black and white photocopies of the high court seals, which are all pixelated upon close inspection. Whereas, valid court documents are necessarily sealed with a red seal after the text has been committed to paper.

Secondly, there are numerous technical irregularities which also invalidate the items, as documented in the Witness Statement of Rosie’s legal advocate, who has been instrumental in bringing these serious allegations and the evidence supporting them to the attention of the local police.

Thirdly, the court has confirmed in writing that the claim number cited on the purported writ does not exist within their data system, necessarily meaning that the claim was never legally issued by any court.

Fourthly, Bank of of Scotland plc has confirmed in multiple telephone conversations that the bank has no record of either of the purported mortgage account numbers relied upon by the claimant. The directors have now been asked to confirm this already established fact one more time in writing.

Moreover, via an extraordinary series of events, an informal police investigation was commenced at the end of last week, largely because we appear to have identified at least one good copper left in Suffolk, who we presented with a case that is well on its way to already being proven beyond reasonable doubt.

First Restitution Attempt

Shortly after Rosie’s unlawful eviction, a crack team of experienced, fearless and infinitely capable Freedom Fighters, including Rosie’s outstanding legal advocate, Jennifer Lowe, entered the back garden at Rosie’s property and attempted to persuade two security guards inside the now tinned-up house to leave immediately, so that the rightful owner could be restored to her home.

Following their blunt refusal to do so they called the local police, who had three cars at the property within ten minutes, one of which was carrying a respected sergeant, just a few months before his retirement.

During the entire sequence of events, I was talking Rosie through it all on the phone, as I did during the eviction, witnessing the events for myself as they transpired, which naturally led to me being asked to summarize her case and the applicable law for the vastly experienced sergeant.

As I did so, I had full sight of his face as he listened intently to what almost certainly amounts to the most incredible series of serious crimes he has ever heard alleged but as we expected he said he was unable to allow Rosie to enter her property by forcing entry and could only allow her to do so if it turned out that the writ has not been properly issued by the high court.

I then managed to procure his sincere agreement that if we provided him with the evidence I described to him on the phone that we already had in our possession he would have reasonable suspicion that at least one serious crime had been committed and would begin investigating the evidence presented without delay.

Crime Report

Over the course of the next couple of days, Jennifer and I put together a Crime Report based on the in depth research she had already done into the evidence that all the allegations Rosie has been making for a decade are absolutely sustained by the facts and the law, as per the case I drafted for her in 2018, when she won a devastating high court victory, which should have ended the vindictive criminal quest to steal a second property from her.

A decade ago, just before the dispute arose, Rosie was persuaded by a party claiming to be representing Bank of Scotland to take a loan to buy 59 Southgate Street, at which time she owned a property called Lavender Cottage outright, without any mortgages having been registered at that address.

She instructed ‘the bank’ to loan her the money to buy 59 Southgate Street, pending the sale of Lavender Cottage, upon which Rosie agreed the proceeds would pay off the loan in one hit, leaving several thousand pounds in her account, since her former property was worth more than the latter, which she should have then owned outright, without any registered legal charges against the tile number in the register.

Bait & Switch

Instead, ‘the bank’ forged charge deeds against both properties, falsely claiming that the proceeds of the sale had paid off a ‘remortgage’ Rosie never granted and that ‘the loan’ was actually a mortgage over 59 Southgate Street, which they issued monthly demands for the supposed repayment of as soon as it was illegally registered in the name of Bank of Scotland.

Since Rosie has never had a mortgage account with Bank of Scotland, which the actual bank has confirmed multiple times in writing and audio recordings, she refused to pay her purported creditors, never having received a penny in any one of her bank accounts.

However, she can prove with documentary evidence that the supposed ‘loan of monies’ ‘the bank’ claims she received in a non-existent mortgage account were actually sent to a Mexican bank that was  formerly used to launder money by the local drugs cartels and their international partners.

Issuing high court proceedings was Rosie’s only course of action to abate the crimes being attempted, so she issued a claim against ‘the bank’ alleging fraud, which resulted in two senior judges, Knowles and Mitting, asking the question upon which her whole case turned:

How did Rosie come to lose a property she owned outright?

The shocking answer to that question is that she is the victim of a joint enterprise conspiracy to forge court documents to enforce two fraudulent registered mortgages, neither of which she granted, whilst ‘the bank’ stand in breach of a contractual undertaking they gave Rosie to use the proceeds of the sale of Lavender Cottage to pay off ‘the loan’ to buy 59 Southgate Street – a deal which was in any event imposed upon her as a condition of an investment scheme that also turned out to be fraudulent.

One Good Copper

Once we had compiled enough prima facie evidence to convict all the defendants who are held to have willfully conspired to commit this series of serious crimes against Rosie, the team visited the local police station to present the sergeant with the bundle, face to face.

Whilst it was a tough situation for him to deal with, he was true to his word and promised to have a good look at the evidence as soon as he had time to do so.

Nevertheless, when Jennifer explained to him the obviously forged nature of the writ relied upon by the accused, he observed that it looked like a forgery at face value.

Furthermore, he then agreed to chase the claimant’s solicitors, which he did without delay, asking for the names of whoever is instructing them at ‘the bank’.

As always, they stated that ‘the bank’ issued the proceedings, not an individual, which was more than enough to arose further suspicions in our diligent soon to be retired police sergeant, who promised to investigate further and seek advice from the fraud section of his station, as well as let his Chief Inspector know about his ongoing informal investigations.

When asked if the police would assist the bailiffs in removing her again if Rosie takes back possession of her home, he declared firmly that there was no way anybody would be using any force whatsoever to remove her if she did take it back, unless there was a genuine threat of a breach of the peace or criminal damage.

Rosie’s Restitution

Yesterday afternoon, Jennifer, Calvin Perrins and Karol O’Albion knocked on the metal door over Rosie’s front door. Once the two security guards had their legal position explained to them, they called their employers but they didn’t pick up the calls, so they refused to leave the property to allow Rosie to retake possession.

Jennifer, Calvin and Karol then met with Rosie, Carlo and Anna and Addy O’Silures and they all entered Rosie’s large garden, opened padlocked shed and art studio, where there is an electricity supply and shelter, if and when required, then set up camp in full view of the security guards, as they watched from behind the shuttered windows inside the house.

Needless to say, they took that as their cue to call the police for assistance but when they did arrive the constables on duty made it plain that Rosie and her invited guests had the right to be there because it is still her property and it looks very much like the writ might be forged. Just afterwards, the team were joined by our brothers in arms, Gurj and Shako, who drove from Birmingham to assist in any way they could.

This occurred just a few hours after the sergeant emailed Jennifer to inform us that his inspector has all the evidence and that he will look at it all tonight, with a view to formalizing the investigation by passing it to a specialized unit or senior detective.

Either way, we have been assured that the evidence has not and will not be routinely dismissed out of hand, as has happened every other time we have presented evidence of mortgage fraud and unlawful court documents to the police over the previous fifteen years.

Nonetheless, to say that I couldn’t be happier that we have managed to bring about such a seemingly unrealistic turnaround is an understatement, as the story of Rosie’s Restitution has an ending that is about as feel good as it gets in this dystopian world they’ve constructed around us all, the video of which will follow very soon.

Now the criminal proceedings against all the defendants can be issued and there will be much squelching of butt-cheeks among the directors of the ‘solicitors’ firms, barristers, clerks and judges who are strongly suspected of conspiring in a joint enterprise to commit mortgage fraud and forgery of a high court writ, which they proceeded to violently and unlawfully enforce.

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