What COVID Really Means | Certificate Of Vaccination ID

What COVID Really Means | Certificate Of Vaccination ID

What COVID Really Means | Certificate Of Vaccination ID

WHO gave Gates the right to insist the lock-down can’t end till we all have a Certificate Of Vaccination ID [COVID]?

What if Johnson has been duped by the WHO into obeying Gates’s Cartman-esque, COVID authoritar?

WHO the COVID gave him the authority he claims to have over the health of everyone and everything on this Earth?

Not the people or God, that’s for sure, and there is no other means by which anybody can rightfully claim such dominion over us.

Sovereign People

Never forget, we are Sovereign People, endowed with rights that cannot be taken away, even if we really had a 21st century Black Death on our hands, which all of the evidence shows is not the case.

This means that any law which purports to suspend those rights is automatically void and cannot be legally enforced.

In other words, just because a statute states that murder is legal does not suspend the criminality of the act.

John Pilger On RT

John Pilger said in an interview on RT two days ago that what has already been done to the British people is criminal in nature and he is deeply concerned for his many friends over here.

This is only the best documentary filmmaker of his generation, who has spent most of his life making dangerous films about totalitarian dictators and their crimes against humanity.

I’m not saying he even knows how bad it already is, but he’s no crazy conspiracy theorist.

He’s a clever man who has seen many times what happens not long after a government makes itself unaccountable to the people, when a crisis is almost always used to justify the totalitarian powers created to be enforced at the point of a gun.

That’s historical fact, not fiction, from the days before we were given our indefinite domestic prison sentences by the self-appointed new world government, WHO happen to be the major stakeholders in Big Pharma.

The Real Big Short 

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that those individuals have been reported buying stocks and shares, via proxies, in everything at rock bottom prices, taking advantage of the worldwide economic collapse this crisis has caused and the banks have financed, with trillions more in fraudulent national debt, which cannot possibly be paid off with the entire population living on government hand-outs and breathing out CO2.

The same banks which saw that high court judges were suddenly starting to allow allegations of fraud against UK banks to proceed in the courts, after BOS gave up its £2.5M fraudulent claim against my family and the Land Registry cancelled the mortgages over two family homes.

Then just a matter of weeks after we started a class action to cancel every fraudulent mortgage in the register, using arguments which have already been sustained in the courts, Agenda 21 kicks in, one year earlier than planned and the action grinds to a convenient halt, along with everything else, except the 5G roll-out.

Is it any surprise then that the UK banks have just raised interest rates on mortgages? When almost everybody is living on much less than they were a month ago.

Life But Not As We Know It

If life were still life and we all heard about a Muslim man who had been given a prison sentence without end, when he had committed no crime but was suspected of having a disease, every human rights group would be campaigning on the streets for his sentence to be annulled and compensation to be paid out.

But even though that is what we have all been sentenced to, without any rights of appeal or protest, we remain in our confinement because the country we all love to call our home has gone AWOL.

Every time I go for my daily half an hour round the prison yard, I weep for the old, gripped with mortal fears so fierce they tremble when anybody comes within fifty feet of them.

Yet the staff in the only local shop still open are wondering more every day why none of them have caught anything from the thousands of customers who they see every day.

I then weep for the imprisoned children and young people right at the beginning of their adult lives, as well as the every family trapped inside their homes, too frightened to do anything except what is ordered to by WHO-msoever government dictates.

Spirit Rising

Then, when my tears of despair subside, my indomitable spirit rises from my belly like a contagious wild fire, reminding me that we are all instinctively unpredictable when our back are up against the wall.

It is out of that unpredictable nature that we sometimes manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, especially in the most desperate of times.

This is why we always love the underdogs and pray that they overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

In this case, the people are the underdogs because the vast majority believe everything they are told without questioning it, so instead they unwittingly pray for circumstances that will bring about their demise.

History Repeating Itself

It is even recorded in the Cambrian Triads that the Britons have always been exploited for trusting their enemies with their lives.

The most famous occasion being when the entire British nobility was wiped out by the Saxons at a single meeting, where the Britons left their arms outside the tent, which was the established custom here.

Upon the signal being given, the Saxons took out their hidden knives and slaughtered more than three hundred men, who were the leaders of every clan in the kingdom.

So almost 1,500 years later, we have voluntarily confined ourselves to a specific location, long since having been disarmed and we have been promised assistance by those WHO have all the arms required to wipe us out.

Lest we forget, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.

Governments Cannot Take Away That Which It Didn’t Give

Given that we are now living under stricter conditions here than anywhere else in the world, with exactly the same kind of unaccountable system of containment as China, do you honestly think they passed the CV bill not intending to enforce it?

Nevertheless, any unprovoked attack against us by government, police or army will always be considered a crime against humanity under international law, no matter what any statute states to the contrary.

That naturally includes stripping people of their legal rights, protections and sovereignty, as well as suspending elections in nations where political power is contingent upon a democratic mandate.

A Question of Sovereignty

Before this mess started unfolding, Britain was a constitutional democracy, complete with the newly restored supremacy of our common law.

Was there a referendum held on whether such sweeping constitutional changes should be made, before the CV bill was passed?

Were we not told repeatedly over the past five years that no constitutional changes can be made without putting the matter to the people?

Was that not the reason why the Brexit referendum happened?

Were we not told by Johnson last December that that the people are sovereign and that power reverts back to the electorate every time Parliament is dissolved?

Does that not mean we currently have the power to hold a national referendum to decide our own fate?

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