CV Pictures Are Not Viruses – They Are Exosomes

CV Pictures Are Not Viruses - They Are Exosomes

CV Pictures Are Not Viruses – They Are Exosomes

The pictures you are being shown of the CV are really exosomes, which are naturally occurring and cannot be transferred from one body to another.

It is the body’s cleaning system to get rid of poisonous environmental toxins. Fact, not conspiracy theory. But that’s not my opinion, it’s the view of experts in the field of virology.

In Latin, the meaning of virus is poison, which is the opposite of what exosomes are.

Exosomes – The Body’s Defence To Environmental Toxins

How would a fraudster, dead set on maximising the number of people with exosomes in their body, achieve such an aim?

By scaring the living shit out of everybody and keeping them in a perpetual state of fearful stress, in a 5G prison without bars, where they must act as their own domestic jailers and accept that they no longer have any legal rights.

The truth fears no investigation, but lies always do.

Blatant Organised Censorship

So why are the demonstrable facts being censored on every platform?

Never in my life have I seen so many heavyweight intellects stand up to make their voices hear above the din of endless propaganda and spin.

There are the people you are being told are just nutters who know not of what they speak, when they have dedicated their lives to these fields of study.

If as many lawyers and barristers had come out in support of the TGBMS Grounds, we would have stopped mortgage fraud long ago.

Please understand that these people are risking everything to tell you the truth about viruses, virology, vaccines and the dangers of wireless radiation, simply because it contradicts the official narrative and the mandatory vaccination agenda, so aggressively pursued by Big Pharma.

5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus

Nobody is saying 5G causes CV, but we are saying that all the evidence shows that wireless radiation is extremely harmful and that 5G is being installed, despite the appeal of hundreds of scientists that it would cause a pan-epidemic of the very same symptoms being experienced.

Support this spontaneous independent public inquiry in any way you are able because when the intellectuals fall silent it will already be too late to avert catastrophe.

The more who come forward and give their testimony now in the online public square, the more chance we have of waking up in a free country once again.

Lest We Forget

In the 80’s they told us that the HIV virus could only be contracted via the passing of blood or fluids between bodies.

Do they think any British Gen-X’er has forgotten what happened to Zammo in Grange Hill and how we were all told that one sniff of cannabis would result in immediate heroin addiction and death from HIV and AIDS, if we used a needle with dried traces of another addict’s blood on it?

But we were pilloried by doctors and the mainstream media for being so scared of going anywhere near ‘a carrier’ because VIRUSES CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED BY AIR OR CONTACT, as Princess Diana famously showed, when she went to HIV wards and embraced those who were suffering there, without catching anything.

Now in 2020, they have told us that the current ‘deadly virus’ cannot be contracted via the passing of blood between bodies.

Both formed government policy, yet one position plainly contradicts the other. Viruses either can be caught via the blood or they can’t.

Urgent Questions Need Answering

Why are so many doctors, academics and critical thinkers all around the world being censored, when they are all speaking out about the impossibility of the official narrative?

Why is the empirically proven evidence presented by hundreds of scientists worldwide about the pan-epidemic of wireless radiation sickness from the continuing 5G roll-out being ignored?

Why are we being told that they are claiming that 5G is the cause of the virus, when they are claiming non-ionising radiation is the cause of the symptoms that have been mistaken for a virus?

Why has the warning about these dangers made by the ex business chief of Vodafone UK been censored on every platform?

Why has the London Real David Icke interview on this very subject been censored and caused a further clampdown on free speech, despite getting millions of views?

Because it’s a Vax-Trap baby and we’ve being CONNED!!

Independent Public Inquiry

What we need to recognise is there is already a ‘live’ independent public inquiry online and the evidence that is stacking up shows the entire world has been duped by you know WHO.

Never before have so many experts, scientists, doctors and critical thinkers raised their heads above the parapet to speak out about the entirely false statements being relied upon by those who have imprisoned us indefinitely in our own homes.

So stop fearing the Boogie Man, look after your family, ask all the right questions, always check the facts for yourself and support this genuinely independent public inquiry in any way you can.

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