Warning To TGBMS Fraudster | Cease & Desist Or You Will Be Prosecuted

TGBMS Fraudster Alert

Warning To TGBMS Fraudster | Cease & Desist Or You Will Be Prosecuted

This is a stark warning, which everybody who reads this post is witness to.

It has come to my attention that a certain individual, who will for the time being remain nameless, has committed fraud against numerous UK mortgagors.

He has done so by breaching the terms of the following declaration from the TGBMS: Next Steps guide, which he is charged with plagiarizing for profit.

Copyright Declaration

This document is the property of The Michaels of Bernicia and Deira.

It is exclusively intended for subscribers to the TGBMS Mailing List, who are permitted to share paper and electronic copies with other UK mortgagors, for the purposes of providing them with the information contained herein.

In the event it is published on one or more of the owners’ websites, the post or posts can be shared but not re-posted to other sites or social media pages.

Otherwise, it must not be copied, published or shared, without express permission from the owners.

If any party ignores this declaration and/or falsely purports to have the right to use it for the purposes of procuring material gain, they will be held liable for fraud.

Elements of Fraud

We have material evidence which proves that the TGBMS fraudster has satisfied all the elements of criminal fraud.

False Statements

He has knowingly relied upon entirely false statements.

These false statements purport that he is part of the TGBMS Class Actions to end mortgage fraud, which is completely untrue.

He has also given people the impression and/or stated that he is working with us, as well as Anthony Stansfeld, neither of which is true.

Furthermore, he falsely purports to have the right to use our intellectual property [the TGBMS: Next Steps guide] for his own commercial purposes.


He has dishonestly relied and caused others to rely upon those plainly false statements.

We have procured copious documents which prove that he has used those false statements in attempts to dishonestly procure money from a mailing list of mortgagors, in return for the exact same service which every UK mortgagor can get for free by joining the TGBMS Class Actions.

Extortionate Fees & Legal Charges

He has relied upon these dishonestly made false statements, with the intent of making gains for himself and others.

The accused is charging 35% of the value of each mortgaged property, in return for claiming compensation from the Land Registry on the mortgage holder’s behalf, using the exact same applications I have composed and set forth in the free guide, under those strict copyright conditions above.

In addition to the 35% fee, a part of which must be paid up front as a deposit, the mortgagors are expected to grant a legal charge to the accused, which will only be discharged when he has received his 35%.

Swapping One Bankster For Another

However, that’s not all. He is also expecting them to grant him the right to register and securitise those charges, in return for the empty promise that they will receive a substantial dividend later down the line.

The documents referred to above and emails from the accused clearly show that he is dishonestly attempting to procure monies from mortgagors, as well as legal charges over the properties they must risk, in order to participate in his multi-level marketing swindle.

He is also claiming he has a staff of two hundred sales reps, all of whom are due 15% commissions from the proceeds of his fraudulent monetisation of the TGBMS: Next Steps guide.

This is out and out criminal fraud and the accused is banged to rights, according to a much-respected, ex-CID detective, who is working with Michael and I.

Notice to Cease & Desist

On the basis that we know for a fact that he reads every TGBMS-related post across our web domains, we hereby give him a first and final public warning, that he must cease and desist in his frauds, with immediate effect.

Once he has complied with this demand, he must return any and all ill-gotten gains he has made, within 28 days.

In the event this warning is ignored, for any reason whatsoever, criminal charges may be laid, without further notice.

For the Avoidance of Doubt

For the avoidance of doubt, in the event anybody claims that they are working with the Michaels of Bernicia & Deira on the TGBMS Class Actions and then tries to charge you money to join our number, please tell them straight that they are committing fraud and report it to either Michael or myself.

Rest assured that the TGBMS class actions will never be monetised, whilst all those who are foolish, arrogant or reckless enough to fraudulently use our layman’s guide to cancelling illegal mortgages for their own gain, will suffer the consequences of their wrongdoings.

TGBMS Class Actions

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