The Statist Snake-Oil of Centralised Government

The Statist Snake-Oil of Centralised Government

The Statist Snake-Oil of Centralised Government

Beware the statist snake-oil salesmen, who continue to peddle the lie that the answer to tyrannical centralised government is another form of tyrannical centralised government, which is in effect no different from swapping one form of fatal illness for another.

For those who still take exception to this entirely logical position, given the irrefutable fact that more than 200 million people were murdered by “democratically elected” central governments during the 20th century alone, I hereby challenge you to give me just one example of a “democratically elected” central government which did not oppress the people who opposed it policies with violence and coercion, but since I already know from my own research that it simply cannot be done, I won’t hold my breath.

So, why do you all still passionately insist that the solution to the endemic and institutionalised corruption in Westmonster [and just about everywhere else on the Earth] is another democratically elected central government?

Because your mind is not your own; it belongs to whichever bunch of self-serving megalomaniacs, stooges and traitors are elected to impose the agenda of their masters upon the people, whether you granted your consent by voting at the rigged ballot-box or not; and that, dear statist, is and always has been the very purpose of centralised national government, which is incapable of facilitating the emergence of a free and independent nation of people.

On the simple basis that its purpose is to ensure your enslavement to and dependence upon the illegitimate state, by and through the social engineering of your entire world view.


The Elements of Persuasion

There are three ways people can be induced to choose a certain cause of action:

1. Ask them to take it.
2. Force them to take it.
3. Tell them not to take it under any circumstances.

Of course, as a committed and philosophical anarchist, I would forgo all three options and present the subject with all of the information currently available, in order that they would either plainly see that statism is a form or mental illness, or replace their head where the Sun doesn’t shine.

However, in my own experience, both as an opponent of all forms of presumed authority and the father of a twelve year old daughter; the somewhat unscrupulous option three is by far the most effective method of persuasion.

Reverse Psychology

Which leads me to deduce that reverse psychology is often used by criminal government puppet-masters in order to deceive its subject-citizen-tax-slaves into accepting just about anything the social controllers implant in the mass consciousness as being so “self-evident” it does not require any investigation by the individual.

For this reason, as well as the superficial lure of material gain or threats to personal security, used to blackmail, bullshit or cajole its largely amoral or psychopathic players; there are no mainstream media and publishing companies who do anything to expose the rampant tyranny which has run amok in just about every corner of the Earth.

It must also be said that, even if your media sources are very much of an alternative flavour, you will almost certainly spend 95% of your time wading through arse-batter.


Rigged Scots’ Referendum

Whilst I am entirely in support of the nation of people formerly known as Alba seceding from the disunited kingdom, I felt deeply uncomfortable that numerous Rothschild puppets were wheeled out in the days preceding the now infamous 2014 plebiscite, to implore the people of Scotland to vote “no” in the referendum on “independence”.

This feeling was somewhat compounded by the fact that Alex Salmond had already stated that an independent Scotland would be a “proud member” of the [unaccountable] EU [dictatorship], which might well turn out to have been the covert agenda behind the holding of the referendum.

Since all who voted “yes” effectively granted their consent to such an unconscionable course of action; or at least they would have done in the event that the victory of the “no” campaign was not the result of blatant vote rigging and referendum fraud. Indeed, the prima facie evidence suggests that there was almost certainly organised criminality at play.

Prepare to have your intuition emphatically affirmed by taking the time to read the following summary of compelling anecdotal witness testimony, which would emphatically demonstrate, if proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law, that the people of Bonnie Alba have been robbed of a fair and just outcome.

Testimony of Robert Knox

The following passages were sent to me by Robert Knox via social media:

The Sabotage of Scotland’s Democracy


At the beginning of the two year referendum campaign on the question of Scottish independence the Department of the Taoiseach in the Republic of Ireland circulated a memo to all of the departments of the Irish civil service to the effect that the Irish government would remain silent throughout the campaign.

It was to be understood that the question of Scotland’s future would be a matter for the Scottish people.

Dublin is a small European capital where news gets around. Media and government in Ireland adhered to this principle of neutrality. As the campaign in Scotland progressed it became widely known in Dublin that the British government and the British Embassy were applying pressure on the Irish state and the press to speak out against Scottish independence.

One source within Oireachtas Éireann, the Irish parliament, has let it be known that the agenda of the British government was to paint a bleak picture of an independent Scotland in order to depress the growing support for a Yes vote in Scotland. Ireland, heavily dependent on trade with the United Kingdom, remained neutral throughout the campaign.

At about the same time it became clear that this was very much part of a global offensive against Scotland. France, Spain, the United States, Canada and others began to make pronouncements echoing the sentiments that had been pressed upon Ireland. Certainly, the opinion within Dublin was that this was policy as far as Britain was concerned. Russia made the decision to break the silence of Downing Street’s international conspiracy and spoke out.

As the campaign progressed into the final year analysts in both Berlin and Dublin predicted that support for independence in Scotland would overtake support for the union and issued memos to various of their government departments with instructions to begin the process of drafting policies to deal with the breakup of the United Kingdom and the arrival of a new European state.

It can only be assumed that this, as a standard practice of government, was replicated around the world. Such a provisional measure no doubt undermined the confidence of Westminster in securing a No vote in Scotland. It was clear in the final months of the campaign that Britain was indeed in a state of frantic desperation.

It was at this point that Mr. Cameron himself entered into secret discussions with the Council authorities on the Shetland Islands. Britain was preparing for defeat, and was not prepared to leave empty handed. This was the state of play until the date of the referendum.

Quite unexpectedly it was noticed that those supporting a No vote were openly celebrating and congratulating one another almost as soon as the polls were closed. One person who called a moderator of this page at half past ten in the evening shared his suspicion that “They know something. They know they have this in the bag.”

Through the early hours of the morning calls started arriving from election officials who were in a number of counting centres over Scotland claiming that they witnessed deliberate election fraud. This was, of course, merely anecdotal evidence, but it was the same story being repeated from as many as fourteen different officers – three of whom had been campaigning for a No vote.

On Friday evening we were put in touch with a counting officer from Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire. She had been campaigning for Yes Scotland and had contacted us in an agitated state. Over the course of a lengthy telephone conversation she recounted what she had witnessed.

She was not allowed to ensure the closure of the ballots boxes over which she had responsibility, they were moved and left unattended, eventually being transported in a van without security to the central counting station and she was not permitted to be present at their arrival to verify that these were indeed her boxes. Other election officers had contacted her to inform her of open bribery of caretakers and other security personnel at polling stations.

Over the past few days she has been working with the Butterfly Rebellion to gather witnesses and full statements. Every hour the list of witnesses is growing. It has now been arranged for each of these competent witnesses to meet with a legal team outside of Scotland and the United Kingdom to have all of these reports recorded as sworn statements.

All of these statements will be posted first to the Butterfly Rebellion page before being sent to the Scottish government and all other relevant friendly authorities. We have made the decision to by-pass the police at the present time. It is at least plausible that elements within the police force were part of a larger conspiracy.

We apologise in advance to the police force of Scotland if we are wrong in this suspicion, but in good faith we are acting for the good of Scotland and we do hope that the police authorities, also in good faith, will understand.

Not a full ten hours after the declaration of the defeat of Scotland’s bid for independence the Russian observers had raised a flag that the election had not been conducted in a manner that conformed to good practice and they stated their concerns that the referendum count had been “rigged.”

Two of these observers have come forward and have made it clear that they are now willing to give evidence to the effect that the count was illegal. We can have no doubt that these accounts will not stand in either a Scottish or English court of law as they come from Russian sources.

The whole world knows that Russia is not to be trusted. So it now must be asked why the British government sought Russian observers. Knowingly the Westminster administration sought tainted witnesses to witness its crime; almost the perfect crime. Earlier this evening a senior civil servant in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin made it known to us that this decision was known in advance in Dublin, and that preparation for a Yes vote had been cancelled.

According to this source, from whom we have requested documentary evidence, it had been made clear to his department that “Westminster will not, under any circumstances, let go of Scotland.” Open diplomatic opinion in Ireland, a young state with hard experience of an independence struggle with Westminster, is that clandestine moves were made to safeguard Scottish resources for London.

Ireland, it can be argued, is yet another tainted source. Not France. Through the course of the day today two separate French sources have reached out to us to share their full agreement with the account given by their Russian colleagues. There are no observers, who have so far spoken out, who accept the validity of the referendum count. It will be difficult to guarantee a sworn statement from these men, but we have been promised another opportunity to speak with them.

We will make a special plea to them to have the courage to speak out on the record, and at present we are drafting a letter to the French government seeking full disclosure from them. All of this information will be shared on this page and with the Scottish government. We believe that it is only a matter of time before the fullness of the truth comes out. There can be no doubt that the count was a fraud.

Democracy Is The Illusion of Freedom

From this and other witness statements to the same effect, it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that the referendum provided the Scots people with the illusion that their votes would determine to outcome of the Independence referendum.

Nevertheless, there is no form of legitimate centralised government, on the basis that those who oppose its policies are always coerced under threat of violence and incarceration to obey its dictates.

Whilst true freedom can only arise in communities of individuals who are exercising the right of self-determination under natural law, by and through the voluntary association of the self-governed, in the absence of any form of external authority being recognised as legitimate.

In other words, centralised government and freedom of the people are mutually exclusive.

Tis a rigged game, impure and simple; genocide is its aim; reforming and uniting the sovereign clans under Natural Law, in a convention of the free and independent peoples of these islands, would almost certainly be its nemesis.

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