Speakeasy Comedy Club | See The Bernician’s Return To Stand-Up

Speakeasy Comedy Club | See The Bernician's Return To Stand-Up

Speakeasy Comedy Club | See The Bernician’s Return To Stand-Up

On Saturday 23 April at 7:30 pm, doors will open at Speakeasy Comedy Club for the very first time in Birmingham, followed by a matinee gig in Nottingham on Sunday 24 April, with doors opening at 2:30 pm.

The reason I’m telling you that is because I will be performing stand-up comedy at both gigs for the first time since 2007, with another four of the very best ‘cancelled comics’ that money can’t buy anywhere else – because they have been blacklisted by the UK comedy mafia, just like I was thirty years ago, for doing nothing more than telling jokes.

Whilst I can’t tell you who is on the first bill because almost everywhere they perform, agents of the state descend to attempt to ruin their sets with bogus allegations of ‘fascist’, ‘nazi’ and ‘hate speech’, when that couldn’t be further from the truth, I can tell you that Universal Community Trust is providing its government-free jurisdiction for Speakeasy Comedy Clubs to open up in 22 locations nationwide, where free speech is mandatory and virtue-signalling comics are banned.

Opening Night in Birmingham

Here is a summary of what you will experience if you attend the opening night in Birmingham:


An Extravaganza of Uncensored Hilarity

Hosted By Notorious Recalcitrant, MICHAEL O’BERNICIA.

Who will MC for four of the very best Cancelled Comics who can’t get booked anywhere else!

With a Special Guest Headline Act [who can’t be named until you get to the gig].

Party, free drinks and dancing after the show, to the ambient sounds of DJ MARK DEVLIN.

Tickets: £20.00 Donation [including at least one free drink, buffet and entry to the disco]

All Rights Reserved under the Treaty of Universal Community Trust | A Snowflake Free Zone

Get Tickets From A-FP Box Office

Save for the party, a free drink, a bite to eat and the sounds of Mark Devlin, we will repeat the same show on Sunday afternoon, near Nottingham.

So if you fancy attending either the Birmingham or the Nottingham gig, please book your tickets at the links below as soon as you can to avoid disappointment because half the tickets for the opening night have already been sold, with the Notts event not far behind.

Speakeasy Birmingham – 23/04/2022

Speakeasy Nottingham – 24/04/2022

In the meantime, here are three clues, which might just be enough for the sharpest tools in the box out there to work out who might be headlining next weekend:


Top Drawer Uncensored Comedy

Whoever it turns out to be, everybody who attends Speakeasy clubs will be guaranteed a rip-roaring night or afternoon of top drawer, uncensored stand-up that you literally won’t see anywhere else – except Speakeasy Comedy Clubs.

I very much look forward to seeing you if you can make it to either gig, which both promise to be spectacular occasions of unbridled mirth, merriment and melting snowflakes.

But if you can’t make it, rest assured that a Speakeasy Comedy Club will be opening in a village, town or city near you this summer, so make sure you watch this space for the latest updates.

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