Scouse Dad Stops Two Schools Vaxxing His Son & Nephew

Scouse Dad Stops Two Schools Vaxxing His Son & Nephew

Scouse Dad Stops Two Schools Vaxxing His Son & Nephew

A few weeks ago, I published PUB’s Three Notice Process To Stop Schools Vaxxing Children. Thus far, in excess of 10,000 people have downloaded the process, of whom an estimated two thousand have sent at least the first notice to the governors of the school of the child concerned.

In every instance which has been reported back to me, the school has either agreed that no child would be vaxxed without full and informed parental consent, or that the school was awaiting further instruction [most likely from the governors] as to what their policy will be.

Moreover, the early data indicates that only around 30% of children’s parents have consented for them to be ‘vaccinated’ at school, which plainly contradicts the oft-repeated government claim that around 85% of the UK population have had the jab.

Were that the case, an estimated 70% of parents would not have refused to grant their consent for their children to be vaxxed, one of whom has reported the following success stories.

Success Story #1

Having engaged the foregoing process to stop his son being ‘vaccinated’ whilst at school, following the child’s mother initially granting consent, indomitable Scouser, Michael Green, decided that he would deliver a copy of the first notice to his ex.

Shortly after she read it, she called Michael to tell him that the notice was enough to change her mind and she had decided to notify their son’s school to withdraw her consent for him to be vaxxed last week.

I am extremely happy to say that, after just one notice, the school governors agreed that the child could not be ‘vaccinated’ without full and informed consent from both parents, which cannot be granted for an experimental gene therapy, which has not undergone any double-blind placebo studies of the short and long term potential health impacts.

Success Story #2

During the same period, Michael also sent the first notice to his nephew’s school, after his foster parents granted their consent for him to be vaxxed.

However, this was a much more problematic situation, on the basis that both state appointed legal guardians had already consented, which was technically all the law required for that to transpire.

Nevertheless, the powerful effect of the first notice was such that the school governors were not prepared to take the risk that they would be held accountable for any vaxx injuries suffered by Michael’s nephew.

Therefore, their only recourse was to overrule the consent granted by his foster parents, which resulted in the boy being given exemption from being jib-jabbed, with chemicals which might well sterilize a large proportion of the the 30% of British children who have been injected during the past couple of weeks, in the event that the COVID-19 vaxx causes the infertility the study at the link below alleges it does.

Study concludes women’s fertility harmed in vaccinating countries

Does What It Says On The Tin

In other words, despite the uninformed risks taken by 30% of parents in this country, it has now been firmly established that the process I devised metaphorically does exactly what it says on the tin, as opposed to the toothless alternatives abounding on other platforms, none of which place no legal obligation upon the recipients and therefore have no realistic possibility of success.

That’s why those other processes are attracting mainstream media attention, whilst if it weren’t for treacherous machinations of controlled opposition, who are continuing to do all they can to subvert the wide distribution of my processes, so many more parents would have been able to stop their child being vaxxed at school.

Which will be an indelible stain on their consciences, when the full extent of the adverse events of the current vaxxing programme are known.

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