Midazolam Murders | Charges To Be Laid On Winter Solstice

Midazolam Murders | Charges To Be Laid On Winter Solstice

Midazolam Murders | Charges To Be Laid On Winter Solstice

Seemingly against all the odds and despite the unavoidable delays caused by the nefarious machinations of our adversaries and their minions, the charges in the Midazolam Murders case are finally set to be laid on the 21st of December, at a Magistrates Court which shall remain a secret, until such time that the proceedings initiated against Hancock et al have been properly administered by a District Judge.

In other words, following the abject failure of the conspiracy to derail the PCP over the past eighteen months, we have built a case upon the expert and eye witness testimony of eighteen witnesses, including six doctors, five nurses, an undertaker and seven family members of victims, as well as two survivors of attempted murder on wards in two major English hospitals.

With another six eye witnesses to the heinous crimes alleged lined up to testify, we have established what a highly experienced and knowledgeable barrister recently described as “an unbeatable case”, given that we can prove every aspect of each co-conspirator’s offences, from Hancock down to the mobile assassins who delivered the fatal doses of Midazolam in the care homes.

More simplistically put, we can demonstrate with expert and eye witness testimony, publicly available documentary evidence and Matt Hancock’s confession before the House of Commons COVID-19 inquiry in April 2020, that targeted demographics are being murdered under ‘NHS care’, as a matter of long-established government policy.

We can also show that these capital crimes are being carried out across the world, in a coordinated attempt to cull the population of the Earth by up to 95%, in the name of ‘The Greater Good’, which naturally requires a concerted international effort to put an end to this worldwide democidal policy and bring the perpetrators to justice.

I am truly honoured to say that myself and the other key members of the PUB team have been invited to join such an international push-back.

New Additions To PCP Team

For the purposes of assisting PUB in running the urgent prosecution of the defendants in a criminal court, a committed team of vastly experienced investigators is now working to make sure that absolutely everybody, anywhere in the world, who has participated in the conspiracy to use Midazolam [and combinations of Midazolam, Morphine and any other ‘Palliative Care’ drug] to murder an estimated 160,000 people a year in the UK alone, can be brought to justice.

Moreover, this international task-force has the means to file conspiracy to commit mass murder charges wherever the accused are located and irrespective of political office. This will nevertheless be done under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, which represents the only international treaty ratified for the express purposes of eradicating murder by government in all its forms.

Without giving away too much information at this juncture, we also now have three leading advocates at our disposal, each of whom specializes in winning onerous fraud and murder cases against high profile defendants. Thereby all but eliminating the risk of sabotage from within and guaranteeing that the charges will be laid by a barrister, rather than a PUB trustee, acting as a Litigant-in-Person.

However, the stark message we have for every defendant concerned is that we have you all in our sights and there are already more than enough defectors supporting our cause to quietly and efficiently expedite our progress, even within establishment walls we would never normally obtain permission to enter.

An International Alliance of Intellectual Resistance

Having been asked to speak to an intellectual hothouse, where critical thinkers met to formulate a battle plan to bring about the end of COVID-1984, following intensive discussions of what I presented, it was unanimously agreed that our initial focus should be doing whatever it takes to get the Midazolam Murders case heard by a Common Law Jury.

Furthermore, it was also agreed that, given the degree of murderous corruption at the heart of every government institution worldwide and the absence of a functioning and integrous judiciary, an entirely new system must replace the one that is being deliberately demolished before our eyes, for the purposes of ‘The Great Reset” and “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, which are both euphemisms for the eradication of all but five hundred million of us and the imposition of a ‘global’ technocratic dictatorship upon those who survive the great cull.

Universal Community Trust is the manifestation of what American intellectual, Buckminster Fuller, described as the new advanced system that will render the tyrannical one obsolete. It is therefore a portentous sign of the times that we have entered discussions with the head of a political party who wants to talk about adopting the tenets of the UCT Treaty in their manifesto.

However, what is more than worthy of note is that this particular politician, who is 100% behind the Midazolam Murders investigations and 100% opposed to all things COVID-1984, has a realistic chance of being elected in a landslide vote, in a territory at the forefront of the push for totalitarian vaxxtermination mandates.

Vaxxtermination Program

In the aftermath of the recent revelations that there is a 1 in 17 chance of dying from just one of the Pfizer jabs and that this information was known to be the case by no later than 28/02/2021, it is clear that the Gates-funded MHRA must have known that the ‘vaccine’ was potentially lethal when they granted it a license for emergency use in the UK.

Furthermore, the continued malevolent pretense of both the UK Government and the MHRA that adverse events following the Pfizer jab are rare occurrences is yet more proof that what they are actually engaged in is a worldwide Vaxxtermination Program.

This contemptuous creation of the UN Sustainable Development agenda is just like the international conspiracy to commit the Midazolam Murders by puppet government policy, in order to eradicate the very demographics they falsely claim they are acting in the best interests of in the Vaxxtermination Program. The two allegations are therefore unequivocally linked, as is the mounting evidence substantiating them.

Supreme Grand Jury

Given that PUB’s case will be the first to proceed in a criminal court on the 21st of December and because almost every government, the UN and the WHO are likely to be named as defendants to charges of crimes against humanity, there is currently only one possible jurisdiction within which it will be possible to hear such charges – the jurisdiction created by the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, the only government free jurisdiction in existence.

In the absence of the oft-promised ‘Nuremberg 2’, we will in due course convene a Supreme Grand Jury, under the well-established conventions of the UCT Treaty, where every defendant in the conspiracy to commit genocide will be held to account for their crimes.

For the purposes of which, a Common Law Peacekeeping Force is forming across the world, comprised mainly of former police and armed forces personnel, who represent the majority of those still serving, none of whom are willing to continue taking the orders of obviously rogue and criminal governments.

When the time comes, this Peace-Keeping Force will ensure the safety and security of those involved in these proceedings, when we are aiming to engage as many people as possible in the defiant display of resistance planned for 21/12/2021, which will begin with the laying of the Midazolam Murder charges.

For The Avoidance of Doubt

For those who doubted that I would walk the walk I have talked over the preceding months we have spent preparing the case and gathering crucial evidence, you should now know what people who have followed my work since 2008 already knew.

Even if it takes longer than everybody, including me, would prefer, if I say I am going to do something I invariably do it, no matter how impossible a task it seems to most people at the outset and the PCP prosecuting the frauds and mass murders of COVID-1984 is no different.

Furthermore, it should also never be forgotten that I wrote on this blog at the very start that we would have to win a war of attrition, in which we were always destined to be met with the most fierce sort of opposition, which manifested most obviously in the form of the bogus decisions of the Deputy Chief Magistrate, in dismissing our previous applications to indict the Four Horsemen.

But I also stated clearly what I am about to reiterate now – neither I, nor any of the members of our task-force, are going to settle for anything less than justice being done, for every victim of COVID-1984 crimes against humanity, no matter how many miscarriages of justice we have to wade through to get the case before an uncompromised jury.

If you want to see how a similar war of attrition I led against Bank of Scotland turned out, look no further that The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

Remember Remember

Nevertheless and in any event, PUB will be ready to lay the charges in the Private Criminal Prosecution of Hancock et al for the Midazolam Murders on the 21st of December – a fortnight from today – which is exactly what we intend to do before the morning’s end.

Then, that very evening, at 7 pm sharp, in every village, town and city, the voices of the British People will be heard in defiant resistance of the tyranny the government has planned for the festive season, which the heavily censored video below has inspired.

If you haven’t already [and even if you have], please watch and share it with everybody you know.

In every corner of these ancient lands, people are organizing events within their communities to heed this heart-felt Call To Action, making sure everybody knows that choosing not to act now, when we have such abundant evidence of mass murder by government policy, would be nothing short of complicity in the most atrocious crimes ever committed.

However, by standing together to shout at the top of our lungs that we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it any more, holding a nationwide minute’s silence for all the victims of the Midazolam Murders and the Vaxxtermination Program, before celebrating the beginning of the end of COVID-1984 with a Christmas Party to rule them all, our actions will reverberate across the world and throughout history, as the moment the British People rose up and exercised the unalienable rights their ancestors fought and died to preserve for us.

7 pm, Tuesday the 21st of December.

Don’t forget to Remember Remember.

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