A Humble Request For Support During The Most Troubled of Times

A Humble Request For Support

A Humble Request For Support During The Most Troubled of Times

First and foremost, I trust this post finds you and your family safe and well, despite the current worldwide crisis, which has brought the peoples of the Earth to near stand-still, as well as a virtual totalitarian lock-down, the like of which has only been experienced in some of our worst dystopian nightmares.

Whilst most of you will already know that I am releasing lots of content on the ‘Corona Virus’ and the evidence that it is really the non-ionising radiation emitted from all wireless technologies which is making people sick, I am nevertheless compelled to let you know yet more bad news.

Robbed of TGBMS Royalties

A few weeks ago, having received no royalties from the UK release of TGBMS for the second quarter running, I was informed by the film’s UK distributor that another media company collecting the returns from Amazon and other platforms on our behalf is going bust, with debts they can’t pay in excess of £200 million.

Worse that that, they have admitted falsifying the accounts of the returns of thousands of films, claiming little or nothing was received, since at least the day our self-financed film was released in the Autumn of 2018.

The international media company concerned is due to be declared bankrupt any day now, so there is no chance of retrieving even part of what we have lost, never mind ascertaining how much of a hit we have taken.

At Least £10K Lost

Suffice to say, according the Amazon’s own data, a British documentary with almost 200 five star reviews should have returned tens of thousands of pounds from the digital release on Prime in the UK alone. Thus far, we have received a little over £817 across every digital platform.

After covering the operational and marketing costs for the UK release, which I did on the assumption that we would easily cover them in royalties every three months, the last two quarters have cleaned me out of all my reserves and I have had to implement two contingency plans just to keep everything afloat.

Unforeseen Circumstances

It goes without saying that the content on my blog and other platforms will remain free, as will being a subscriber, unless I am unable to raise sufficient funds to continue beyond the end of this month, in which case I will simply no longer be able to continue my work without charging a monthly or annual donation.

So I need to ask you all to make a voluntary donation now if you can, to help me cover the costs of providing my content for free, which you can do via any credit or debit card in the Tips Jar at the bottom of this page.

In the event you are in a position to support my work and throw some coin in the tips jar, any amount, no matter how modest a sum, will be greatly appreciated and allow me to focus upon putting together a plan for the people to take back control over their own lives.

TGBMS Class Actions Will Proceed

Nevertheless, whatever else transpires, rest assured that we already have contingency plans in place which all but guarantee that the TGBMS Class Actions will proceed as planned, even in the event we have to convene our own proceedings via video link across every major digital and social media platform.

The latest developments in that regard will be discussed in another soon to be released article on this blog.

Support Me To Carry On Doing What I Do

In whichever way you show it, never doubt how vitally important your continued support is in making sure that politically incorrect and polemical voices like mine continue to be heard, especially given the manufactured dystopian event we have all been ensnared within.

However, one way or another, the truth will overcome the falsehoods being perpetuated by the self-appointed elite in due course. Watch this space for more contributions from me and others to that end.

In the meantime, take care, stay calm and prepare yourself, as well as your family, for perhaps the greatest fight to preserve the freedom and well being of mankind, in the known history of the world.

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