Void Mortgage Removed by Chief Land Registrar

TGBMS Title Card

When one is playing chess with a self-deluding adversary, with whom one has been engaged in a war of attrition, he will very often be blind to the fact that no matter what he does, he is in check-mate and does not have any move available to him which would not result in his defeat.

This analogy can be neatly applied to my family’s long running dispute with Bank of Scotland, who still can’t quite comprehend how this indeed has transpired, given that the crown house of Rothschild’s courts are rigged so heavily in their favour. Nevertheless, the facts now emphatically speak for themselves.

This morning we received confirmation from the Land Registry that the illegal mortgage which was declared void in the high court on July 21st 2014, is now being removed from the charges register by the Chief Land Registrar, upon the order of the property chamber.

We have another nine void mortgages which are nullities on almost identical grounds, all of which the Land Registry has had applications to cancel since the spring of 2013. We also now have the material evidence required for a stay of criminal proceedings for fraud and trespass with conversion against the bank and its receivers to be lifted, which will result in our private prosecution proceeding to trial.

The implications are somewhat bleak for the entire conveyancing industry, whilst being a game-changer for 11.2 million void mortgagors; since this is, to the very best of my knowledge, the first time a mortgagor has succeeded in having an illegal mortgage canceled as being void after establishing that point of law in high court proceedings, which is binding upon all subsequent mortgage-related proceedings.

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