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Speakeasy Comedy Club Opening Night Reviews

On Saturday 23 April, Speakeasy Comedy Club opened in Birmingham to a packed audience, at what was a truly barnstorming night of uncensored stand-up comedy, which featured barnstorming sets from Craig Campbell, Tania Edwards and Steve Hughes, which I compered in my first gig since 2007, which was hugely enjoyable.

Here are a just a few of the plethora of 5 star reviews of the opening night by audience members:

“Please convey my sincerest congratulations to Michael and Co for an absolutely wonderful evening of high grade real comedy. Given tonight’s performances I have no doubt that subsequent shows will be successful.”

“Thank you so much for an incredible evening. The whole experience was brilliant from the venue to the comedians who were top notch. I’m looking forward to the next event.”

“Amazing evening – thank you to all involved. Uplifting, hilarious and relaxed – a much needed tonic to cut through the insanity that appears to be pouring into society. Looking forward to the next one!”

“The night was one of the most enjoyable since this damn plandemic started.

Excellent hosts of the venue. A real personal touch and down to earth – not a snowflake in sight. So welcoming and ‘normal’.

The acts were great and lovely to be able to laugh about the whole experience, but also a more mature and intelligent understanding of the psychology of what they’ve been doing to people who allow and promote it – I appreciated that.

Just the best event I’ve been to for 4+ years. So thank you so showing us there is a spark of greatness in comedy that is going to come back stronger than ever before with some great intelligence behind it and some great humour to help heal the horror that’s built over the last 20 years!”

Speakeasy Box Office

Following another barnstorming gig in Nottinghamshire last Sunday afternoon, on Friday 20 May Speakeasy Comedy Club will have its opening night in Newcastle, my home town.

If you would you would like to book tickets, you can do so via the A-FP Box Office at the link below:

Get Tickets for Speakeasy Comedy Club Newcastle on Friday 20 May

For more information, please visit the Speakeasy website:


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