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Watch Michael O'Bernicia interview Anthony Stansfeld about The Great British Mortgage Swindle

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Refusing to take lies for truth

The Enforceability & Unenforceablility of Charges Over Land

Lien On Banksters | A Potential Remedy For 11 Million Void Mortgagors

In the absence of any realistic possibility of obtaining justice against the banksters in an increasingly tyrannous system, which we have already seen time and time again is rigged to protect them from the consequences of their myriad of crimes, we have been forced to identify, develop and implement a Common Law remedy for the TGBMS Claimants, which this article will endeavour to summarise and explain.

It is a remedy which not only requires no legal enforcement, it is also outside the jurisdiction of the courts and has the potential to indemnify every void mortgagor in the country for the losses they have incurred [or might incur] because of a fraudulently registered mortgage.

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Politically Incorrect Podcast | MOB Interviews Dr Sherri Tenpenny - The Eugenics Vaxtrap

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The Antidote To COVID-1984 Is Magna Carta 2020 – A New Declaration of Rights

Magna Carta 2020 – Declaration of Rights

Let it be known by all concerned, interested and affected parties, that the following declaration is made by and for the Sovereign People of Britain [the People], in the absence of a legitimate Parliamentary democracy or lawful governance, following the constitutionally repugnant subjugation of the People to the dictates of unaccountable government and a demonstrably fraudulent and genocidal agenda.

Wherefore, given that since the enactment of the European Communities Act 1972, the UK Parliament has committed the following Common Law wrongdoings against the People:

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All The World or Nothing

An Introduction To The Bernician Chronicles

This is an introduction to The Bernician Chronicles, the eclectic journal of my life and times as a comedian, playwright and a filmmaker, a blacklisted ‘potential subversive’ and a notoriously unrelenting recalcitrant.

It is a story that spans fifty years, which is told partly in prose and partly in extracts from my diary, which I have kept since I was a twenty two year old London comic with serious writing ambitions and a predilection for politically incorrect subject matter.

The dual purpose of these chronicles is to document the extraordinary events which have dominated my life; and to set aside persistent suspicions, doubts and lies about the life I lived before I changed my last name from Knighton to O’Bernicia, more than a decade ago.

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M O'B at work

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True Love

True love is not a curse, a spell or a potion.

Nor is it transient, fickle or bereft of devotion.

It is not superficial, arrogant or materialistic,

Nor is it foolish, messianic or narcissistic.

True love is all powerful, yet sweeter than Marzipan,

Like a gloriously reassuring, transcendental commotion plan,

To wager our hearts, minds, bodies and souls,

Lifetime after lifetime, for whom the belle tolls.

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Miscellanous Posts

Hidden History: The True Origins of Christianity

Hidden History: The True Origins of Christianity It has been claimed by researcher and writer on Christian History, Joe Atwill, in his book, Caesar’s Messiah, that the organised religion known as Christianity was the invention of the Flavian dynasty of Rome (ad 69–96), the imperial dynasty of Vespasian (reigned 69–79) and his sons Titus (79–81) and Domitian (81–96): “The book Caesar’s […]

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Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #7: The Fraud of “English” History

Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #7: The Fraud of “English” History A Wake-The-Feck-Up podcast by The Bernician [aka Michael O’Bernicia], recorded live at Albien Rising in Liverpool. Source Material: https://www.thebernician.net/the-fraud-of-english-history Subscribe to The Bernician on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheBernician A Self-Realisation Community Podcast. All Rights Reserved under the Treaty of Universal Community Trust. Watch More Videos

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TGBMS Class Actions Update | 4 Point Plan To Disarm The Banksters

TGBMS Class Actions Update | 4 Point Plan To Disarm The Banksters Just when many are losing hope, I am honoured to announce that the TGBMS Class Actions will proceed to file the first claim in international arbitration, despite the continued British lockdown, under the natural law jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust. This will occur […]

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What COVID Really Means | Certificate Of Vaccination ID

What COVID Really Means | Certificate Of Vaccination ID WHO gave Gates the right to insist the lock-down can’t end till we all have a Certificate Of Vaccination ID [COVID]? What if Johnson has been duped by the WHO into obeying Gates’s Cartman-esque, COVID authoritar? WHO the COVID gave him the authority he claims to […]

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Reflections Upon Refusing To Register A Birth

Reflection Upon Refusing To Register A Birth In the shadow cast by the nationally reported case, regarding the recent high court decision that a father was not entitled to refuse to register the birth of his child, I have been asked my many people to express my comments, given that my wife and I successfully […]

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#TGBMS: The Rigged System Strikes Back

At the stroke of noon today at the heart of the rigged system, a hearing of our appeal of a decision of the 1st Tier Tribunal of the Property Chamber [which upheld an appeal by a prospective buyer, challenging the Land Registry’s decision to uphold our legal objection to ownership of a property being transferred […]

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Censoring 5G Health Warnings is Tantamount to Complicity in Genocide

Censoring 5G Health Warnings is Tantamount to Complicity in Genocide Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ blocked and condemned my post on the deleterious effects of non-ionising radiation as “false information” last week, when they spuriously alleged that I was claiming that the Corona Virus was caused by 5G, which is not even near what I wrote. In […]

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So You Think Viruses Are Natural & Vaccines Are The Cure?

So You Think Viruses Are Natural & Vaccines Are The Cure? Well, according to the World Health Organisation, viruses and vaccines are manufactured in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical companies who produce them. The following extract is taken from the 2009 WHO discussion paper below – Observations on Vaccine Production Technologies and Factors Potentially Influencing […]

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