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Watch Michael O'Bernicia interview Anthony Stansfeld about The Great British Mortgage Swindle

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Rothschild: The Hidden Sovereign Power Behind BIS


In order to prove that the House of Rothschild was the hidden hand behind the founding of the Bank of International Settlements [BIS] in Basle, Switzerland – purportedly the central bank for the central banks, pictured above – the following facts need to be sustained with compelling evidence:

1. The men who founded BIS were working for or with the House of Rothschild when they founded the bank.

2. The governors of the central banks which became members of the BIS board of directors were working for or with the House of Rothschild in their financial policy-making.

3. The House of Rothschild has benefited, whether directly or indirectly, from any aspect of the business conducted by BIS.

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Politically Incorrect Podcast: 8 Steps To Cancelling Your Illegal Mortgage & Claiming Indemnity From The Land Registry

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A Great Charter for the 21st Century

Magna Carta 2018 - Restoration of Common Law

In the shadow cast by the continuing Brexit Pantomime, which has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Parliament is incapable of carrying out the will of the people, here lies the 1st draft of Magna Carta 2020, a Great Charter for the 21st century.

Let it be known by all concerned, interested and affected parties, that the following declaration is made for and on behalf of the Sovereign People of Britain, in the absence of a legitimate Parliamentary democracy, following the UK Government's constitutionally unlawful subjugation to the dictates of the European Union, as exemplified by its abject failure to implement the people's decision to leave the EU, three and a half years after the referendum result in favour of leaving.

In addition, given that successive UK Governments have knowingly and consistently committed the following wrongdoings against the Sovereign People of Britain:

1. Unconstitutionally ceded British Sovereignty to the European Union [a foreign power].

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All The World or Nothing

An Introduction To The Bernician Chronicles

This is an introduction to The Bernician Chronicles, the eclectic journal of my life and times as a comedian, playwright and a filmmaker, a blacklisted ‘potential subversive’ and a notoriously unrelenting recalcitrant.

It is a story that spans fifty years, which is told partly in prose and partly in extracts from my diary, which I have kept since I was a twenty two year old London comic with serious writing ambitions and a predilection for politically incorrect subject matter.

The dual purpose of these chronicles is to document the extraordinary events which have dominated my life; and to set aside persistent suspicions, doubts and lies about the life I lived before I changed my last name from Knighton to O’Bernicia, more than a decade ago.

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M O'B at work

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True Love

True love is not a curse, a spell or a potion.

Nor is it transient, fickle or bereft of devotion.

It is not superficial, arrogant or materialistic,

Nor is it foolish, messianic or narcissistic.

True love is all powerful, yet sweeter than Marzipan,

Like a gloriously reassuring, transcendental commotion plan,

To wager our hearts, minds, bodies and souls,

Lifetime after lifetime, for whom the belle tolls.

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Miscellanous Posts

The 1215 of Extraordinary Events in Turbulent Times

I am the bearer of 1215 words, comprising a logical synthesis of information regarding extraordinary events in turbulent times, the consequences of which will prove devastating to the purveyors of institutionalised mortgage fraud and the rigged courts system which so blatantly protects it. On the morning of Easter Monday 2016, I was privileged to be […]

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The TGBMS Grounds | 3 Reasons Why 11 Million UK Mortgages Are Illegal

The TGBMS Grounds | 3 Reasons Why 11 Million UK Mortgages Are Illegal In this must-see clip, Michael O’Bernicia lays out the TGBMS Grounds, in less than 3 minutes. For those of you who are having problems understanding or explaining the mechanics of mortgage fraud to people you know, this video is for you. Subscribe […]

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Massive TGBMS News | Stay of Possession Order Granted on TGBMS Grounds

Massive TGBMS News | Stay of Possession Order Granted on TGBMS Grounds My friends, once again, I am the bearer of tremendous TGBMS news. Yesterday, my great friends, the lion-hearted maverick, Anthony Carlin, and the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, David Boyd, assisted a courageous Northern Irish mortgagor in preventing the enforcement of a Possession Order […]

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TGBMS: A Catalyst for a Very British Cause

The Great British Mortgage Swindle is finally finished. There, I said it. After nine long years of technical, physical and legal struggles, at the cost of three homes, £6.3M worth of property and my formerly optimum health, the master of the film has now been delivered to its UK distributor, 101 Films, and the Theatrical, […]

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Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #5: A Question of Sovereignty

Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #5: A Question of Sovereignty There is compelling evidence to suggest that no public bill or act of parliament has been validly enacted since the Parliament Act 1911. The act abolished the power of the House of Lords to veto any public bill introduced in the House of Commons, in breach of English […]

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The Great British Brexit Swindle

As the British people awaited today’s publication of the much-anticipated Great Repeal Bill, this morning I posted my thoughts on Twitter, along with a link to a Wake-The-Feck-Up podcast on the subject of Britain taking EU law up the aquis: The #GreatRepealBill, as this podcast demonstrates, seeks to transform all #EU law into #British law. […]

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Mortgage Fraud 101| No Trust Ever Arises From Fraud

Mortgage Fraud 101| No Trust Ever Arises From Fraud For those of you who don’t already know, here is the reason why an individual called Steve Knight is selling snake oil to void mortgagors, defaming the characters of Michael O’Deira and I, as well as claiming the TGBMS Grounds are hopelessly misconceived. His argument is […]

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Mortgage Fraud 101: Summary of The TGBMS Grounds

Mortgage Fraud 101: Summary of The TGBMS Grounds At the end of The Great British Mortgage Swindle it is declared that, for the purposes of canceling 11.2 million illegal mortgages and claiming indemnity from the Chief Land Registrar, Representative Actions [known as Class Action suits elsewhere] will be filed in every District Registry in Britain. […]

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