London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

Family, friends and followers, I am delighted to announce that the People’s Union of Britain [PUB] will from henceforth be collaborating with the former Police Constable, Mark Sexton, who has assisted Philip Hyland, PJH law and Dr Sam White, along with lawyer Lois Bayliss from Broad Yorkshire Law,  in filing a criminal complaint alleging misconduct in public office and gross negligent manslaughter [against various defendants] with the London Metropolitan Police on 20/12/21.

We will also be doing whatever we can to help oil the wheels of another criminal complaint made by Mark, Hannah Rose, Philip Hyland, Lois Baylis and Dr Sam White, this time to the International Criminal Court [ICC], arguing that the UK Government and others are engaged in various crimes against humanity.

Mark has also been invited to work with the international task force that PUB is already working with, for the express purpose of bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice, irrespective of political, social or financial status.

Mutual Objectives

After having several very productive conversations with Mark this week, during which we established the basis for PUB to submit fraud and Midazolam Murders evidence into the Met Police investigations, we have agreed to take the following course of action, to expedite the progress towards our mutual objectives.

Without prejudice to PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, which we laid in a Magistrates Court on 21/12/21, today I will email four of the most senior Met Police officers, informing them of the heavyweight legal advice we have received from the senior barrister working on our case.

Moreover, they will in due course be sent our powerful advocate’s written opinion that, based on all the available evidence we have amassed, there is without doubt a prima facie case to answer, which naturally means there is also more than enough evidence for the Met to launch a nationwide criminal investigation.

However, our barrister is also of the view that both the judge tasked with administering the PCP and the senior Met police involved would be guilty of obstructing justice if they refused to act accordingly, when presented with such a substantial prima facie case to answer.

Police Investigations Commenced

Nevertheless, given that there are already four officers, including a detective superintendent, working on the case, I intend to inform them that PUB agrees in principle to submit evidence that is materially relevant to their investigation, provided that is now treated as a nationwide murder inquiry.

We will be proposing this on the basis that one of the witnesses to the Midazolam Murders has already submitted her witness statement to the Met’s investigation, which means they must now treat it as a murder inquiry, whilst the additional evidence we have more than amply demonstrates that there have been many thousands of Midazolam murders nationwide.

When the matters go to trial, the prosecution will therefore be asking for any and all offences less serious than murder – including fraud and misconduct – to be taken into consideration by the jury, but we would only have to prove the most serious charges of mass murder by government policy.

However, in the event that the Met block the investigation on fallacious grounds and the Magistrates Court dismisses the PCP, spuriously alleging that it lacks the abundance of prima facie evidence we have adduced, those responsible will be held accountable for obstructing justice without further notice.

United We Stand

Either way, there can be no doubt that the winds of change have been upon us since the winter solstice last month, when the darkness began giving way to the light and the dramatic shift in the energies pervading on these ancient shores became more palpable than ever before.

Be under no illusions, this mortal battle we are engaged in is not about black, brown, red, white or blue. It’s not about left or right, rich or poor, Atheist, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or Muslim and it’s not about sex, gender, race or class.

This war of attrition we are waging with nothing more than the sword of righteousness to protect us is being waged with the divine power of knowing in our hearts that we will inevitably overcome our truly malevolent array of adversaries, when good, as always, prevails over evil.

For the specific purposes of which, now that Mark and his team and PUB have committed to joining forces, knowing that our alliance will foster exponential growth in the rapidly expanding support for our respective endeavours, it is time to show the world how, united we will stand, the People of Britain will put an end to the tyranny which has abounded for two years, once and for all, in the names of those they have murdered with Midazolam and ‘vaccines’.

Please share this post far and wide, making sure you ignore any and all unlawful rogue government diktats that might be issued not long after it is published.

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