Good Vibrations Podcast | VOL 206 | Michael O’Bernicia – CONVID Crime Case

GVP VOL 206 | Michael O’Bernicia – CONVID Crime Case

Here lies my latest appearance on Mark Devlin’s Good Vibrations Podcast, to discuss the alliance between PUB’s team in the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers and former policeman, Mark Sexton, and his team or lawyers, doctors and activists, who filed a Metropolitan Police complaint on 20/12/2021 alleging serious crimes, including manslaughter and murder, against the same defendants in the PCP.

Though armies of trolls have tried to discredit the collaboration, it is clearly causing major ripples among the architects of the scamdemic and could well be the real reason for the rapid and unexpected rollback of restrictions in England.

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