Watch Michael O’Bernicia & Michael O’Deira Interviewed on Renegade Inc.

Michael O’Bernicia & Michael Deira on Renegade Inc.

The literal old French translation of the word mortgage is ‘death pledge’.

In Britain, the mortgage market is worth more than £1.3 trillion, but how many of these mortgages are fatally flawed through the complicity of legal professionals?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by film-makers Michael O’Bernicia and Michael O’Deira to find out what is really going on with our mortgages and the banks that provide them.

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TGBMS Now Available On Amazon Prime

For those of you who subscribe to Amazon Prime, TGBMS is now available to watch here:

Watch TGBMS on Amazon Prime

Please don’t forget to give the film a rating and a review if you watch it on Amazon’s digital platform. It will be greatly appreciated.

The TGBMS DVD already has dozens of glowing 5 star reviews on, one of which I have quoted below:

“The two director’s (Michael O’Bernicia and Michael O’Deira) are the real deal. They both have been, and are continuing, to stand up against the fraudulent scam and racket that is the financial system.

For those who do not already know, one of the world’s greatest economic and banking experts, Professor Richard Werner has already conclusively and forensically proved that commercial banks do NOT loan money. In fact they are not legally allowed to loan money (Youtube: ‘Remarkable Proof That Mortgages & Loans Do Not Exist – Prof. Richard Werner’ for more).

This film is an important for many reasons. One of those reasons is the energy of truth that it releases to the masses.

It isn’t a theory that over 11 million UK mortgages are fraudulent. It isn’t a theory that mortgagors weren’t loaned anything. It isn’t a theory that all mortgages are in-fact an ‘exchange’ and not a loan. It isn’t theory that all mortgagors are paying vast interest payments on loans that do not exist.

It isn’t a theory that solicitors are giving 100% illegal advice and getting people to sign mortgage deeds and granting an interest in property that they did not, or do not yet own.

This is illegal and therefore the mortgage charge that Land Registry registers is in-fact an illegal and void mortgage charge that must be cancelled. This is where people must start using a Land Registry form AP-1 to get these illegal mortgages cancelled immediately.

Also, the great thing is that there are now legal precedents and judgments that obligate the Chief Registrar at the Land Registry to indemnify all financial losses the mortgagor incurred, due to the fraudulent mortgage. I.e. ALL mortgage related payments are due back to you, and to repeat, the Chief Registrar is legally obligated to indemnify the mortgagor.

Interestingly, by law the Chief Registrar can then claim those monies back off the conveyancing solicitor that gave illegal advice in the first place. Oh the fun…!

Mortgagors do NOT have the right to grant an interest in property they do not yet own, and the conveyancing solicitors got you to grant an interest in property you do not yet own.

The solicitors advised you to carry out an illegal act! The binding authority of Scott v Southern Pacific Mortgages and others [2014] UKSC 52, established the irrefutable fact that: a mortgagor has no rights to grant before the completion of the sale and purchase of the property concerned; hence the instruction that the deed must bear the same date as the transfer of credit to the mortgagor, in order to give the false impression that section 1(3) of the 1989 Act has been complied with.

In said case, Lady Hale stated this point most plainly: “The purchaser was not in a position either at the date of exchange of contracts or at any time up until completion of the purchase to confer equitable proprietary,” and, “This case has been decided on the simple basis that the purchaser of land cannot create a proprietary interest in the land, which is capable of being an overriding interest, until his contract has been completed,”

Buy this film even if you know most of the information or not. It’s £10.00 ffs! Peanuts! It has taken a decade of emotional, psychological, and huge financial pain to the makers of this film and many others. Just by purchasing this film you are adding to the energy that is building. The time is coming. In fact the time is now!

Well done guys…awesome job! By the way, type ‘Cancel UK Mortgages via Land Registry – Michael Bernicia Nov 15 2018’ into YouTube. Also google ‘’ and read Michael O’Deira’s blog, and ‘’ for Michael O’Bernicia’s blog. Click ‘Banking Crimes’ link and get ready for your jaw to drop!

5 stars easy. I would have given 6 if I could!”

Truth Out.

TGBMS Returns To UK Cinemas

TGBMS will also return for a limited run in UK cinemas on Friday the 3rd of May 2019, the details of which can be read at the booking page below:

The Great British Mortgage Swindle on Our Screen

Those who do see the film in a British cinema will also be exclusively presented with TGBMS – Next Steps, which will play immediately after the screenings.

TGBMS – Next Steps

This addendum to the film will summarize the grounds under which Britain’s void mortgagors can join Representative Actions in every District Registry, apply to the Land Registry to cancel an illegal mortgage and seek indemnification for all their losses from the Chief Land Registrar.

It will include the very latest update on my own application for indemnity, which I expect to have an initial decision on by the time the film returns to UK cinemas from May the 3rd.

There will also be a dedicated Bankster-Busters website, where people can sign up to join the Representative Actions.

If you are a legal professional or an experienced lay litigant who wants to volunteer your services, you will be able to do so at the new site, once it goes live.

All the necessary costs incurred will be raised in a crowd-funding campaign.

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