How The Bank of England Controls & Profits From Mortgage Fraud

How The Bank of England Controls & Profits From Mortgage Fraud

How The Bank of England Controls & Profits From Mortgage Fraud

Just before Andrew Bailey took the reigns as Governor of the Bank of England, on 01/02/2019, previous governor Mark Carney was responsible for creating a legal charge over all the assets of every UK commercial bank, under what the Bank is calling the Resolvability Assessment Framework.

Carney did so for the purposes of securing existing and future liabilities to the Bank, in return for which the chargors were permitted to continue using Faster Payment Services [FPS], provided they adhere to the terms of the FPS Agreement, as defined within the terms of the charge the Bank registered at Companies House on 19/02/2019, which we have a certified copy of. The credit for finding this mind-bendingly incendiary document goes to fellow long-term Banksterbuster, Sean Goddard.

In the most simplistic terms, in exactly the same way a mortgage provider can use legal charge conditions to deny their consent to a mortgagor who wants to pay what’s due with rental income, if the mortgage conditions do not include that provision, the Bank of England can deny its consent to any changes to the way the banks operate.

Powers of Attorney

Within the deed’s terms and conditions, the Bank also claims Powers of Attorney over the banks and is effectively in control of the business operations of every UK mortgage provider, as the Secured Trustee named in the registered instrument, which naturally fails to comply with the provisions of both the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989 and the Companies Act 2006, as a consequence of which it is illegal and void under section 52 of the Law of Property Act 1925.

Moreover, those are the same grounds upon which it has been alleged that countless UK mortgages have been fraudulently registered by the banks since September 1989 – known as the TGBMS Grounds and proven in Bank of Scotland plc v Waugh & Others [2014] – a deed will be held to be void if it does not comply with the provisions of section 1 of the 1989 Act.

Not only does this mean that Andrew Bailey, who was head of the FCA from 2013 – 2020, is legally responsible for overseeing the business operations the UK commercial banks as their Security Trustee, the Bank has also directly siphoned off monies from the vast profits of the fraudulent mortgage industry for decades, via Collateralized Accounts alluded to in the charge deed, which means that the payments that must be made by every chargor on the deed increase when another chargor defaults on making such payments.

Cross-Collateralization of FPS Accounts

Having spent, on and off, almost three decades at the sharp end of the international film industry, the most notorious kind of contracts offered to producers by distributors are the ones which cross-collateralize the returns made on large slates of films, with often dramatically varying budgets.

This means in practice that, if BUNNY BOILER – THE MOVIE makes only £5 at the box office on a budget of £10,000,000, those losses would be recouped from the profits of hit film, THE VEGAN CONSPIRACY.

So if the latter made £5 short of £10,000,000 on a budget of £10,000 and every other film on the slate broke even, the producers of the hit film wouldn’t see a penny.

By the same operation of the cross-collateralized FPS accounts, each participating bank which profits must cover the losses incurred by the Bank of England, when other banks default on making their mandated payments, without which the Bank claims to have the immediate right to seize any of its assets or act in its name to facilitate expedient payment of it what deems to be owed as ‘Secured Liabilities’.

By way of a simple analogy, this is little different from a bank cross-collateralizing their entire mortgage book, rendering the non-defaulting mortgagors liable to pay the shortfalls caused by defaulting mortgagors. Tis a rigged game and no mistake.

The Means For Financial Coercion

Therefore, all the Bank of England Governor has to do in order to coerce any FPS participating bank to comply with whichever policies he rolls out is to threaten an increase in interest rates on those secured liabilities to a level which would bankrupt them.

However, demanding such a charge also provides the means by which the Bank of England can force the banks into manufactured insolvency, on the basis that refusal to grant one over their assets could result in being cut off from FPS.

Which would necessarily mean that a commercial UK bank could not operate within the preferred payment system, or get another bail-out with taxpayers money when the consequences of unbridled institutionalized mortgage fraud cause yet another financial downturn.

Nevertheless, even outside of the FPS system, they would necessarily incur substantial and potentially bankrupting additional costs, in which case all their assets would be seized and administered by the Bank of England in any event, if they have granted the charge to its governor.

That being said, this unequivocally void and illegal instrument must be struck out by the Companies House Registrar, for failing to comply with section 1 of the LPMPA 1989 and sections 44 and 46 of the Companies Act 2006, which require all company documents and deeds to be signed by either a director or secretary, in front of two independent witnesses.

How seethingly ironic that every UK bank can apply to Companies House to have the charge over their assets cancelled, on the very grounds that every void mortgagor can use in an AP1 application to cancel the registration of their fraudulent mortgage at the Land Registry.

Guaranteed Outcomes & Ill-Gotten Gains

It naturally follows that, when the Bank of England raises interest rates, the following outcomes are guaranteed:

1) Hedge funds which bet on an interest rate rise make a large profit, so the FTSE rises, giving the impression that the economy needed the rate hike.
2) Mortgagors see their monthly interest on their fraudulent mortgages with the UK banks increase.
3) Mortgagees see their quarterly interest on the fraudulently registered Bank of England charge over their assets increase.
4) UK Government sees the interest rate rise on the fraudulent ‘national debt’, which cannot be verified with any substantiating evidence that the Bank of England lent Britain a penny.
5) Taxation is increased right across most sectors, in accordance with the ‘Treasury Orthodoxy’ which has taken this once Creditor Nation to the brink of power cuts, hyper-inflation and financial ruin.

This weeks Autumn Statement from the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is already widely known in political circles to have been drafted by former Chancellor, George Osborne, who already stands accused of conspiring to commit serious financial crimes by the People’s Union of Britain [PUB].

Hidden away in the text which the slippery Hunt elected not mention was the planned fuel hike of 16p per litre next March, on top of an increasing inflation rate of 11% and with the Bank of England expected to raise interest rates to 5.5%.

However, this isn’t just a recipe for disaster, it’s such a bad plan it makes Trussonomics look good, since the catastrophic consequences of these fiscal policies will be to recreate the circumstances required to destroy the very economy they are purporting to be trying to save.

Whatever Happened To The Bail-Out Money

Ever wondered what happened to the bail out loans with taxpayers money, funneled away by the UK banks during the 2007-08 ‘Credit Crunch’, on the ground they were “too big to fail”?

Well, now we know that those liabilities, along with any other liabilities that have arisen since then, were allegedly secured when the Bank of England put a void and illegal charge over every one of those banks.

This effectively means the Bank of England controls every one of them, as the governor’s consent is required to do anything that isn’t specified in the terms of the illegal charge, which means Bailey has almost certainly used that to stop anybody at any of the banks changing their long standing company policy that is tantamount to institutionalized mortgage registration fraud, which Bailey has been fully aware of since at least 2013.

Conversely, all the Governor of the Bank of England has to do to end more than three decades of the common practice of fraud is to replace the fraudulent charge over the banks with one which does comply with the LPMPA 1989 and the Companies Act 2006, on the strict conditions that every UK mortgage must be cancelled if it does not do the same and all void mortgagors must be adequately compensated for their losses.

It naturally follows that failing to do anything to end these crimes, having been repeatedly presented with copious bundles of shocking evidence of mortgage fraud and signature forgery on official documents, is tantamount to conspiring with the UK banks to cover up, prolong and profit from committing crimes which fall under the Serious Crimes Act 2016, with which Bailey has already been accused in a Private Criminal Prosecution that is about to proceed to court.

On the growing list of defendants who will face the same charges are George Osbourne, David Cameron and Rishi Sunak, in the event the latter does not act while he is still living at Number Ten without delay to put things right, decisively, lawfully and equitably.

Bailey Must Be Sacked & Treasury Orthodoxy Annulled

First and foremost, since the UK Government owns the Bank of England outright, it must sack Andrew Bailey, on the ground that he is subject to criminal prosecution for serious financial crimes against the British People.

Secondly, the Home Secretary has already been presented with a draft schedule, which, when added to the LPMPA 1989, will end and prevent mortgage registration fraud. This can be done under her inherent ministerial powers, without having the put it before Parliament to be voted on.

Thirdly, the First Lord of the Treasury has already been presented with a proposal to pay off the entire, albeit fraudulent, ‘national debt’, by depositing a Sovereign Bond backed by the land, resources and future sweat equity of the British People. This method can also be used to end the energy crisis and to fix the wrecked UK economy.

Both the draft schedule and the Treasury proposal have been sent to the UK Government, along with the Bank of England’s report on the FPS Agreement with the UK banks and a copy of the bank’s fraudulently registered charge.

Failure to act, for any reason whatsoever, will result the the criminal prosecution of a serving Prime Minister. At least, it will if Sunak lasts longer than Truss, in which case, our message to the Richmond billionaire is simple:

Don’t be a Hunt, or you will force the people of this nation to treat you like one, not least for refusing to apologize for increasing the ‘national debt’ to half a trillion pounds at the Treasury during COVID-1984, for a ‘virus’ which has never been proven to exist, just like the integrity of Osborne, Hunt and Bailey.

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