Grains Poisoning, Hives and Chaga Mushrooms


Grains Poisoning, Hives and Chaga Mushrooms

“Grains are the seeds of a plant. They’re its reproductive material, and plants don’t make their reproductive material to give away for free to other animals. If they did they’d become extinct, and so the evolutionary strategy that many plants, particularly cereal grains have taken to prevent predation is to evolve toxic compounds so that the predator of the seeds can’t eat them, so that they can put their seeds in the soil where they’re meant to be to grow a new plant and not in the gut of an animal to feed it.”

Dr. Loren Cordain, a professor at Colorado State University and an expert on Paleolithic lifestyles.

Eight years ago, my two year old daughter’s gut was poisoned by indigestible anti-nutrients such as Gliadin and Lectins, found in the grains that made up a large part of the organic vegetarian diet she followed, from the day my wife and I first introduced her to solid foods.

In effect, this resulted in the good bacteria that are essential for her healthy digestion being replaced by harmful bacteria, which actively prevented her body’s absorption of essential vitamins and minerals in other foods.

The toxins caused holes in the lining of her stomach, allowing undigested food and waste matter to pass into her blood stream. This in turn caused a virulent autoimmune response in her body, in the form of chronic outbreaks of hives, from head to foot.

Were it not for the her prolific and continued consumption of her mother’s milk, the preliminary research we have completed on this complex and confusing subject has revealed that she would otherwise have been vulnerable to long-term illness and disease.

Eating grains increases intestinal permeability

An Easy Mistake To Make

This serious and very common condition, which is almost always mistaken for a food allergies or intolerance, was exacerbated in my daughter because of her consumption of foods such as pasteurized low-fat cheese, yogurt and butter.

Moreover, phosphatase, the essential enzyme required for absorption of calcium, as well as lipase, an enzyme unique to milk and needed to complete the digestion of its saturated fats, are destroyed by the pasteurisation process, thereby making all pasteurized food extremely problematic for the human digestive system to deal with.

The Problems of Pasteurization

These mostly organic but processed food products were incorporated into our daughter’s vegetarian diet, as replacements for meat, fish and eggs.

However, after eighteen months on the diet, she started having autoimmune responses to all foods containing high levels of histamine, from nightshade plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, to seeds, nuts, pineapples and coconut oil.

This was horrifyingly manifested in random outbreaks of red, raised hives all over her body and face, which were made worse by any sudden changes in temperature.

Cold Urticaria

This particular condition, we discovered, is known as Cold Urticaria and anecdotal evidence posted on various hives-related internet forums suggests that the symptoms can take anywhere between a few months and a couple of decades to clear up.

At it most virulent, our daughter’s entire face was red and swollen with hives, along with almost all of her body, after just about everything she ate.

If we had believed established medical opinion on the subject, we would have been forced to mistakenly accept that she was allergic to every food group.

Needless to say, we kept looking until we found the answers we were looking for.

A Painful Search

Nevertheless, searching for the cause of this malady and its cure was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, after around ten weeks we discovered what appears to be only one method to prevent further outbreaks of the condition:

a. Refrain from all grains, legumes, pasteurized diary and high-histamine foods.

b. Replace the offending foods with fresh low-histamine organic grass-fed meat or game, vegetables and fruit.

c. Drink one cup of Chaga Mushroom tea in the morning and one before bed.

The remarkably fast acting effect of this regime appeared to reverse the damage caused by the indigestible reproductive material within all grains our daughter consumed.

Once the holes in her stomach lining healed, her immune system fell back into balance and the toxins were flushed from her body. The entire process took three months but the effects have been permanent.

A Proven Cure

Since the onset of the condition, our daughter has eaten mostly low histamine foods, none of which have caused the hives to reappear.

This would seem to give substantial weight to the deduction that the much lauded low-fat, high-fibre, vegetarian diet actually impeded her digestive system.

Furthermore, the diet caused her immune system to kick into almost permanent overdrive, as it fought to rid her body of toxins she consumed at every meal, thereby causing the outbreaks of hives.

We have logically concluded that she would not have suffered chronic Cold Urticaria, if she had been following a paleocentric diet, which naturally means that doing so is an essential part of remedy.

Conflicting Advice

Our research and experience strongly suggest that the root causes of this type of autoimmune reaction are the very substances that we are continually told to replace meat with by organised religions, spiritual gurus, governments, corporations, as well as both the mainstream and the alternative media.

This occurs despite the plethora of scientific evidence which demonstrates that the very presence of the vitamins and minerals contained in organic grass-fed and wild meat actively helps prevent such autoimmune responses.

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat

Thankfully, we have also ascertained that Chaga Mushrooms are an extraordinarily powerful natural remedy for all auto-immune disorders, as discussed in the article below.

The King of Plants

Case Study

From just a few days after beginning the remedial regime described above, there have been no hives on our daughter’s face or body, save for a few mild and isolated outbreaks during the first three months.

Each of these disappeared a few minutes after drinking Chaga Mushroom Teas, without reappearing elsewhere, as they so frequently did for almost 10 weeks.

These much less virulent outbreaks were all caused by her accidental consumption of grains which had been added to foods they are not normally associated with, such as soup.

However, effecting nature’s remedy obviously necessitated a complete re-examination of our family’s consumption of food, which we were formerly convinced was as healthy as it could possibly be.

Reluctant Lifestyle Changes

With a heavy hearted reluctance, we all agreed that, no matter how much we wanted it to be otherwise, we had all seen with our own eyes the sudden and dramatic improvements to every aspect of our family’s health, after we gave up the organic vegan diet and adopted a paleocentric one.

However, the promise we made to each other was that we would only eat the flesh of animals that have lived freely and happily in the wild, or on free range farms. The sooner the cruel practice of factory farming is brought to an end, the better.

Most importantly, we also promised to remember to be eternally grateful to each animal that provides us with the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals we can obtain from no other food source.


I now understand why there has been such a concerted effort to prevent mankind from eating meat, in the light of the significant detriment a vegetarian diet had on my own general physical strength and well-being, over the four years that I strictly adhered to a vegan diet.

My muscle tone diminished, my overall body fat increased and I felt suspended in a perpetual state of craving the nutrients I was starving my body of, no matter how many organic fruits, nuts, grains, legumes and vegetables I consumed.

However, two weeks after beginning our new diet, I had lost an inch and a half off my waist, my muscle tone had increased with much less effort than before, my energy levels had significantly risen and I was feeling like I was feeding my body exactly what it needed, when it needed it.

Seven years later, I can wholeheartedly affirm the benefits of adopting an organic grass-fed or wild meat, vegetable and fruit diet.

It also goes without saying that the miraculous effects of drinking Chaga Mushroom Tea cannot be overstated, which the permanent return of the blooming health and vitality of our thriving daughter happily substantiates.

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