Failed Regulators Liened, As Warmonger Truss Betrays Pledge To Honor Brexit

Failed Regulators Liened, As Warmonger Truss Betrays Pledge To Honor Brexit

Failed Regulators Liened, As Warmonger Truss Betrays Pledge To Honor Brexit

Listen very carefully and you can hear the squelching of slippery arse cheeks in Whitehall and The Square Mile, as ‘the Cameron faction’ and their City of London puppet-masters scurry around the opulent halls of the burning House of Rothschild, the self-appointed and formerly unaccountable dictators of ‘Treasury Orthodoxy’, which Jacob Rees-Mogg implicitly called out on GB News as the primary cause of Britain’s current insolvency and an economy which cannot survive without pumping in more of the debt-based credit which has already bankrupted this once prosperous and self-sufficient nation.

Those of you who have been following PUB’s legal proceedings against a list of defendants which includes David Cameron, George Osborne and Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, may already have observed that it is simply unprecedented during an age of totalitarian media control for a UK Government minister to appear on TV and call out a plot by the ‘Cameron faction’ to oust Boris Johnson and replace him with Sunak, whose criminally irresponsible spending during the completely fake and politically manufactured ‘pandemic’ has increased the so-called ‘national debt’ by half a trillion pounds.

However, as the pantomime of the Tory Party leadership election became more surreal by the day, with former Johnson ‘loyalist’, Liz Truss, eventually beating Sunak to the winning post, it was clear that the Cameron faction’s covert machinations were not going as well as expected and according to PUB’s thus far 100% reliable insiders, senior figures in Whitehall and the City have already tried and failed repeatedly to convince the UK Government to attempt to quash our civil and criminal actions against those who have conspired to commit serious financial crimes against us all.

Therefore, liens have now arisen over the personal assets of the failed UK regulatory officers, for and on behalf of 1,803 victims of industrial scale fraud and forgery of official documents, following their complete failure to provide any material evidence that they have not conspired to commit serious financial crimes for their own private gain and to the catastrophic loss of the Lien Claimants.

Common Purpose Cartel

It goes without saying that the Common Purpose driven, Rothschild controlled cartel will not give up the empire of ill-gotten gains without a bloody fight, so it should come as no surprise that there have been numerous attempts to buy us off with blank cheques over the past few months.

In fact, the last offer we had from an anonymous representative of an anonymous City of London stakeholder was presented thus, via a series of intermediaries:

“What do those two want to just go away?”

To which we responded [as usual] with this sincere reply:

“Everybody responsible for the murder, rape and pillage of this country to be convicted in jury trials, without any further delays, excuses or miscarriages of justice.”

The seethingly dark irony certainly isn’t lost on Dave Laity and I, when considering that we have witnessed these attempts to bribe us after they tried to kill us both and not before.

Needless to say, we will never be deterred from our course of action, whichever political puppet resides at Number 10 Downing Street and irrespective of any and all attempts to thwart our progress.

Failed Foreign Secretary, Failing Prime Minister

Nevertheless. well before her limp victory in the leadership election, Liz Truss had already shown her true colours as Foreign Secretary, during her disgraceful handling of ‘peace talks’ with Russia and Ukraine, when she refused to listen to any of the undeniable facts Putin has been openly presenting to the world, since the Obama, Clinton and Biden-backed Nazi coup in Ukraine eight years ago.

Truss did so, by some accounts, under the advice of former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in favour of propping up a proxy government of NATO that has been slaughtering its own people and blaming Putin since the onset of the massacres in the immediate aftermath of the coup, as is so presciently documented in the heavily censored film Ukraine on Fire, which you can watch at the link below.

Ukraine on Fire

Had Truss acted responsibly and listened to Russia’s evidence that Britain was either being conned into or knowingly supporting a Nazi regime, financed by City of London and Wall Street slush funds, many thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives could have been saved, along with the billions in public money, subsequently pissed away by arming the murderous Azov battalion, in addition to recklessly provoking Putin into making threats of nuclear strikes on the UK.

Complicit in Acts Ancillary to Genocide

Moreover, any Foreign Secretary responsible for facilitating the UK Government’s military and financial support of a murderous regime, is potentially liable for facilitating Crimes Ancillary to Genocide.

Especially when they dismissed the truth without diligent investigation and started banging the drums of an unwinnable war against the only political leader who has risen up in opposition to the WEF agenda to impose The Great Reset and The 4th Industrial Revolution upon everybody, at the expense of the sovereign independent nation state, private property and individual freedom.

The fact that Prime Minister Truss has, in just a few weeks, done more U-turns on policy in less time than any of her predecessors, sacked her chancellor for doing what she told him to do and promised to make Britain great again by ramping up taxes and ‘borrowing’ yet more fraudulent debt from the Bank of England, is more than enough to suggest that she is unlikely to be living on Downing Street by the end of next week, never mind Christmas.

Truss To Be Added To List of Defendants

Nevertheless, despite our deep mistrust of politicians of all persuasions, we have spent the past few months negotiating a potential settlement with this and the previous government via senior Privy Council members, following our demands that ministers either act without delay to end institutionalized serious crimes of a financial nature, or be placed on the list of defendants in R [PUB] v Andrew Bailey et al.

Since Truss was presented with emphatic evidence that these crimes were being committed when she was Secretary to the Treasury in 2019, only her full and complete facilitation of the proposals we have presented her cabinet ministers with to end such crimes on these shores could have kept her off that list of defendants.

But only in the event she had not committed billions of taxpayers money to NATO’s mass murdering, puppet government and the continued slaughter of innocent people of both Russian and Ukrainian origin, which renders her and the UK Government liable for Crimes Ancillary to Genocide, under the European Convention on the Prevention & Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Truss will therefore be served notice that she stands accused of conspiring to commit crimes which fall under the provisions of the Serious Crime Act 2015, at the earliest opportunity.

Peace Treaty Set Aside

Damningly, all Truss had to do to avert the entire conflict in Ukraine was to ignore the advice she was given, whether by Johnson or persons unknown, and to support the terms of a peace treaty which had already been agreed by both Russia and the Kiev regime – an agreement that was brokered and drafted by the Russians.

Under its terms, in return for territorial guarantees, Ukraine agreed to end the conflict by committing to remain a non-nuclear state outside of NATO, which was Putin’s only non-negotiable condition.

“On 18 March, Truss said she was ‘very skeptical’ about peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, describing them as a ‘diversion’, a ‘smokescreen’ and just ‘an attempt to create space for the Russians to regroup’. She said Russia had not put any ‘serious proposals’ on the table.

This was just after Zelenskyy had said: ‘the positions during the negotiations already sound more realistic.’

On 28 March, Truss said ‘we cannot allow [Putin] to win from this appalling aggression… this government is determined Putin’s regime should be held accountable at the international criminal court’ – decreasing Putin’s incentives to end the war early.

The foreign secretary added: ‘We know that Putin is not serious about talks…. We need to ensure that any future talks don’t end up selling Ukraine out or repeating the mistakes of the past.’

This was the same day that Zelenskyy was enthusiastically telling journalists that Ukraine was looking for peace ‘without delay’ and was willing to discuss giving up on NATO membership: ‘Security guarantees and neutrality, non-nuclear status of our state. We are ready to go for it. This is the most important point.’

Truss has continued pouring scorn on the idea of a negotiated settlement, criticising ‘the illusion of peace’ and ‘some uneasy peace’.

On 27 April, Truss said: ‘We will keep going further and faster to push Russia out of the whole of Ukraine’ – the war must continue until Russia has been forced out of Crimea, despite the fact that this will start a nuclear war.”

In short, the former Foreign Secretary to the UK Government refused to have a sensible discussion with her Russian counterpart, Lavrov, effectively telling Kiev to rip up the agreement and that the UK [and other NATO members] would provide them with all the military and financial provisions required to wage an unwinnable nuclear war against Russia on their soil.

Truss is therefore placed on notice that she is legally obliged to provide the British People with material evidence that she is not actively conspiring to commit Acts Ancillary to Genocide in Ukraine, in the absence of which the UK Government must do another U-turn without delay, by renouncing its support for NATO’s proxy war against Russia and brokering a new peace treaty with the same terms as the criminally discarded one.

However, even then, Truss and all but one of her cabinet are unlikely to survive the already furious anger in Britain over the government’s atrocious and allegedly criminal administration of domestic policy, during the biggest economic crisis of the century.

Domestic Government Crimes

Over the course of just the last week, the out of control Truss administration is responsible for the following politically insane ‘policy decisions’:

  1. Handing UK Armed Forces control to the unelected EU Commissars via the infamous PESCO arrangement, thereby unlawfully ceding power over Britain’s defences and deciding whether the country goes to war to the criminal institution Brexit was supposed to cut all such ties with. This alone comprises a breach of her pledge to honour the will of the majority in the Brexit referendum during her leadership election campaign.
  2. Corporation Tax being hiked 6%, which will result in many thousands of already cash-strapped small and medium businesses going bust, after the owners were told that the hike had been scrapped.
  3. Forming a plan to deregulate the very financial criminals we are chasing down in the TGBMS Class Actions.
  4. Appointing Hunt, who is a Cameron Faction / WEF / Remainer, as her second chancellor, having sacked her first one to save her own arse for doing too many economic policy U-turns during her first month in office.
  5. After denying it would happen earlier this week, cuts to public services are now being planned, to pay for yet more fraudulent debt to the Bank of England, whose governor stands accused of serious financial crimes in our class action against the failed regulators.

All of which amounts to evidence of Truss’ complicity in a conspiracy to commit serious crimes against the British People, no matter how many more days she remains in office.

Nevertheless, the question remains: who will replace her, when [not if] this criminally incompetent government is terminated.

BoJo Wildcard

Whatever his failings, whether as Prime Minister, husband or father, BoJo would not have been savaged in the ruthlessly controlled mainstream media and betrayed from within his own cabinet, over what amounts to that which most people were doing behind closed doors during lockdowns, were he still adhering to the orders he was given to carry out in March 2020, when getting rid of all the Convid restrictions in January this year.

The abolition of those albeit unenforceable restrictions caused the Cameron faction plot to oust him from number ten and replace him with former Goldman Sachs ‘analyst’, Sunak, whilst dragging Britain to the front and centre of an proxy war against Russia, to distract everybody from the sudden end of COVID-1984, which Johnson’s unilateral actions catalyzed.

Nevertheless, what the conspirators weren’t prepared for was the strength of BoJo’s support among the Tory Party membership, the vast majority of whom did not support his removal from office, in large part because he delivered Brexit and ended the Convid restrictions, thereby causing a domino effect within governments worldwide.

Tory Members Demanded BoJo Be Added To Leadership Ballot

Furthermore, the Conservative Party membership also alleges a long term plot to destroy BoJo’s pollical career, as the letter below, sent to the party chairman by every signatory to a petition calling for him to be added to the leadership ballot shortly before the election, clearly affirms.

Dear Conservative Party Chairman,

Back in 2019 Boris Johnson was elected by the membership to be our new leader. Now that choice has been changed without referral to the people that elected him, the loyal and hard working membership of the Conservative Party.

I accept that there are current rules in place that we will have a choice between the final two candidates but that is not the point because our first choice has been removed without our involvement.

You cannot disenfranchise the membership from the whole process from the beginning as this is open to abuse by the Parliamentary Party who may have vested interest reasons and grievances to settle against our leader, which has been the case with the current process.

The membership are very upset about what has happened to our elected leader and we demand our say.

Otherwise, without the support of the membership then the chances of winning the next general election will be much harder.

Let me tell you that morale amongst the membership is low and there is anger towards the Parliamentary Party.

I demand Boris Johnson is added to the ballot as an option for the members to vote upon in the forthcoming election.

It would therefore be perfectly logical to conclude that the worse things get for Truss, the more chance there is that the Tory Party membership will once again demand that Johnson is reinstated as leader of the beleaguered Conservative Party.

Last Chance Saloon

However, were Johnson to replace Truss in a somewhat unsurprising comeback and then call a General Election, he would still win in a landslide vote, on the basis that the Common Purpose dominated Labour Party has long since betrayed the very people it claims to represent and it is unlikely they will ever win back their support.

Johnson’s new administration would then be obliged to use his party’s massive parliamentary majority to implement our proposed initiative to break the City of London shackles, which have compelled every British Prime Minister since 1815 to obey the diktats of those who control the nation’s purse-strings, at the enormous expense of many generations of hard working people.

Having said all of that, in the event the evidence shows that Johnson is indeed responsible for instructing Truss to shatter the peace treaty agreed by Russia and Ukraine, he will also be liable for Crimes Ancillary to Genocide, as will the former members of his cabinet.

Given that the government’s spurious allegations that ‘Putin is an empire-building, tyrannical monster, who must be stopped at any cost’ is their equivalent of Tony Blair’s New Labour Government insisting they had what turned out to be non-existing evidence that Saddam Hussein had WMD capable of destroying Britain, to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Reasonable Demands

All Putin has ever insisted upon is that NATO does not expand eastwards towards Russia’s borders, which renders potential Ukrainian membership of that military-industrial pact, necessarily involving the procurement of nuclear capabilities, a clear and present threat to Russia.

By way of analogy, imagine if Scotland rejoined the EU and they declared that nobody could speak in an English accent, then placed heavily armed militias along the border, while they rounded up anybody who does so and subjected them to brutal, cruel and humiliating beatings, ‘live’ on Facebook, just for being English.

Then imagine that the guilty parties went on to murder thousands of their fellow Scots, Irish, Welsh and English in their Scottish homes, blaming these murderous crimes on the English.

That horrific fictitious scenario is perfectly analogous to what has happened in Ukraine since late 2013, yet now we stand on the brink of nuclear war for first time since the Bay of Pigs incident in 1961-62 because of the reckless acts of aggression against WEF defector Putin, who stands falsely accused of what his enemies are guilty of, in no small part due to the actions of the UK Government.

Those establishment figures in Whitehall and the City who have supported our radical proposals for sweeping changes to this country, as well as the related legal actions, should be under no illusions – this is the last chance for the UK Government to avoid criminal proceedings being initiated against the cabinet ministers deemed to be responsible for a myriad of wrongdoings.

Failure to act upon the damning evidence we have long since adduced, for any reason whatsoever, will be taken as an affirmation of each cabinet minister’s complicity in a conspiracy to commit serious crimes against the people of Britain, who will, as Lord Denning predicted, create their own remedies when their system of justice, equity and governance fails them so treacherously.

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