Serenity Rose | A Poem For My Daughter

The moment you opened your big blue eyes, they shone with the whitest of light.

When I held you in my trembling arms, they lit the room with a spark so bright.

When your first smile beamed at the proudest Dad nature ever blessed,

His heart danced to a tune his curious mind would never have guessed.

That wondrous morning, I returned home and wept like each eye was a hose,

To have the honour, grace, fortune and privilege, that I was the father you chose.

From babe in arms through toddler-dom, there were no sleepless nights or terrible twos,

But you were always a force of nature, living every moment, through and through.

Spending every day in your company has always been a tremendous hoot,

So thank God you were home-schooled, from the day you were bald as a coot.

From riding bikes to seeing sites in the city where you were conceived,

There is no nothing you ever wanted that nature didn’t want you to receive.

Over-achieving with a passionate zest, success is a song that you regularly hum,

In arts, crafts and literature, or making snowmen till your fingers go numb.

By the time you were eight, you excelled in not one but three martial arts,

In which you have won enough medals and trophies to fill a large horse and cart.

To win such spectacular battles against worthy and ferocious competition,

Should compel you to jump with joy, after such grueling wars of attrition.

Instead you run over and give a hug to every single shattered adversary,

Which is why the love they have for you, is both unique, as well as exemplary.

No matter what happens from here on in, during these the most uncertain of times,

Remember each second we’ve spent together, cocooned in comforting familiar chimes.

I will always cherish those moments of peace and love, no matter what life, at us, throws.

Because I’ve been blessed with a wonderful daughter and her name is Serenity Rose.

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