COVID-1984 PCP Update | Final Review of Statement of Case

COVID-1984 PCP Update | Final Review of Statement of Case

COVID-1984 PCP Update | Final Review of Statement of Case

This is just a quick update, for all those who are waiting for news about the laying of the papers, in the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for pandemic fraud.

First and foremost, the final draft of the statement of case is currently being reviewed, whilst we wait for several expert witness statements to be executed and returned to us. Once we have received them, the papers will be laid and there are no further foreseeable hold-ups on the horizon.

Nevertheless, patience may still be required because it could take days or even weeks for the court’s legal department to assess the papers, before the applications are put before a judge, who will then decide whether we have cited enough prima facie evidence to proceed.

Expert Witness Testimony

If every pledge we have received is fulfilled [and we have no reason to believe they won’t be], we will be filing expert witness statements from a professor, five doctors, a solicitor, a mathematician, two data analysts and an independent researcher, along with seventy nine exhibits in support of the prosecution’s charges of fraud.

It goes without saying that additional evidence will being added to the file, as and when it comes in, during our continuing investigations into the crimes alleged.

However, we already have way more prima facie evidence than the court requires to issue summonses for the defendants to plead before a senior judge, in which case the PCP will be listed to be heard by a jury at the earliest opportunity.

Blowing The Lid Off The Scamdemic

Moreover, in the opinion of the former CID fraud detective I am working with, our case is the “dynamite” which will blow the lid off the scamdemic worldwide, simply because all of the arguments are sustained by utterly compelling evidence, most of which is a matter of public record.

Having said that, I completely understand that there are people who won’t believe any of the foregoing until they see it with their own eyes.

Nonetheless, I am also glad to say that those people remain a tiny minority, when compared to all of you who have passionately supported this endeavour from the outset.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Never doubt the invaluably positive effect your support has on the progress of the case.


As for the small band of so-called “long term truthers”, who are currently telling people I am a government operative on social media and that nothing is going to come of the case, the truth of their false and defamatory slurs, with which I never engage, will soon unmask them as the gobshites, shills and fools they are – Twooth-Feckers, by another name.

Some of you reading this, who didn’t witness exactly the same thing happening during my family’s long running dispute with Bank of Scotland, can watch The Great British Mortgage Swindle, to see for yourselves that I’ve long since proven I don’t talk the talk, without walking the walk.

But that didn’t stop the Twooth-Feckers from claiming I was just a government stooge, making everything up about the three cases I ran against BOS and its receivers, from 06/08/2010 to 21/07/2014, in Newcastle and Leeds High Courts, the Property Chamber and the Land Registry, which resulted in summary judgment being handed down in our favour and two fraudulent mortgages being removed from the charges register.

The Facts Speak For Themselves

Furthermore, anybody who has read everything I have published online about the various legal battles I have had is incapable of honestly claiming I am a shill, given that I have publicly documented each case I have argued and won, as it happened, whether in or out of court, over the course of the last thirteen years, giving away all the legal remedies I devised for free.

Which naturally gives rise to the following semi-rhetorical questions for the Twooth-Feckers:

How did devising and implementing a remedy for refusing to register a birth benefit the plan to enslave our children as future taxpayers?

How did cancelling my registration as a taxpayer benefit the financing of illegal wars against other people’s children, as well as this infernal scamdemic?

How did inventing and implementing the three letter conditional acceptance process to get rid of any fraudulent credit cards benefit the powers that shouldn’t be?

How did proving mortgage fraud in the high court and starting a class action to cancel 11.2 million illegal charges benefit the banksters who pull the strings of the political puppets in Whitehall?

How did producing, directing and releasing a 5 star hit documentary feature film about institutionalised mortgage fraud benefit the establishment?

How did founding and developing a government free jurisdiction for indigenous peoples, under international law, benefit the UK Government?

How did drafting Magna Carta 2020 for the purpose of restoring the Common Law, benefit the architects of COVID-1984, the 4th Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset?

How did publishing information exposing vaxxtermination deaths benefit the controllers’ plans for the vaxxtermination of the entire population of the world?

It didn’t, is the simple answer to each of those questions, because I have never done anything that remotely benefited the government, which I have also publicly charged with crimes tantamount to genocide, lest we forget.

Peer Reviewed Papers

Therefore, it seems appropriate to end this somewhat eclectic update with the following review of the 107 page statement of case I have compiled for the PCP, from one of our crack team of legal scholars and researchers, delivered just after he finished reading the 1st draft:

“Its immense strength comes through its stark logic. I kept thinking how it is a work that SHOWS rather than TELLS the details of the conspiracy. That is the mark of how powerful it is – a distillation down to bare, cold facts of decades of genocide. It is a ticking time-bomb. A hand-grenade down the pants of each defendant.”

Enough said.

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