COVID-1984 | A Dystopian Future We Must Act Now To Prevent

COVID-1984 | A Dystopian Future We Must Act Now To Prevent

COVID-1984 | A Dystopian Future We Must Act Now To Prevent

If the People, not Trump or any other politician, don’t take decisive action to end COVID-1984 before it’s too late, this is what our surviving descendants would say about us in just one generation from now, when assessing the dystopian future we bequeathed to them.

Freedom Ended in COVID-1984

The last year of freedom for the human race was 2020, which shall forever be known as COVID-1984, to those of us who know the truth of what transpired during the domestic imprisonment of the entire population by the last democratically elected UK government.

First they took away the rights you were born with to protect you from the Common Cold, which they fooled you into accepting by calling it a deadly virus and whipping up panic, fear and hysteria in the state controlled media.

Then they decreed that you were all under house arrest and confined to your own homes till further government dictate, except for essential shopping and an hour of daily exercise. They even stopped you practicing religion, seeing your friends and tending to dying loved ones.

But because the government said they would pay for everything, you did nothing except what you were told [including grassing on your neighbours for having the courage to call out their lies for what they were].

Unaccountable COVID-1984 Government

Needless to say, they also made themselves unaccountable to the People by suspending the democratic right to remove the government from office and proceeded to murder tens of thousands of people in care homes, in service of UN Agendas 21 and 30.

But because most of those people were old or suffering from other ailments, you did nothing except what you were told you to do. Even when a plethora of expert and eye witnesses spoke out, in the days before doing so was punishable with a harsh fine, prison sentence and social cancelation.

Then, having shut down every aspect of your lives, for what they told you would be no more than a few weeks of ‘flattening the curve’, they extended the lock-up indefinitely, thereby maximising the mortality rate, which doubled, according to Office of National Statistics data.

But because you were getting paid not to go to work, you did nothing to stop the them destroying the economy with a mandatory general strike, which benefited nobody except the self-appointed genocidal ‘elite’.

You just stood by and watched as your children’s lives were reduced to captivity and millions of livelihoods were decimated beyond repair.

While thousands more continued to die in care homes and all deaths were recorded as COVID deaths to create the false impression that there really was a killer virus on the loose, to justify the continuation of the genocidal plan.

The COVID-1984 Jackboot Came Down Hard

Then they made it a criminal offence not to wear a mask, which they had previously admitted didn’t protect you from anything. They then banned all free movement and decreed that there was no right to travel, buy or sell without wearing one in public.

But you were so scared of the imaginary boogeyman, you did nothing to stop the subsequent theft of everything generation after generation who preceded you gave their blood, sweat and tears to guarantee as your birthrights.

Then the government decreed that the army would be deployed on every street to enforce the new Bill Gates vaccine program, without any double blind placebo or safety tests being completed.

But you were so scared witless by this point that you just watched and rolled up your sleeves, as children and their anti-vaxxer parents were jabbed with poison against their will outside your front door.

Even when perfectly healthy people dropped down dead with a needle in their arm, you deluded yourselves that they must have had other fatal health issues, just so you could cling to the faint hope of not suffering the same fate.

All Dissenting Voices Disappeared

Then they rounded up all the anti-vaxxers and everybody else who had ever spoken out about the tyrannies which were rampant. None of them were ever seen or heard of again and their names were erased from history, but they are the only ones who are beyond reproach for what became of the world.

They may have all fallen without achieving their aims, but the surviving children of those who perished for telling people the truth about the genocide that had become government policy, will give their lives in the blink of an eye to restore what has been lost, no matter how long that takes.

Nevertheless, the majority of the world’s population were either dead not long after being injected with an actual deadly virus, bio-digital ID and nanobots, or imprisoned within a microwave control grid.

Population Control & History Erased

Over less than a decade, the world’s population was reduced to a much more manageable forty million people and ‘freedom’ was one of the words which was eradicated from the lexicon.

This was done during the first purge of language used by enemies of the new one world government, which abolished the nation state by decree, under the pretense of keeping people safe from the monster it controlled.

But anybody who openly disagreed with government policy was sent to a Re-Education Camp, never to be seen again, if they weren’t shot dead in the street for not wearing a mask, breaching a curfew or evading the Vaxx-Squad, all of which became summary on the spot capital offences, after the one world government seized power.

Having children was also criminalised and replaced with a strictly controlled quota of genetically engineered babies, reared by government machines to become the first generation to merge with Artificial Intelligence.

This measure was used to justify the sterilisation of all humans with a healthy reproductive system, in the name of ‘the greater good’.

The international communists’ goal of eradicating the individual, the family and the constitutional nation state was thereby completed, along with the extermination of 95% of the world’s population.

The Epoch of Cowardice

It’s no wonder then that the historical records which somehow survived the cultural purges record your era as the Epoch of Cowardice, but for one reason more than any other:

It is an act of extreme cowardice to refuse to exercise the unalienable sovereign rights we are all born with, let alone to do so without standing up to fight for what’s right, when your people are suffering all around you.

According to our previously noble ancestry, that’s considered to be the worst kind of cowardice and beneath contempt.

To the tiny minority of us who know what really happened upon this Earth in the year 2020 and before, save for the ones who gave their lives trying to awaken the masses, you are the most despised people in history.

You gave away everything we would gladly give our lives to get back for our people and you did so to preserve your own lives above those of everybody else, when it was more than within your capabilities to create a much better world for everybody.

The Destruction of Lives Worth Living

Now every single aspect of human life is controlled by a vast AI control grid, which is ruthlessly programmed by an unknown, unaccountable, technocratic, international communist, crony capitalist, unelected world government.

We have been told we have no families, our sex lives are regulated, our lovers chosen by machines, as is everything we consume, use and throw away. We can’t travel, gather together in groups of more than two and we have no choice where we live or who we live with or what we do with our lives, such as they are.

The only life worth living now is one dedicated to setting the People free from this totalitarian dystopian nightmare, which you had the chance to wake up from in the summer of 2020, before the jackboot came down hard with the planned 2nd wave in the Autumn.

Message From The Future

If a single message could be sent back in time to those of you who bequeathed this hell on Earth to your descendants, it would be this:

Nobody’s coming to save you, believe nothing the government or the media tells you and doing nothing will result in the end of every aspect of life that is worth living for perhaps every generation to come.

Post Script Resolution

The critical purpose of this fictitious warning from our near future is to help people learn from the mistakes which have already been committed en masse this year, as well as forewarn about what is certain to happen if the majority continues to make the same mistakes for long enough.

Nevertheless, we still have time to restore the Common Law and put an end to the myriad of crimes that are being perpetrated against the People, so we must do everything we can to awaken the masses to the truth of these, the most troubling of times.

Tell everybody who needs to hear, lose the fear, check the facts for yourself and unite under the banner of Magna Carta 2020. Before people start getting arrested and charged with having too much to think in a public place and the opportunity to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat slips through our fingers.

The Antidote To COVID-1984 Is Magna Carta 2020 – A New Declaration of Rights

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