Brexit Means German Law By The Back Door

On the summer solstice 2012, the government-free jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust was founded by Treaty, in response to multiple treasonous acts of Parliament and officers of the Crown, in relation to the enactments of the Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1933 and the European Communities Act 1972, which effectively enabled the constitutionally unlawful process of replacing the ancient British Trial By Jury Common Law System with European Civil Code.

Having served a copy of the UCT Treaty upon the Secretary of State to the Foreign Office, followed by a Memorandum of Understanding setting out the legal position, no form of objection was raised and the jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust was formally established under International Law and Convention.

When the issues raised by the terms of the Treaty were ignored, after being misrepresented by successive Parliaments, a Grand Jury was formed on the 11th of October 2014 in the city of Nottingham, for the first time since the Common Law remedy was purportedly abolished in 1933.

The jury’s first decision [albeit mistakenly dated June, rather than October, on the published record] was to annul the 1933 Act by unilateral declaration, under the protection of the UCT Treaty; on the ground that Parliament did not possess the right to nullify the Grand Jury, since the latter’s jurisdiction is beyond the powers of any government, court or sovereign, as the means by which the people can nullify criminal statutes, acts and bills, along with blatant miscarriages of justice sustained in the courts.

The jury’s second decision was to declare the European Communities Act 1972 a nullity, on the ground that its enactment was a material breach of British Constitutional Law; for which there is compellingly persuasive precedent, which was handed down by the German Constitutional Court in July 2006. The details of the judgment were published in the following article by Spiegel:

Now that the EU Withdrawal Bill has been passed by the House of Commons, more than 12 years after the German court’s ruling; and since the House of Lords can do nothing more than halt its progress for 1 year, the only recourse capable of preventing the replacement of UK Law with EU law is a Grand Jury convened under the protection of the UCT Treaty, challenging the bill on the ground it is constitutionally unlawful, as per the decision of the German Constitutional Court and in accordance with the annulment of the 1972 Act by Grand Jury.

Since the German Constitutional Court has already ruled that EU membership is contractual, rather than legally binding, and therefore can’t impede any aspect of the application of the constitutional law of a member state; this guiding precedent can be relied upon in a legal challenge of the lawfulness of the UK [or any other member state] adopting EU law, which Parliament has voted to do at the expense of the ancient Trial By Jury Common Law System, without the knowledge or consent of a British public sufficiently availed of the facts.

The EU Withdrawal Bill, despite its aim to repeal the 1972 Act, openly seeks to replace UK Law with EU Law, in spite of 12 years of public knowledge of the German Constitutional Court’s ruling that EU Law will always be subject to German Law; which Britain will be treasonously subjected to, via a quagmire of political deception and multi-media mind control, that has used the Brexit Hoax to disguise the criminal dissolution of the Trial By Jury Common Law System.

In effect, the UK is neither staying in the EU, nor is it leaving, so neither Brexiteers and Remainers are getting what they voted for in the referendum, but they will all lose the rights our ancestors fought and died to secure, protect and maintain for millennia, in the event the Withdrawal Bill is enacted.

If the Bill is not annulled as void and unlawful by a properly convened Grand Jury, which presides outside of the the jurisdiction of government, the British people will be enslaved by an unaccountable, unelected dictatorship, without any means to remove it from office; and Britain would then be governed in accordance with German Basic Law, via the totalitarian dictates of its bureaucratic proxies in Brussels, who can only act within the parameters laid down by the German court.

Irrespective of your age, colour, race, religion and culture, its time to unite and shout from the rooftops that Brexit Means German Law By The Back Door and the Abolition of the Trial By Jury Common Law System By Deception; cloaked as it is in an Act of Parliament that is tantamount to treason against the British people, by every member who voted for its enactment.

Just knowing these demonstrable facts isn’t anywhere near enough, during these most troubled of times, because action is required without delay. But the urgency of this imperative has thankfully given rise to the New Chartist Movement, which aims to achieve the following objectives, without breaching the peace or infringing the law of the land:

1. To restore the supremacy of the Trial By Jury Common Law System.

2. To end poverty and austerity by issuing an interest-free currency.

3. To abolish the Family Courts and protect children from predatory pedophiles at every level of society.

4. To restore and maintain the lawfulness of the police and the military’s operations in the realms of defence and peace-keeping on these shores.

5. To replace the corrupt legal system with a restored Trial By Jury Common Law System, nullifying miscarriages of justice wherever they take place.

6. To restore justice in the courts and prosecute all corrupt judges, barristers, solicitors, accountants, auditors and bankers who have profited from institutionalised criminality at the expense of the people for decades.

This is why I have no hesitation in offering my wholehearted support to the New Chartist Movement, the objectives of which naturally accord with the aims set forth in the terms of the UCT Treaty, thereby recognising that government is incapable of providing the solutions to the myriad of problems it has created and that the ancient rights Parliament seeks to revoke are unalienable.

I therefore urge you to pledge your support to a worthy, noble and necessary cause and to do everything within your capabilities to help prevent your subjection to German Basic Law by the enactment of the EU Withdrawal Bill, without any of the rights guaranteed to German Citizens, necessarily including the right to resist the abolition of Constitutional Law.

Join The New Chartist Movement

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